Sunday, December 16, 2012

{spread the love}

 We were stolen from, not too long ago. Remember?
I told James, I told more then him, I told a lot of people.
Why, why, why. If those people are SO desperate for money.
Why don't they ask me for it? Instead of stealing MY things to buy what they want?

 We have two huge trees in our front yard, plus 2 smallish ones, plus oleander bushes all along one side, plus about 8 rose plants, plus 2 or 3 camellias ( i think?)
do you get where I am going?
 This time of year, when snow falls in the north, the leaves fall in California.
Leaves. every where. Then it rained. the leaves were wet and heavy. impossible nearly to 'blow' with the leaf blower...

Then they knocked on the door. 
Two, funky looking teenagers. 
"mam, for $10 we will rake you yard, and put all these leaves in your green buckets".
My grin got large and I say to them- "are you SURE? that is a LOT of leaves."
"we are trying to make money for Christmas"
a-hah young men. You hit the right house. I paid them $25. 
and I applaud their parents for teaching them that it is noble and RIGHT to work for money.
not steal it.

Friday, a hispanic, 30-ish looking man and lady knocked at my door.
Rakes in hand, they asked , "Can we rake your yard for you?"
My heart fell, because I wanted to say yes.
they had that look of  "help-me-please-we-just-want-to-earn-some-cash-to-give-our-kids-a-christmas"
but I zero cash.
I couldn't pay them.
their faces fell.
they had walked the neighbourhood.
searching for work.
no one took the offer.
I wanted to help.
really wanted too.
I asked if they could come back Saturday.
He didn't know.
He left a phone number.
I called him yesterday.
He came today.
He raked the leaves. all 456 zillion of them.
He drank my water in my glass cup.
He told me he had a little boy. 4 years old.
we said a few words.
I paid him.
a rolled up wad of cash.
to make his Christmas a better one.
some how as  I walked back into my warm, happy, green, house,  I felt like I was walking on air....
and that maybe,just maybe,
 I had just paid an 'angel unawares' rake my lawn.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


I have posted this here before. 
but tonight my heart was back there, in Gallup, New Mexico. way up top that hill... actually it has been the last few days...
 My minds been going back to the little black, 6 year old girl Alyssa, that came to us that day with ugly welts, from being whipped with a belt, across her face and back. I held her that night in that dark, girls room. Rocking, rocking, singing and singing, we took turns , us girls did. she couldn't sleep. and so we held her- for hours. Once she healed she became one of that happiest, sweetest kids I had there. Her smile and those big brown eyes are engraved in my head!
I keep thinking, and thinking about her this past week, and my heart sighs little prayers with her face attached to them...

a poem. by me.

I am sitting here and wandering what was my life before?
Before I entered Navajo land did I know what it meant to 'give more'
Did I know the deep satisfaction  in loving with no end.
A child that reeked of liquor?or one his mom 'just couldn't stand'?
A child that cried for hours that panic stricken wail.
Desperate to get rid of my love that would not fail.
My arms that held him firmly did not speak of love to him
It made him think of anger or that he'd been bad again!
Did I know that patience is the key to gaining trust?
& when it's time to potty train, it is than a must?!
Did I know that patience  is what would help me through each hour
when attention spans were varied because of what their moms devour?
Did I remember from way back that Jesus listens close
when little boys pray fervently for the 'girl that cleans the clothes'
or for the 'cooker lady' that 'she'll make good food to eat'
or that when we are sleeping 'angels will stand around the gate'?
Did I know that Jesus cares when I am tired of folding clothes?
He cares so much in fact, He'll send a 'sis' to bear the load.
Or a 'tape-note' on the washer. "they made a brand new kind.(of washer)
it washes and it folds it" (no you haven't lost your mind)
did I really know what love was, before I set my feet
into this land of red rocks, love thats boundless & complete?
To hug a child completely, who's hair is caked with 'bugs'
who doesn't know what 'bath' means, cause moms to busy doing drugs.
Is how Jesus looks at us all, dirty sinful lowly men.
But He  looks beyond our 'bugs' with a love that never ends.
Did I know my love I gave, reflected on what I've got?
The kisses on the grubby cheeks,  was God's love being passed on.
Did I know that the best friendships, are made by the 'big girls' beds
when its 2 of us a-singing and we wonder, will it end?
or your working in the kitchen , cooking for this tribe
crying,talking,singing, laughing-till you nearly split your sides!
No, so many things I did not know before I walked inside
the doors of a house so familiar, I could now walk through it blind.
No before I drove up 3rd street, all the way up top the hill.
I never knew so much stuff, that my heart could be SO FULL.
So full of deepest 'mother' love, for children, not my own.
But ones despite their loudest cries, were sent to this 'child care home'
For us to love, to teach of God, that he's 'so Big and strong'
he'll 'keep the bad guys out', then we'd sing the 'twinkle' song.
And now I'm leaving going on from here. My heart is broke in two.
How can I leave these black haired babes? I am giving them to you.
my fellow 'sisters' following me,to God, and back to their land,
the Great Spirit of their nation, please hold tight their tiny hands.
So I can leave in peace, knowing you will carry on.
loving, kissing hugging them from mid-night until dawn.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

{how i speak} updated

**Just so you know... this post was not made as a slam or to make fun of how people talk or say the words they say. its just a funny story i wanted to tell you about how we say the words we do can make such a difference in the outcome! like- pin or pen. :) **

yes. thats my name.
no no no NOT JAN.
its JENN like hen.

