Wednesday, September 29, 2010

today in (hot hot hot) california...

today it is so (blistering, skin burning) hot here...
...seriously folks.(I am being serious)
 this is September (supposedly fall/autumn)
 the 29th  (basically October).
 and the thermometer (the thingy that tells you how hot or cold it is)
 showed 98 (veeeeery very near to 100)
 (whopping hot) degrees.
yup. very very warm.( very)

Hence. I went swimming.
(in a refreshing pool.)
(duh. you knew that.)

and tommorow (or the next day) (James hasn't told me for sure) we are going Here!!!
Carmel Beach, Carmel-by-the-sea, California

so I will not complain.. toodles...

extra activity for those thus minded- count the parentheses... LOL.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

too tired...

My alarm clock rang at 5:02 am. (I'm random with my times ) (o, and it was not to take Zoe out either!!) (I went along with James to clean pools today!!) you want more parentheses, you say? sorry. I used 'm all up!!
  I put bread in the toaster cuz my stomach was telling me to feed it. so this lovely piece of bread is browning beautifully... and I go to the fridge and get some jam. pull the toast out of  the toaster and spread the jam on .. but no.I sniffed. and than I sniffed again. it was not jam. it was tomato sauce. seriously. I was tired. but tomato sauce on toast for breakfast? nope. no way. not now not ever.never ever.

Note to self- NEVER put jam and tomato sauce in look alike containers.

Monday, September 27, 2010

you wanna see my new 'baby'??

Trully. Saturday September 25, was one of the happiest days of my life. I'll tell you about it!!

  James' brother was visiting, so I had his family over for 'brunch'. Which was wild and wonderful, and crazy and whiny all at the same time. (the 5 year-old was whiny,not me) Than James' mom and I decided to hit some yard- sales.( this might or might not have been a set up) Around 2, I told her I was done. Ready for my house. and to hang out with hubs for a while... But, no! Here he was in town. but I went home any- how. (a womans work is never done) Soon he was home... He kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and than he even told me he had called my mum to see what I would want!
 His brother asked him to do a run on the truck for him around 6. So, being as we hadn't eaten supper yet, we headed over to McDonalds for some quick-food. BUT. we didn't stop at McDonalds. No-siree. We drove right by. and on through the gate in to James' parents sub-divison. and this little (ha) wife said- why are we here?. and the husband replied.- to kill some time. and the little wife thought - my how strange, I thought we were supposed to go drive truck. So the little wife went inside with her husband. and she wondered why he just kept holding her hand...I mean she liked it alright. it's just that ya. We don't normally just hold hands and walk through the in-laws house and go straight to the office. No, we don't. but of course unsuspecting little wife just thought husband needed the computer. but when husband opened the door...the little wife wet her pants. well no. really she didn't.I know that she didn't but. She was totally shocked. for there looking up at
her was THEE darlingest little Cocker Spaniel puppy. and yes. it had a bow tied around it's neck. and husband said. It is for you, from me.and I knelt down and I looked into that little girls eyes and I was smitten. SHE IS MINE. and I am soooo in love.
 I named her- ZOE. she is 6 months old and weighs 14 pounds. the biggest she'll get (says the lady who owns the parents) is 20 pounds. So she is almost full grown already.
 She  cries when I go into the bath-room with out her, and when i'm walking around the house she is literally on my feet.
 She adores me. and I adore her.
...and they lived happily ever after... the end.
or whatever.she has to be 'potty-trained' yet :D lol.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

hello from mexican-ville, california

ya. are any of you people out there addicted to Mexican music? preferably pop?If you are... come on down :D We have a lovely couple moving into the house beside us...and they looove their music, apparently!!! If one day you see me and I'm singing some  some 'pop' song in Spanish, please, do not look at me funny. I can't help what I hear!!!
 On second thought, I think that this couple is seriously dedicated. They have worked hours on this house. It has sat empty (foreclosed) for over a year. Do a visual here. Imagine. Grass that is not watered or mowed for a year. Well it's actually not even called  grass anymore... Well the first day they managed to clean that ALL up. There were hideous shrubs growing in the front of the house that seriously had grown up to the roof. key word- over-grown. I should see if I could have the before and after photos. I promise you would be impressed!! They are doing a super job!!
 Now I am going to sign off because- I just down-loaded new software for my Silhouette machine and I am going to CREATE!!!! yeah!
hasta la vista-
Senoras and Seneoritas

