Friday, May 30, 2014

{a stroller and a prayer}

First of all... We are in California... James is helping at his parents, doing some remodeling and adding on a gorgeous patio/out door kitchen!!
 Today I found a stroller on Craigslist, a good, top of the line brand- for $20. Yes, $20. I asked them to send me more pictures because I thought- there has to be something wrong with it. Nope, besides normal wear and tear, I got an awesome stroller like the one pictures for $20.  Boom. I'm beyond pumped!!!
 Anyhoo, on to the prayer- this stroller was in Modesto which is, in good traffic, 35 min. away. I went during "bad traffic". And realized after I left that I would not be back in the time I thought. I had not brought a bottle for babes. (I have her in schedule so pretty much know when she'll be hungry) yep, dumb mum move but I did it. And so I prayed, fervently, that she would fall asleep around 6 instead of crying for food...( My Brain/body/hormones have been very much out of control, to the point of being diagnosed with Post Partum Depression. One of my biggest triggers is when Tess cries.  I can handle it for about 5-7 min. I know, sucks to be me right? Well God truly blessed me with a happy baby, for which I am extra grateful. ) I prayed that she would sleep, because I didn't know how I would ever handle it if she cried the entire 45 min back home... God answered my prayer, she fell asleep. I honestly do not think she has ever fallen asleep when she should be yelling for food. I know God was there and I know He knew how much I needed her to sleep... So tonight I am going to sleep with a thankful heart-thankful that He cares about the little things, that He answers prayers, and that I found a smokin deal on a stroller.