o and could you hand me a pen?
no no no like a WRITING PEN.

do i say my sounds that oddly?!

i fell in love with this simple name yeears ago.for real.years.
i told James a while ago that i someday wanted a baby girl named meg.
he looked at me and fell in love with it too.
and then.
he said.
would you say it

and i said in my quiet timid voice. neither.
its meg.
plain and simple.
and he said
and i said
like the E in pen, or hen, or ben, or ken, or den.

and on and on we went until i told him that it would never ever work to have
a sweet baby girl named Meg
if neither of us knew how to
pronounce her name.

i never knew that one little vowel could make such a life changing difference in my life.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

{i turned wimp}

today was a fundraiser event over at our school. people sold yummy food and more yummy food for us to pick from and eat . then afterward people brought nice/cool/fun things to auction off to make more money on  and for us to spend money on.
all i know is that i suck at auctions. i tried to bid on this cool thing and the bid started at $15 and i was happily waving my little number around when KKA-BOOOM the dude said 'who'llgiveme75,75,75'
and i went 'duuude. it was just $20.' and then i set my number down and cried. except i didn't cry because my friends were beside me and they said nice things to me and i said dumb things like 'why do i have to try and bid on this kind of stuff because i suck at it. '
 it only works for me if i'm the only bidder. i learned that lesson today.

o and so the weather? +10C or about 50 Fahrenheit and i FROZE people. i froze. i am from CANADA and i froze in PLUS TEN. i turned wimp.
actually if the truth shall be told. I turned Californian. i didn't wear the proper clothes for the weather.
nuff said.

Monday, November 5, 2012


bills all paid up. check.
online bank password re-set 3 times. check.
thankful for happy bank people that don't care if i am super frustrated with the system. check.
we have bugs in our house that are only biting me.not James. maddening.
time to buy a bug bomb.
and more anti-itch cream.
the count down is on for the puppies to arrive.
if i figured right this time next monday she will have them.
i have been doing restorative therapy/physio-therapy/exercises to keep you from getting stiffer then what you already are/range-of-motion at a nursing home here. and yes, its good to be back with the old folks.
i didn't realize i missed 'them'.
i feel good.
james' side of the family finally got a boy baby. Ladd John was born on tuesday morning to john and emily!!!
7 grand-daughters and now him:)
james got a job offer in alberta. and yes,we are maaaybe moving. it takes time, tons of prayer, and questions,and fears, and excitement. and PAPER-WORK. thats the part that kills me. the paper-work. we JUST finished MINE! and now we'll start over again. hopefully we can get some help this time around and that it is much easier.o and this pool route must sell.
really, pray with us, for us that what is supposed to happen will. what ever it is.
life, its a crazy circle of fun,love,happy,sad and totally nuts.
happy day to you:)

ps. you need christmas gifts made check out my etsy store! i'd love to help you out;)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

{my hobby}

What do you do to "get away"... I've heard of some people that sew... (gasp!) o yes I too have gotten inspired to create things using my trustworthy 'Babylock' ... I've heard too that for some  their "relaxation" is pulling weeds... Oh yes I love to get my fingernails clogged with dirt too BUT only in planting... Not the weeding part.
 My "happy-get-away-quiet-time-relaxing place" is this.
crazy fun.

paint for days. i want more. i have this crazy craving to wonder down the paint aisle at the
local hobby lobs and peruse for better colours to mix and match and create. ahhh. 
This is what I do. well - when i don't have any good books to read that is.
(insert evil laugh.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{its time}

Twice today, I heard it.
"when you going to write again?"
ya, slackish me. Here I am.
I NON voluntarily got dunked head first into a world of THEFT.
 and my life has been spiraling out of crazy control ever since.
On October the 3rd , Pool Guy and I woke up nice and early to go get our pools cleaned, as we had exactly 3 more days left to finish up before we flew away in a pressurized tube through the air at insane volumes of speed away from the smog, TARGET, pavement, and stop lights and 'bad-traffic'  to the land of cowboys and Indians, and wheat fields, and wiiiide open skies.
 O ya, so - we woke up early.
We walked out the door and James said- the pickup. Did I leave it somewhere last night?
No, honey. You parked it. RIGHT THERE. (insert vehement finger pointing as to where the pick-up WAS last night)
Ya, some goons hauled off in it. They went through my car. they pulled EVERYTHING apart.
and horror of horrors. (yes, I cried) they took my fabulous,bestie- Garmin Nuvi GPS.
 Took her. She tried. I know she will have kicked and shrieked with all her might to stay in my lil car. She is THAT trustworthy. she would NOT have left easily. She knows all to well how lost, and flabbergasted I get with out her in this land of honking horns, and paved roads, and over passes, and high way systems.
 She fought but they just took her like she was some piece of nothing.
 We called the police. But it was funny how in days gone by, I consoled, and comforted and laid awake at night 'dreaming' about the day IF some one should dare enter my home to thief. O little would that thief know how he had SURELY chosen the WRONG house, I mean for REAL!!! Our house is a mere 2 blocks from the STATION! 2 BLOCK! I mean LADIES, we are practically next door neighbours with the Atwater Police Department. and do you want to know something?!
 IT TOOK THEM A WHOLE 80 MINUTES to get here. well, ahem, they were having shift change after all. O yes, she apologized about the wait- O you called right during shift change.
 I know, I know. It's ok. It's just my dreams of being saved by an arm bearing police man when my house is being broke into while I am asleep are now SHATTERED. sniff, sniff.
 yes. they stole everything in our pick-up. Ripped off the stickers proclaiming we were a pool service company by the name of Aquatek. and claimed all of our tools were theirs by SELLING them.
 Even that DeWalt drill set I saved for, for months so that I could give it to James for Christmas. I cried really hard over this one. Except we are still not certain that both of the drills were in there so there is still hope that one of them is hiding out somewhere in our house.
 Ho, hum. Those police called us then the following night as we lay in bed, to tell us the pick up was found.
So we hopped across a few streets and down another and there sat our pick up. and there was 3 people in hand-cuffs.
 It was a pleasure to receive our pick up back, even though the guy who stole it left his court papers in it (from being released from jail 3 DAYS PRIOR, and his sand-which bags of marijuana, and all his clothes from jail IN THE PICKUP, they still could not prove it was him who stole it so he walked away. and I am left praying that he doesn't come back.
 I also pray that some how, some one, some where could help him see that his life could be a whole lot better. Stealing other people's stuff just so that you can buy your next bag of weed just seems not cool. really. a few days later I really started feeling bad for this kid...
  O this guy? He also is BIG into identity theft. yep. and being as our pick up was a business vehicle it housed business like papers. and exactly 9 hours before we climbed aboard that pressurized tube we were sitting at our bank (after hours mind you. yes, they rock ) filling out paper work to change all of our account info.
  it really messed up my life. I am still spinning. rent check getting sent 10 days late because I could not access our online accounts while at home because this guy stole our pickup--------- yada, yada, yada....