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ford or gmc. it's a toss up.

my husband likes these-

 and I like these...

what to do... what to do...what to do...???

Health Care.

I just read the news! 'The' health care plan is starting its second step here in America!!!and I realize a lot of Americans are totally against it, and it saddens my little heart... I miss Alberta Health so so so much. Please you, Canadians. DO NOT take it for granted.
  Just the other day I heard again of a lovely young couple that had to scoop out * LISTEN TO THIS* $16,000. that is 1000 x 16. just to HAVE A BABY!!! seriously.
  I've heard so much talk between countries about all this health-care stuff and it drives me nuts. Canadians think that in America IF you have insurance (which if you can't get it from your employer, and you need maternity on it, you will pay $400 a month.) than you never have to wait in Emerg., that you get insane good care and private rooms when you have a baby, ect. ect. It's not all true. These people here, pay out the wazoo  (unless you are very low income) and they still wait for Dr. appointments. And just the other day a friend told me ,she's pregnant, that the hospital she's signed up to go to when she delivers is so overfull that they are setting up little partitions between labouring mothers. You can hear all that is going on in the next 'room' ... Now if that wouldn't add to the stress of labour... I don't know what would. (I should know. lol. I have no kids) This is in America.
 On a good note this new 'plan' is going to let women get mammograms for FREE!!! It's about time!!
And this plan is also creating a law that if a kid gets a terminal disease and his parents are not on insurance (which they'd have to be, There's NO Alberta Cancer Board, to pick up the receipts) an insurance company can not turn them down, they have to accept the child. Great!!
 And in Canada, you Americans. Do not believe the stuff the media tells you about our health-care. It's not true. I'll give you some examples that will stand up for our health-care. (its FREE)
 Approx. 3 -4 weeks before my wedding I found out I had some womanly issues that would need to be dealt with and I would have to have surgery. I went to my Dr. Dan, and he got me hooked up with a Dr. in Calgary. That Dr. checked me out and told me his surgery day at the hospital was in a week (approx.) I went home and in a week I was back in the city for my surgery. and about 2 weeks later was my wedding. I was healed. You can't tell me that wasn't good. I got excellent care. I did not lay out in a hall way on a bed,  and I did not wait 6 months for surgery.
 About 3 months ago when James and I were living in Alberta still, and I was working full time, I came down with a severe sore throat. And being as I was working as a Nurse Aid,I knew I  wouldn't be able to work in that condition. So I decided that I would 'nip it in the bud' and go see if it was strep. I walked into  Emerg. at about 10:30 pm went to the desk, signed it. A nurse took me straight to a 'room'. Did all the things he was supposed to do, The Dr. came checked me out. Told me my diagnose. And sent me home. I was back home in 45 min. You can't tell me that wasn't good as well.
 I realize not everyone has good experiances. But hey, in my opinion I sure would sooner wait in Emergency for 2 hours and know that I will get checked and that I will not have to dish out $5000 just because I went in.
Everybody has their own opinions- but now you know mine. I MISS ALBERTA HEALTH.  and I realize once again I was rambling with my thoughts... So long...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my FAVE IKEA finds...

