Tuesday, September 21, 2010

i am NOT fond of moving.but I adore IKEA

are you fond of moving? ME???!!! no way, Hosea. not me. not now. I am seriously the most unorganized person ever. I have fantasy's about being very organized and clutter free. but can some one tell me... do fantasy's ever happen??!! (o ya they do. James cleaned my house) So imagine an unorganized mover. no actually don't. Thankfully my charming dear chum and cousin 'happened" to fly out here for this week so she helped me A LOT. A LOT. A LOT. (do you see a pattern here??!!!me neither) So we moved. We lugged furniture out of one house and into the next.We packed dishes. We packed the bedroom. (that was the best because I got to put my sheets on a NEW bed!!!!***) We tried to unpack stuff but a lot* of it is still sitting around waiting for my attention. Which it might get in the next few days!

the HEMNES bed from IKEA
 Ok about my new bed??!! (as you remember James and I helped his brother move up to northern Ca. Totally gorgeous country up there.) so on our way home we drove smack through Sacramento. and that. my friends. is where my closest IKEA is. and I said to James. we need to buy that bed. We have a trailer. And we have a teeensy bit of extra moola right now. and  we need.that.bed. I'm tired of the -mattress-on-floor thing already. So... we stopped. We knew right where it was. because we went  to buy it a few weeks ago already.but they were out of stock... So setting up my room with a bed was !!joyous!! my friends.
  What are your favorite IKEA finds...? (if you don't know IKEA. GO MEET IT. orders from the head boss over here. click here  to get to the online store and find your closest one or you can just check it all out from the safety of your cozy home!!!)
 Ok so now, let me in on your favorite  IKEA finds!!!!
Sincerly, from, the rambler. (once again)

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  1. I love reading your posts! You make me smile....


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