ps. excuse the abuse of caps lock. i feel a little dramatic about this here topic.
pss. i am not done telling you about the last 2 weeks.
pss. how far is the police station from your house?!
psssssst.  my last post was written approx. 8 hours before we realized our pick up was stolen.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Outside my window... its dark. the neighbours are going to sleep :)
I am thinking... that I am tired. that I should go get that last load of towels out of washer!
I am thankful... for the gifts I got on my birthday. and my lovely friends who helped me celebrate:)
In the kitchen... piles and piles of CLEAN dishes :) (its called drip drying, eh!)
I am wearing... a cutesy new dress :) 
I am creating... um. luggage? filling luggage up? packing...
I am going... to Alberta in 3 more sleeps :D 
I am reading...Love and Respect. and learning a lot. 
I am hoping... to get my house cleaned and that my brain stays intact!!!
I am looking forward to... yes,yes, the wedding. 
I am learning… see 'I am reading'
Around the house...clean laundry folded,luggage waiting to be filled
One of my favourite things... Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. mmm.... go try one:)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

...a happy day...

This day must be recorded!!!
I have lived here for 2 years 2 months and about 2 days...
This morning, for the very first time,
I got asked to 'go for coffee'.
Ok, some of you are going- so what's the big deal.
Well anybody that lives where I come from knows that the words 'go for coffee' or ' come for coffee' are regular words heard and/or said any where from 1- 8 times during a normal week...
I have surely mentioned, many times how much I miss that- that coffee time. Sometimes coffee, sometimes tea, sometimes pie, sometimes just words... visiting, talking, encouraging; loving... really.
It's not really done here, I don't know why,  maybe people are to rushed or may the whole 'lets go for coffee' just isn't up their line... I for certain know it is NOT for the lack of coffee shops around- there is plenty of them...
So today is a happy day. I am basking in the after glow of a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and time spent with a newish friend...
Happy Saturday.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

(Deceitful or just playing it safe)

Ok so how many of you order stuff on the big wide inter-web?

All of you? Wow! We're a clan of shoppers, eh? Nice!

I am an online shopper.
Yes, yes, I know I live in California and radical shopping is supposed to be EVERYWHERE. But sadly its not. Well its there but its in towns called Dublin, San Fransisco, Gilroy, and L.A.. not Atwater. (Although Atwater IS starting to rock some stores that catch my attention frequently as well.)
So the google box calls my name more frequently.
Now, How many of you do the whole 'paypal' thing?
Half of you? Sad. Its safe, secure and saves a girl a lot of time when trying to 'check out' before hubs walks in... seriously. You *can* have a 'credit' account with them or be like me and link it up to your bank account. There is great instructions.

Ok ok now, back to why I titled this what I did...
  *sometimes* places do not accept paypal. (I would link you up with paypal but I am typing this on my NON-iPhone. Bleh. But on my HTC with a qwerty key pad. My thumbs have muscle ladies!;))
So yes sometimes places do not accept PayPal.  Bleh. Again.
So than I have to pull out the trusty ole VISA to make a transaction.
But. Then I have to enter ALLLLL my info. My name, address, city, zip, email, security code, and my phone number.
And ladies every.single.time I do this I feel freakishly out of control!!!! I just gave some wah-oo company every single piece of info they need or want to find me, my house, or to call me. Yep it is not my thing.
So I do this. (Breath deep please.)
I write a fake phone number. Why? You say whaaa? Ya I do.
It makes me feel just a tiny bit more in control of my life. Like if some dude could find my house at LEAST he wouldn't *call* me to tell me he found it.
Ok, so now the question is.
On a scale of 1 -10 how crazy/deceitful/ awful/ wicked am I?

Monday, September 17, 2012

{if you ate today- thank a farmer}

This post just made me smile so much inside, so proud of my farmer daddy, nostalgic of many hours I myself  spent in that big red grain eating machine in the chill fall air, and of all the other farmer guys and gals out there!
We love you :)

so go read this- Little Prairie Baby

happy tuesday ♥

Thursday, September 6, 2012

{ the 'key' is}

I lose stuff. all.the.time.