Good Morning my friends! I got seriously inspired this morning with my best store (rated right up there with Target!!) , IKEA!(how'd you guess?)Are you ready for a shopping spree??!! lets go! Here is just a few of the things I've gotten from there that I could never do with out!!! Theres way more things I have that I could not do with out ( like my most bestest fleecey blanket) but I didn't want you to get to bored and/or I had to save some for next time! laugh! 
I am in a full- blown relationship with these lamps. LOVE. them.

a light-weight towel holder for that bathroom that you don't want to
put a holder on the wall!! simple and charming!

at a whopping $5! you can not go wrong.
Honestly. this pan will cook a frozen solid chicken breast in 10 min. (approx.)
(if it doesn't work for you. you are not allowed to blame me if you get sickish
if you are old enough to read this than you should also
be able to tell when a chicken
breast is done cooking!!)
seriously. GO GET IT!!!!

love the colours and the price!!

super sweet little (and big) bag clamps
cheese-graters- 2 of them!! 2 sizes!!and one lid so that you can just leave your  grated cheese in a container!!
CHEAP!!! awesome little juice cups. love these!have 2 sets !!
a little syrup pitcher or a big one too!!
ok.seriously, ladies. at 49 cents  for all 3??!! wow.
my dish set. love love love it.
ok. I've never seen this chic of baggies for this cheap at Target!! 
a perfect bag (at 99cents) for throwing stuff into when your'e moving :D
yes. this is on my wish list. it is so... charming!!
the dresser we bought to go with our bed*
see bed here
ok NOW. this time I want to hear about your favorite finds at this WONDERFUL store!!!!!! 

 note- I am simply showing this all to show you what I love about this store. I do not work for IKEA , although I wish I did :D 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i am NOT fond of moving.but I adore IKEA

are you fond of moving? ME???!!! no way, Hosea. not me. not now. I am seriously the most unorganized person ever. I have fantasy's about being very organized and clutter free. but can some one tell me... do fantasy's ever happen??!! (o ya they do. James cleaned my house) So imagine an unorganized mover. no actually don't. Thankfully my charming dear chum and cousin 'happened" to fly out here for this week so she helped me A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. (do you see a pattern here??!!!me neither) So we moved. We lugged furniture out of one house and into the next.We packed dishes. We packed the bedroom. (that was the best because I got to put my sheets on a NEW bed!!!!***) We tried to unpack stuff but a lot* of it is still sitting around waiting for my attention. Which it might get in the next few days!

the HEMNES bed from IKEA
 Ok about my new bed??!! (as you remember James and I helped his brother move up to northern Ca. Totally gorgeous country up there.) so on our way home we drove smack through Sacramento. and that. my friends. is where my closest IKEA is. and I said to James. we need to buy that bed. We have a trailer. And we have a teeensy bit of extra moola right now. and  we need.that.bed. I'm tired of the -mattress-on-floor thing already. So... we stopped. We knew right where it was. because we went  to buy it a few weeks ago already.but they were out of stock... So setting up my room with a bed was !!joyous!! my friends.
  What are your favorite IKEA finds...? (if you don't know IKEA. GO MEET IT. orders from the head boss over here. click here  to get to the online store and find your closest one or you can just check it all out from the safety of your cozy home!!!)
 Ok so now, let me in on your favorite  IKEA finds!!!!
Sincerly, from, the rambler. (once again)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

this hilarious.

this is not him.
my nephew who is going to be turning 2 in Nov. is the silliest goober guy I have ever known. (next to Kaiden that is.) The other day his mommy was 'helping' him say grace at supper time... this is how it went. (by the way- this kid LOVES cookies. looooves them.) Mommy says ' Dear Jesus, thank you for the food.......' spencer, without missing a beat says- AND THE COOKIES!!!!!

