Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{my little life}

Outside my window... green grass, playful puppies, a setting sun
I am thinking... that this book work must get done!!!
I am thankful... that the neighbours behind us seem really really nice :)
In the kitchen... my fridge is up an drunning, my microwave is hooked up and the floor is *almost* void of boxes !!
I am wearing...very little. I am dressed though :) It is so hot here. 
I am creating... a new home for James and I. (setting everything up)
I am going... to go to bed. 
I am reading...eeek! Nothing right now. Just finished, At the Scent of Water. In my top 10 faves.
I am hoping... that tomorrow is a beautiful day!
I am looking forward to... all the boxes being gone:)
I am learning… 'to roll with the punches' (it CAN work to live a whole week with out a fridge.)
Around the house... hard-wood floor. original. and beautiful.
I am dreaming about... the week-end :)
One of my favourite things... rest.

Friday, May 25, 2012


As you know James and I started doing two evening shifts a week at the bakery I was working at...
I am waitressing ( and loving it!!!) And James is being barista.

Last night while taking his break I was serving him.
Little did I know someone was watching!
A lady at one of my tables as well.
She made a comment to him when he left. And James said something like, well she is my wife! ( grin)
I was standing there than and she looked at me and said.
"I could tell you two were married/in love by the way you looked at him."

It just made me feel so good because I guarantee if she would have seen me in IKEA the other day while we were trying to buy stuff for the house she may or may not have thought differently. Eeek!!!

A very proper reminder for me that people notice little things...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

{a feeling}

... of dread.
Do you to? Do you feel it?
I do.

The feeling is (usually) always worse than the actual happening.

I dread. packing up my house and moving.
No, trust me. I am very,very, excited to be moving but the thought of boxing up ALL.THIS.STUFF.

Yesterday. All day long. I could hardly think straight. They were still here. The giggles, the voices, the noise,the dirty pampers, the baby, the people. But I knew they were leaving today. and I had to block, and block, and re-block my brain from going there.

They left. and yes. I cried. I panicked. I did.
But I think I'm ok. ( give me 10 minutes.)
I will be ok.
I was expecting it to be much, much worse.

Fear? Dread? same thing?
Do they stop us from doing things?
Good things?

I set my alarm clock.
With dread. Knowing that waking up is going to be a night - mare.
but the alarm clock rings. I get up. yes, not willingly. but I get up.
and I survive. I live!

Now you know why I menu plan. Saves me that feeling.

I hear about child-birth. a.lot. a.lot.
It's fine. truely. My friends all have kids and I realize it's a HUGE. deal. to deliver a baby.

But I dread it. I am fearful.
but than they all say.
It is soo worth it.
and besides. a lot  of ladies do it.
so why wouldn't I be able to handle it.

I clean pools with James.
He knows that the skimmer basket is not my line of duty.
but occasionally he will ask me to clean it out.
I hate it.
You have to lift up this little lid and look down into this hole
and God-only-knows whats under that lid.
Yes. there is sometimes frogs.
and so I dread it. I fight it.
and than sometimes I tough it out.
and do it.
it's ok.
there are no frogs.
One day there will be, and that will be the end of me checking skimmer baskets.

What do you dread? How do you just 'cast it aside'?
Please. Make me feel normal...

PS. Please go here to this Flash Mob. over at Momastry. Be a part of something GREAT and Big!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I have to share this.
because it gave me shivers.
It is TRUE.
There is thee most amazing God above who is
watching over every.single.little.detail of your life.
He is answering our prayers before we have even breathed them.
Before we have even thought about saying a prayer He has sent some one/thing.

Read this- Miracle Story
and prepare to be amazed.

** Just for today- do something extra-ordinarily, out-of-the-way kind for some one.**
no. seriously.