I know I know it's because I have this awful habit of not setting stuff in the same place everytime, or not back where it belongs right away. I hate myself for it.

I lost the house keys.
Yes. Honestly we only have ONE key. and we are two people. and Now the one key that we did have is gone. So.

I pulled out my $5 purple wooden ladder (that I painted black before James could see it. )
and crawled  did a very awkward thing called 'heffalumping' (do you get what I mean?) through a window.
Nothing graceful, modest, or womanly about it.

But I made it in.

Now I am wondering if maybe this is when I tell James-
"We should invest in one of those cool door knob thingys where you punch in a code to enter your house instead of using a key?!"

What do you think? ;)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

{08.30.12} psst. and a good deal!

Outside my window... evening lights turned on in the streets.
I am thinking... about seeing my favorite 6 nephews in 6 weeks:) 
I am thankful... that it worked for Mum and Dad to come here. ♥
In the kitchen... its clean. No dirty dishes :)
I am wearing...ancient clothes. Not worth talking about. 
I am creating... orders for my ETSY STORE
I am going... to bed soon,soon,soon. 
I am reading...Just finished THE VOW an incredible story of LOVE.
I am hoping... that tomorrow really is only 89 degrees!
I am looking forward to... Jacquelyne coming on Saturday:) :) :)
I am learning… that words hurt. and its best to just 'shut up'.
Around the house...clean laundry folded, boards waiting to be painted on... 
One of my favourite things... this office chair. It's quite nice :)

to see this in my etsy store and read all about it
So for you my bloggy pals- a steal of a deal:) This sign for sale for you for $25.00 + shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only until Sunday evening at mid-night PST. ( 1:00AM MST) 
 Tell me in the comments what you want. This sign measures 20x11.25 inches and it is hand painted by me. It comes with a saw tooth hanger on the back for easy hanging.

Option 1- mustard w/ black letters.
Option2- cream w/ coloured letters.
Option3- black w/ cream letters.

Happy day to you =)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{helloooo -updated}

It seems curious to me
at the end of the day
when I pause in my doings
and check out the display
of all of the people
who have checked out a page
of this little ole blog of mine
but never said 'hey'.
(end of poem)

55 people viewed it yesterday.
and I didn't even hear from half of you!!!
not even a 1/4!!

So just so you know!
I adore every one of you readers for even taking the time to
check up on me!!!
There is limited space for me to invite readers...
I have others who want to be included.
So please, I am telling you once more!
If you want to stay on, say hi often. more often I should say!
(some of you do and you know how I LOVE it!!!)
I try to reply to each comment.
Its just not a lot fun not knowing who all the wonderful people are that are reading about my

So if you haven't said hey in a month or 2 or some of you have not EVER. (gasp!!!)  you better be quick other wise you
might be kicked off the list =) (with all due respect of course!!!)
If you are not comfortable leaving a comment shoot me an email! thats fine too
I just want to get to know you all.

ok, now I am going to sleep.
I feel like I just rambled for a loooong time.
I can't wait to 'meet you' (insert cheezy grin)

UPDATE!!!- hey. seriously.
I am not trying to get attention here and tell you that you MUST comment every. single.time you check this out! I just am REALLY curious who and where some of you are. so just say hi once in awhile and let me know if I made your day by what I wrote or not:)

psst. who are you?

can I be included? email me =)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

{ no title }

senseless pain.
{it seems}
tears falling on  a bony cheek
  down her chin.
landing with a soft plop on her foot.
    the difference
the sorrow
        the tears
the exhaustion
of just trying to be.
           tired out
of being who
   she isn't.
reaching, groping.
in darkness, confusion,
anguish, pride,
happiness even sometimes...
laughter too!
longing for so
     very much more
longing for that assurance
that this is
where she belongs.
     that even though things are
   culturally, physically, emotionally
that it is home.
'one day'
She wonders and as she thinks out loud
      she whispers to herself
'one sad. happy. sweet day
         That's all He asks.
nothing more.
    One minute of tears here.
one second of joy!
        one hour of wondering....
But- never worrying about
               For He.
He is already there.
 in that tomorrow.
 and He tells her,
do not think about it...
              So, she tries.
she tries her best.
    to focus.
       one single day at a time.
On waking up to the sun.
    to being thankful for many
small blessings...
    to waking up to only one day.
Not to tomorrow.
            but. this day, alone.
She tells herself as
    the lights of evening turn on
in the darkened streets outside
   under the black sparkling sky...
she tells her self.
      that she will sleep.
For this day. the only one she was asked to live
is over. 
    and tomorrow will be another one.
another day.
but she need not think about it...
    She need not think about the day in 6 days...
or the day next year...
 for it will drain her.
   of her joy. of her contentment.
and like a blanket wrapped around
words flow over her
telling her-
 she only needs to find that
    contentment for one day.
and then!
     yes, she knows for certain
that she will survive
   and she can find joy!
   She can. because ...
He has already been there.
{my mantra. I made this little sign as a gift. and than.
I just knew I needed it. It sits in my kitchen and I see it daily}


Monday, August 6, 2012

{simplified menu}

How many of you think you could cook a whole weeks worth of food with out buying one thing?
Not me because we need milk. and cereal. and bread. otherwise I am going to do it this week.
We are leaving for camping on Sunday and I know I'll have to buy up for that so for our meals up until than I want to use what I have as much as possible!
Yesterday James' Aunt gave me A LOT of fresh peaches. So we will be eating those much to our delight!!!
After many weeks of not posting menu plans I want to start again. We are feeling more and more settled in our house and  it seems like my life is normalizing... what ever in the world that is supposed to mean ?!