The day of smiles...

this was not the case.i.promise.
Yesterday was a good day.I got a 'new' phone!!!! and my house got cleaned!!!!! The only parts that were not good were- I had to wake up at 6am. and I was helping Emily (my sis-in-law) pack. But the good SO out weighed the bad that waking up at 6am. was  forgotten by noon!                 I wasn't planning on going along with James but when he woke up he told me he really was not feeling well so my softy mushy gushy heart poked out to him and I said I WILL go with you!!! Unbeknownst to me as soon as I said those words he was coniving a plan.                                                We got home around 12:30 (noon) and he kept telling me... When are you leaving for Emilys? Get over there or else you won't be of any help. So after checking emails, cleaning up this n that. I left. I was gone all afternoon, entertaining my nieces with cheerio tea parties and keeping watch over the boxes that were already packed!!!                                                    Around 530 I drove home to my little house and locked my pickup.(ggrrr.) and walked in to my house to see my husband. (yes. I am alive. I am not in some fantasy land of wives. I was in my OWN HOUSE.and my eyes were open. and I was breathing.) He was standing at the kitchen sink washing my HUGE pile of dishes. yup. (he is mine.mine. and only mine.) than. its not finished yet ladies. than my eyes kept wandering and my nose was sniffing. Ladies some hard core cleaning had gotten done while I was away. Everything was NEAT. the floors were vacuumed and swept.the laundry basket was empty.(he STILL is mine.) I went up to him and hugged him. I honestly had NO words. none. well except I did say this. O actually I'm not even gonna tell you what I said. Cause. ya . you know what I all said. I mean just imagine what you would say to your husband should you come home to find him washing your dishes ect. ect.  Imagine...
  He told me that he was sooo happy I went along with him on his route and he knew I wanted to go to Emily's and he knew I wanted my house clean before we left for the weekend... He knew. and He loved me so much that He did it. I am overwhelmed. Completely.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

something new for you!!!

This new project ,so has me hyped up!!! (sorry I get excited about veeery small things. ask my husband!)
I needed a quick birthday gift for a friend of mine here, and yes. she's a dear friend but being as I just moved here I know not of her tastes! So I found this vase and decided to get creative, but couldn't think of a saying till I thought of this one, everyone knows the great hymn 'How Great Thou Art' and decided yaaaa. that would be very. nice. just plain. nice. nice.nice.nice.niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. no way. I said it first. yes I did. NICE. do you think its nice? You are not obligated to answer my question if you do not want to. But if you have something to say on the matter. Well, than. BY ALL MEANS!!!  SAY IT!     (nicely) 
( o and those of you that are peeking in on my weirdness. pleeeeease don't just look. tell me hi too. I don't care if i've never met you or seen you or if you are my aunts husbands sisters gramas neighbours daughter-in-law. I want to know whos visiting me. all you have to do is leave a comment.its super simple. love you too :) )

Monday, September 13, 2010

moving ideas??!!

ok so were moving across town probably the end of this week and it's not like we have a HUGE amount of stuff..but I am VERY open to any suggestions and tips you guys have to make packing and moving simpler,easier, ...ect. 
  I'm ready for ya - fire away!!! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

french toast...and sugar and flab and blubber.

honestly...its ok to eat french toast at 3 o'clock in the it not?? yup it is. BUT  only when-

#1- you had very awful 'flu' like symptoms the night before (and didn't keep any of that o so good smoked pork down. TMI??)

#2- your husband left you at home (because you told him to because you didn't want him to miss out on the fun,because you are sick...because.because.because...) while he went to the air show in Sacramento
sorry.its all gone!

#3- you done lost your only piece of communication with the world- your cell phone (o I guess I still have Skype, eh!?) yes, trully. my precious cell phone is GONE. disappeared right under my nose. I had it one second and the next...well. ya. that was 2 and 1/2 days ago already and it still hasn't turned up amidst the total upheaval of our house, parents-in-laws house, and our

So with those 3 veeeeery outstanding 'problems' I decided I could use some  A LOT of 'ooooey gooey goodness' with a teensy weensy  bit of French toast!!!! Hello. you mean you didn't know that? of course. the only reason you even make the 'french toast' is so that you can DUMP on that 'oooooey gooey sugary goodness' on top!!! Well actually only when you have the exact same 3 problems as I did. yup. than you can. you don't even have to ask yo momma on this one! just do it. at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. bring on the sugar, baby !!! and the carbs, and the fat, and the chubby belly, and the flab, and the calories....