I need some recipe suggestions for healthy granola bars. Anybody have one or know where I can find?
How about a super easy bun/bread recipe? I never have made buns but would kinda like to try... The local bakery doesn't 'kick it' for me... So we never eat buns. honestly.
Whats your favorite cereal? Do you worry about the sugar and fiber and all that stuff? or do you just eat it ?! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

{thankful 7}

Seven days of being thankful...
All I can say is that the few moments I do sit down and write these things, my day seems brighter somehow...
You should try it :)

- James. I can not imagine my life here in this land with out him. He is my ROCK. my best friend, he fills in for my sisters when it comes to shopping . He takes me, and tells me if it 'makes my rear look fat' ;) and if the shoes are cute, but better than sisters he than will pay for it :) lol!!! He folds lots and lots of laundry, washes dishes and is generally a huge help around the house.
- My two dogs. With them I am never home alone♥
-my Tupperware order that arrived last night!
-fly spray and fly swatters :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


-I made $31 on my yard sale this morning :) (i'd say that was great for having most everything priced at 10 and 25 cents!!!)
- it was over cast and the sun was not beating down on us!
- God moves in mysterious ways.
- fresh peaches. my favorite!
-crock pots.
- tiny prayers, answered.
-the fun we had playing volley ball last night!
- for my friend Tarah. She is a bright spot in my little life here. ( We used to work together at the bakery. Now her and husband moved a couple hours away and I got to see her and her beautiful red head and freckles twice this week end already :) )
-that I can paint signs. I LOVE doing that and hope someday it can become and actual 'job'.
Go to my side bar and check out the new designs!!
-the little sprinkle of rain. (it never. I repeat. never. rains in this part of California in summer and this is the 2nd time already! nice :) )

Friday, August 3, 2012


-for a day spent at home.
-for my co-workers. They make the job less 'uhg'.
-that two of our customers pool pumps gave out and James got to fix them today and make some extra cash!!
-that tomorrow I am having a yard sale. (de-clutter!!!)
-that my house is mostly clean :)
-iced chai. (have I mentioned that yet?)
-Gold Canyon candles. THE best. I love that I can light one and my entire (yes for real, the entire 1500 square feet) smell pretty amazing in a short little bit.
-thankful for ALL of you who follow my weirdness :)

ps. If you know of someone who wants to follow let me know! I'd be delighted to have *almost* anyone follow along =)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


There must have been a higher power telling me to be thankful this week because He must have known this day...
Today I am fiercely struggling to find thankfulness in my heart. Thankfulness for what I DO have instead of what we COULD have... had we done this or that this way or not done it at all...

So today some things I found to be thankful about!
That James has a job.
That the tires on his pick up haven't blown.yet.
For the fresh peach James stopped and picked off a tree for me.
That once again I managed to get invoices sent out!
And I am thankful for verses like this-
Cast all your cares on HIM for He cares for YOU.
They can be a soothing sleeping pill.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


- the big trees that shade our yard and house.
-soft green grass.
-that when my alarm clock rings I  CAN jump out of bed. Some people need help for the simplest things...
-for all the little things James does for me. (I was using his phone this morning and noticed the top 3 things he searched for was things I have mentioned needing in the last couple days....)
- the sound of sprinklers.
-clean towels
- the last minute invite for lasagna at james' cousins house
-supper all ready for us to eat when we get home this afternoon

Ps. Just for today be thankful.  And do something for me. Be very very thankful for your dishwasher. We don't all have them and I MISS mine incredibly bad...:)

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{thankful 2}

I am going to try to post every day some things I am thankful for this week...
follow along...

-that I found bran. These muffins are amaaazing.
-iced chai.
-the ability/availability of being able to buy healthy choices of various foods...
-that it cools down in this part of California at night...
-my family. ♥ them.
- that my brother found the sweetest, amazing, funny, best girl to marry!!! I love her like a sis already:)

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Thankful today for-

-my cell phone which lets me easily and conveniently communicate with my family and friends via text message or instant chat or actual talking :)
-that James taught me to use the 'big saw' and that I can cut my own wood for my projects and not have to wait for him!
- This house. yes, this green, lovely, hard-wood floor laden, yellow-tiled house. this. house.
- My computer.
-air conditioner.
-My big yard. hello 0.56 acres. IN TOWN!!! seriously. 4 years ago I would have rolled on the floor snorting if some one told me that 0.56 acres was HUGE. Well, I am here to tell you today.
-My vinyl cutter.
-the lovely people who find my little store on etsy . I love working with them on their special orders.
-that James fixed our bikes and now we can ride... again.I love riding bike.
- That our friends want us. James & I. to go tenting with them. (rare sighting.)
- they claim there is no bears or any wild animals where we will go camping. and that we will ride bikes down to a very awesomely cool swimming hole.

I decided I would tent. Because who can say NO to sleeping beside a creek, and riding bike to a swimming hole? Could it get better?! (ya, a camper.with a door.)

ps. I am not a Friesen for nothing.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I was challenged by fellow blogger and dear dear friend  to write 15 things about me that you (most likely) do not know...
It got my brain going.
Here goes...

1. I weigh more than I look. Like think 15 - 20 pounds more than what you think. (if you know what I look like ;)

2. I tend to head to Target or Marshall's around the corner when I am feeling sad, lonesome, or just down. I do not have to buy stuff to shake it, I just have to 'get out'. (although I often do buy.)

3. I hate to spend more money on something than is necessary. Like a sweater I know will go on sale, I'll wait. Toilet Paper?  I do NOT buy the cheapest, you have to wad  it up so much you end up using 3 times as much!!! Fabric softener, I do not buy the 'off brand' it has to be Downy. ( trust me I have tried it!!) Sugar- Market Pantry ( the 'off brand' at Target grocery) works fine instead of spending the 1.50 more to get S&H brand. Tea-Bags- sure the off brand is fine but- You have to use twice as many so whats the point. I buy Liptons and spend the $2 more.

4. I would much sooner be painting signs or designing wall art than cleaning. I would also sooner be cooking than cleaning. and if some one offered to sew me a dress in exchange for me cleaning their house. I'd do it in a heart beat. I can not stand a dirty house. But the deepest parts of my creativity have the stronger pull so yes, my house is not as clean as my brain tells me it could and should be.

5. The time I spent in Gallup, New Mexico at the home for abused and neglected children holds a HUGE place in my heart. Huge. I was my very favorite person while I was there. I have never  again been that same person and I hope someday to find a place that makes me to be that person again.

6. Do not dis my country. Canada. The hair on my neck (do I have hair there??!!) will stand up and yes. I will speak. very loud. Also don't ask me ' so when are you going to 'Canada' next?' ( I will then inform you that the country of Canada is waaay huger than the U.S., and I possibly in a very dry sarcastic voice will say something, well, very sarcastic.) I am from Alberta. It's a province. My country has a Prime Minister. and it is beautiful there...

7. I have always wanted to be a R.N. I still dream of it, often. But right now, if I could just be a nurse aid again I think I could be happy :)

8. I will not wear the colour 'baby blue'. I very much dislike it on me.

9. I drive very very nicely here. Stop the full 3 seconds at every.single.stop sign. (much,much to the dismay of my supposedly laid back husband.)  Driving 110 km/h or about 70 m/h is fast!  ( I may or may not still be part Baerg?!?!)----Because I still use my Alberta drivers license.

10. It is hard on me to buy something that has 'high fructose corn syrup' in the ingredients. That word if I say it slowly sounds like ' Your kids will all be born with diabetes' to me. I am kinda turning into a partial piece of a health nut.

11. I drive a '97 Honda. The wheels on it are worth more than the car. I call it my 'Bomb'. with all due respect, of course.

12. I used to love crowds and being with people...but when I moved to California I sorta became a 'home body'. I love being in my house. It's safe and no body can see me. Although, I do not like to just sit all day with nothing to do...(unless I have a good book I am reading)

13. I work with James,  he services swimming pools on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We go into about 75 back yards every week. Skim leaves, brush all the sides, test the chemicals and make sure the equipment is working. Some pools are plain, with just concrete and water. Some back yards are really truly like those you see in magazines. Waterfalls made to look like the mountain ones, out door kitchens, water slides, and exotic plants. I do a lot of 'back yard' dreaming :) (pun any body?) Monday and Friday are my days off but, I have been waitressing Thursday and Fridays eve's at a restaurant here. Plus I have my Etsy store. ( I keep busy.)

14. I am the 5th child out of 6. The 4th daughter. I am told by others that I fit into my family perfectly. My family tells me I am adopted. go figure.  ( at least they are honest eh? :) ) I grew up building towns in the sand box and tee-pees in the trees. I am told I could carry a tune at a young age and read a lot more books than the average 10 year old. Driving a combine and learning to 'use the can' out in the middle of a wheat field are all part of my story :)

15. somebody  told me that Verbena could grow in shade. some body was so so wrong. :(

16. I have a set of golf clubs that are mine. (how strange)

Monday, July 9, 2012


Have you? I have. I have even done worse. Thrown (basically) clean clothes into the hamper just so I don't have to put them away.  

So tell me. Have you done this?
 If not. Do you just have that much self discipline or do you just Love folding all those socks and what-nots?! 

Be honest. I need to know if I am normal :)

Monday, July 2, 2012


Outside my window... HOT sun. clean car. re-planted flowers
I am thinking... that I shouldn't have eaten that 2nd cookie :s
I am thankful... that my cut wasn't worse, and that I was able to fix it up my self. **
In the kitchen... only a *few* dirty dishes. Brown rice cooking in my rice cooker.
I am wearing... the comfiest maxi-dress I bought at Marshall's. 
I am creating... a painted wedding memory board.
I am going... focus on getting stuff done before 5:30. 
I am reading...Country Living :) waiting for some 'new' books to show up on Amazon!!!
I am hoping... that this baby shower I have to go to tonight goes smooth and that I don't suffocate ;) lol.
I am looking forward to... Jon and Chy's wedding :)
I am learning… to use a scissors to open packages. NOT a knife.** 
Around the house...Clean clothes, that are folded and ready to be put away. My palm sander, paint and brushes. 
One of my favourite things... My white watch James bought me from Charming Charlie :)

Monday, June 25, 2012


sweet words.
from you. My girls. My FRIENDS.
Thank you for all the comments on the poem.
They made a sad time just a teeny bit less sad.

saying good-bye.
to vivacious woman who is my Grams.
I cried big tears. big ones.
I combed her hair, for the very last time.
Tucked that rose under her hand.
'Mama's teaching angels how to sing...'
She's resting, sweetly.

sweet times.
my family.
ALL of my family.
even James. (crazy guy surprised me!)
even the new one.
The fiance` of my best brother.
at mum's house, at the zoo, watching those crazy, cute penguins.
those crazy sweet nephews of mine. hearing them imagine, trampoline bounces,
laughing like silly.
hanging out. living together, breathing together. (any of you read that book??:))

saying good-bye to them all.
losing my phone.
my communication.
not. cool.ever.

being with James again :)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{my Grams}

I flew home on Friday to my Grandma's funeral...
I wrote this for her on the way...
I love you Grams, you will forever be in my heart.