Friday, September 10, 2010

its fall...

is it really September? it was just barely June!!!  way to much has happened in my little life in the last year n half.waaay. to.much.  (key word being- way. or weigh? maybe i should have done that more often. laugh) I've gained way to much weight for my liking. Ate as much food as I've wanted and worked hard to keep my husband happy and also sat around while he worked. Iv'e spent way to much money and saved not near enough. James and I have now been married 1 whole year and 5 whole months today, exactly! On Friday, April 10, 2009. wow. time flies.
 and now it's September and if you live anywhere in the southern part of North America most of your 'garden centres' are now selling MUMS. red ones, yellow ones, orange ones... you name it they got it...(i think, don't blame me if they don't) All I have is yellow ones and i want some red ones to spruce up my life!!!
 It's fall and we are moving! Moving into a different house!!! James' bro. and sis. are going up to Northern Ca. to be teachers/missionarys at a little outpost our church has up there somewhere and so we are moving into their spacious 3 bedroom town.. that is my only beef about it is that it's in town but!! I will get used to that too!! we are getting it for dirt cheap rent so I will be happy!!! I am happy actually!! cuz I've been craving more muchly much, now i'll have my own room to set up all my scrapbooking stuff!! yeehaw!!!
 ok i'll be quiet now... this is another rambling post from the rambler! so long my friends.

ps. if you have a good cinnamon bun recipe can ya let me in on it?? i need one really bad!! thanks:)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

labour day or labor day??!!

I totally love this pic!!!

what is it people? I have become curious why Canadians and Americans spell and say some words differently...(After I got royally laughed at for saying ZED...i'm over it already, trully, I am.)  I did a study and I found out that the USA is totally a minority because they say ZEE. Australia and European countries all say ZED as well as   Canada... (or so the internet says!!)  and the reason Canadians spell and say things different and talk different is because, well, I think it's all because we have a Queen!!! laugh. I made that up!!  Some of the spelling comes from the French and some of it from 'London' and some of it we probably made up!!!
 Anyhow back to Labour Day...does any one really know why we celebrate it? this is the reason- Labour Day or Labor Day is an annual holiday celebrated all over the world that resulted from the labour union movement, to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers.- What is Labour day to you? did you attain any social achievements this year? if yes, than we are celebrating YOU!!!!yeah!! One of James' friends texted him this morning and said this- Happy non-labor day to all the singles out there! for the married folks, its still labor's like the national honey-do day,-  I laughed out loud!!
  My house is too little to have a honey do list- but if I did have one it would probably include- doing the laundry and washing dishes... my honey- do lists are usually  veeeery simple and me. simple.
 so tell me- how are you celebrating Labour day/labor day...? however you do, be safe and have fun!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

a new look!

hey folks! How do you like it? is it too hard to read? let me  know what you think pretty  please!!!  (seriously) I want to know... sitting here waiting your responses:)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

will that (really) be all for you??!!

thought for the day- why do cashiers in stores always say when you hand your purchases to them- Will that be all for you? -  I can't decide if they are trying to make me feel guilty that I ONLY bought some specialty honey and a bottle of lotion (at Marshall's) or what... Or maybe just maybe they had a camera pinned on me while I drooled over the 'red checked plates with the black and white polka dot salad plate dinner set' and now she is asking me slyly if I am sure that I don't want it will we ever know??  so when they ask me next time "is that gonna be all for you today?" i'm going to put nose in the air and my shoulders back and say - YES, MAM. because I could have LOADED a whole 3 cartloads to buy, but my trusty self- denial kicked in, and I bought only what I really wanted- white honey- made by bees who ate Canola!!!! Yup, I found it again right here in my Marshall's! Happy Thursday to all...from the rambler who is thinking this post doesn't even really make sense, but who cares- it's just Thursday, eh?!!