'What a friend we have in Jesus’
Listen, closely, hear her singing?
She is there, that angel choir has never
Been more lovely than this morning… 

Always singing…
That was Grandma.
‘Rock of Ages, cleft for me.’
When she was weary, and in turmoil
To that ‘Rock’ she’d always flee.

‘Come on in, suppers waiting at the table’
She would call us in to eat…
Chicken noodle soup , cooked by Grandma
Always was a special treat… 

By the back door on that orange counter
Right where we always came inside
There was always sugar cookies
Stamped with a tumbler, and made with pride

Taking walks around the coulee
Remember  bread to feed the geese…
Many miles were walked through Linden
Places to go and neighbours to greet…

‘O, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem…’
Christmas time in Swalwell Hall
Happy laughter, singing, talking
Memories now stay with us all…

‘I come to the garden alone…’
She sang as she weeded those straight little  rows 
Peas and potatoes, corn and  poppies
She  knew how to get things to grow

Sitting by her sewing machine
 making towels for us all
Some for us to wrap our hair in, 
Some with hoods for babies small 

Her house was never dirty,
The clothes were ironed ‘just so’
Singing songs  while working
Made the time go much less slow

‘Till the storm passes over…’
Grandpa’s favourite, we all would sing
It wasn’t easy when he left us
Grandma’s heart was  sorrowing

She longed to go..
She told us so..
So many times, her voice would whisper 
‘Home, home, sweet ,sweet home…’

Now Grandma’s singing with the angels
‘My heavenly home is bright and fair’
God called her and she flew away
Home to   be with Grandpa, 
He was waiting for her there

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{my little life}

Outside my window... green grass, playful puppies, a setting sun
I am thinking... that this book work must get done!!!
I am thankful... that the neighbours behind us seem really really nice :)
In the kitchen... my fridge is up an drunning, my microwave is hooked up and the floor is *almost* void of boxes !!
I am wearing...very little. I am dressed though :) It is so hot here. 
I am creating... a new home for James and I. (setting everything up)
I am going... to go to bed. 
I am reading...eeek! Nothing right now. Just finished, At the Scent of Water. In my top 10 faves.
I am hoping... that tomorrow is a beautiful day!
I am looking forward to... all the boxes being gone:)
I am learning… 'to roll with the punches' (it CAN work to live a whole week with out a fridge.)
Around the house... hard-wood floor. original. and beautiful.
I am dreaming about... the week-end :)
One of my favourite things... rest.

Friday, May 25, 2012


As you know James and I started doing two evening shifts a week at the bakery I was working at...
I am waitressing ( and loving it!!!) And James is being barista.

Last night while taking his break I was serving him.
Little did I know someone was watching!
A lady at one of my tables as well.
She made a comment to him when he left. And James said something like, well she is my wife! ( grin)
I was standing there than and she looked at me and said.
"I could tell you two were married/in love by the way you looked at him."

It just made me feel so good because I guarantee if she would have seen me in IKEA the other day while we were trying to buy stuff for the house she may or may not have thought differently. Eeek!!!

A very proper reminder for me that people notice little things...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{a feeling}

... of dread.
Do you to? Do you feel it?
I do.

The feeling is (usually) always worse than the actual happening.

I dread. packing up my house and moving.
No, trust me. I am very,very, excited to be moving but the thought of boxing up ALL.THIS.STUFF.

Yesterday. All day long. I could hardly think straight. They were still here. The giggles, the voices, the noise,the dirty pampers, the baby, the people. But I knew they were leaving today. and I had to block, and block, and re-block my brain from going there.

They left. and yes. I cried. I panicked. I did.
But I think I'm ok. ( give me 10 minutes.)
I will be ok.
I was expecting it to be much, much worse.

Fear? Dread? same thing?
Do they stop us from doing things?
Good things?

I set my alarm clock.
With dread. Knowing that waking up is going to be a night - mare.
but the alarm clock rings. I get up. yes, not willingly. but I get up.
and I survive. I live!

Now you know why I menu plan. Saves me that feeling.

I hear about child-birth. a.lot. a.lot.
It's fine. truely. My friends all have kids and I realize it's a HUGE. deal. to deliver a baby.

But I dread it. I am fearful.
but than they all say.
It is soo worth it.
and besides. a lot  of ladies do it.
so why wouldn't I be able to handle it.

I clean pools with James.
He knows that the skimmer basket is not my line of duty.
but occasionally he will ask me to clean it out.
I hate it.
You have to lift up this little lid and look down into this hole
and God-only-knows whats under that lid.
Yes. there is sometimes frogs.
and so I dread it. I fight it.
and than sometimes I tough it out.
and do it.
it's ok.
there are no frogs.
One day there will be, and that will be the end of me checking skimmer baskets.

What do you dread? How do you just 'cast it aside'?
Please. Make me feel normal...

PS. Please go here to this Flash Mob. over at Momastry. Be a part of something GREAT and Big!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have to share this.
because it gave me shivers.
It is TRUE.
There is thee most amazing God above who is
watching over every.single.little.detail of your life.
He is answering our prayers before we have even breathed them.
Before we have even thought about saying a prayer He has sent some one/thing.

Read this- Miracle Story
and prepare to be amazed.

** Just for today- do something extra-ordinarily, out-of-the-way kind for some one.**
no. seriously.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{right now}

Outside my window... Two 'big' dogs, and one happy healthy, (so far) little,tiny chocolate Cocker Spaniel:)
I am thinking... about food, for supper.
I am thankful... for my M.I.L. who is cooking us supper right now.
In the kitchen... it is actually pretty clean :) No food cooking now. 
I am wearing... the cutest little dress my mum sent me ♥
I am creating... a list of things that need to get done at the 'new house' tomorrow.
I am going... to quit my day job. (high-five!!) and work with James instead and than 2 eves. a week work with him again at the cafe where I am currently employed, while they serve dinner:)
I am wondering... How mums with kids at home keep up the house. I can't and I don't even have kids!!!
I am reading... The Help  an incredibly good read. Opening my eyes..
I am hoping... to get that whole house CLEAN tomorrow.
I am looking forward to... My company thats coming to see me ;)
I am learning… to at least *try* to think before I speak.
Around the house... Clean laundry needs folding, the treadmill is folded up, the living room is littered with golf clubs. hmmm...
I am dreaming about... being able to slee in, in the morning!
One of my favourite things... a blanket and a book. o, that was 2.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{things I have learned}

- having cooked,cold rice in the fridge is lovely.
-Pregnant dogs are not supposed to over exert them selves by jumping or running!
-Giving in is the hardest, but the best, most of the time
-Seeing a frog , while sitting on the toilet, gives a whole new meaning to 'run for your life'.
-It seems if you leave it in long enough, even 3 year olds can master the job of talking 'around' a soother/pacifier. (lol)
-Going sugar free is HARD. but I lost 2 whole pounds last week because I did it :)
-Taking 'spur-of-the-moment' trips with James is a delight!
-being with 'home folks' is - so- refreshing!!
-the stars do not shine very bright where there are lots of 'city lights'.
-there is a constellation called. 'little dog'. (Coby & Spenc is that your dog??!!)
-Even if you do pay your water bill they still will sometime put a 'we will shut your water off' tag on the door.
-sometimes life is crazy, drink something good, (like iced chai) and take a nap  :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Outside my window... Sunshine, birds singing!
I am thinking... that I would like to not be so busy.That I would like to sit around and read a book for once :) 
I am thankful... for James.Honestly. so thankful that he is safe and at home. Unlike his best friend that is laying in the hospital in a back brace with a lot of broken bones.
In the kitchen... there is ants. :s
I am wearing... a purple and green summery dress, with a denim jacket. (that james says looks JUST like my mum. lol)
I am creating... more wooden signs to sell :)
I am going... to Fresno, right now. For a back appointment!!! Maybe my last one for 6 months!! YES!!!
I am wondering... Why life goes on as normal in the USA on Good Friday?? Everybody works, etc...
I am reading...  You're Already Amazing (embracing who you are) by Holley Gerth
I am hoping... to get to bed before 11 tonight! 
I am looking forward to... Chick Filet for dinner tonight ;)
I am learning… a LOT.
Around the house... it's kinda sorta not as neat and clean as I wish.The Laundry is sorted on the floor and the dogs need hair cuts,badly!!!
I am dreaming about- a trip Home. and about the house we are trying to buy :)
One of my favourite things... an iced chai latte. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

{Japanese Fried Rice}

Basmati Rice. Cooked and chilled over night.*important step is chilling it for at least 8 hours*
2 eggs
Soy Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce

This is for about 4-6 cups cooked rice.

1-Get your frying pan. HOT. You want it very
2- Slice off about  2 Tbsp. of butter into the pan.
3- Dump in rice.
4- Stir it all around, till the butter is all melted in- get it sizzling :)
5- Start squirting the sauces on.
6- Put about 1/2 cup each of veggies in.
7- Slide all to one side of pan.
8-Scramble the 2 eggs.
9- Stir all together. Add more sauces according to taste.
10- Add about 1 tbsp. pepper and 1/2 salt . (or to taste but it needs to have a very hearty "bite" to it!
11- It should have enough salt, pepper, and sauces on it that you just want to eat the pan empty as you are taste testing. ;)

I made a Home Made Teriyaki/Sweet n Sour sauce that I barely used on top.

This is how the guy made it at the restaurant where we had the 'Tepinyaki'  (not sure if that is spelled correctly). The Japanese Grill where they cooked in front of us. aaaah-mazing.

Try it and let me know how you like it :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

{menu plan}

**Don't forget about this auction **

Go on over place your bid if you wanna :)

Menu Plan-
MONDAY- BBQ Chicken Pizza, salad
TUESDAY- We get to eat away tonight !!
WEDNESDAY- Japanese Fried Rice w/ Terriyaki Chicken
THURSDAY- Tacos, applesauce
FRIDAY- Stuffing Chicken Bake, Veggies
SATURDAY- left-overs
SUNDAY- Pork Chops , anybody have a good slow cooker recipe? Please share :)
MONDAY- Upside Down Pizza , Veggies
TUESDAY- Left-Overs (again, but this seems like a lot of food!!lol)

I work all week end so thought it might be good to have all my groceries bought up till my next day off which is Wednesday. Smart ,eh? ;)

Happy Cooking to all...