Saturday, September 22, 2012

...a happy day...

This day must be recorded!!!
I have lived here for 2 years 2 months and about 2 days...
This morning, for the very first time,
I got asked to 'go for coffee'.
Ok, some of you are going- so what's the big deal.
Well anybody that lives where I come from knows that the words 'go for coffee' or ' come for coffee' are regular words heard and/or said any where from 1- 8 times during a normal week...
I have surely mentioned, many times how much I miss that- that coffee time. Sometimes coffee, sometimes tea, sometimes pie, sometimes just words... visiting, talking, encouraging; loving... really.
It's not really done here, I don't know why,  maybe people are to rushed or may the whole 'lets go for coffee' just isn't up their line... I for certain know it is NOT for the lack of coffee shops around- there is plenty of them...
So today is a happy day. I am basking in the after glow of a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and time spent with a newish friend...
Happy Saturday.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

(Deceitful or just playing it safe)

Ok so how many of you order stuff on the big wide inter-web?

All of you? Wow! We're a clan of shoppers, eh? Nice!

I am an online shopper.
Yes, yes, I know I live in California and radical shopping is supposed to be EVERYWHERE. But sadly its not. Well its there but its in towns called Dublin, San Fransisco, Gilroy, and L.A.. not Atwater. (Although Atwater IS starting to rock some stores that catch my attention frequently as well.)
So the google box calls my name more frequently.
Now, How many of you do the whole 'paypal' thing?
Half of you? Sad. Its safe, secure and saves a girl a lot of time when trying to 'check out' before hubs walks in... seriously. You *can* have a 'credit' account with them or be like me and link it up to your bank account. There is great instructions.

Ok ok now, back to why I titled this what I did...
  *sometimes* places do not accept paypal. (I would link you up with paypal but I am typing this on my NON-iPhone. Bleh. But on my HTC with a qwerty key pad. My thumbs have muscle ladies!;))
So yes sometimes places do not accept PayPal.  Bleh. Again.
So than I have to pull out the trusty ole VISA to make a transaction.
But. Then I have to enter ALLLLL my info. My name, address, city, zip, email, security code, and my phone number.
And ladies every.single.time I do this I feel freakishly out of control!!!! I just gave some wah-oo company every single piece of info they need or want to find me, my house, or to call me. Yep it is not my thing.
So I do this. (Breath deep please.)
I write a fake phone number. Why? You say whaaa? Ya I do.
It makes me feel just a tiny bit more in control of my life. Like if some dude could find my house at LEAST he wouldn't *call* me to tell me he found it.
Ok, so now the question is.
On a scale of 1 -10 how crazy/deceitful/ awful/ wicked am I?

Monday, September 17, 2012

{if you ate today- thank a farmer}

This post just made me smile so much inside, so proud of my farmer daddy, nostalgic of many hours I myself  spent in that big red grain eating machine in the chill fall air, and of all the other farmer guys and gals out there!
We love you :)

so go read this- Little Prairie Baby

happy tuesday ♥

Thursday, September 6, 2012

{ the 'key' is}

I lose stuff. all.the.time.

I know I know it's because I have this awful habit of not setting stuff in the same place everytime, or not back where it belongs right away. I hate myself for it.

I lost the house keys.
Yes. Honestly we only have ONE key. and we are two people. and Now the one key that we did have is gone. So.

I pulled out my $5 purple wooden ladder (that I painted black before James could see it. )
and crawled  did a very awkward thing called 'heffalumping' (do you get what I mean?) through a window.
Nothing graceful, modest, or womanly about it.

But I made it in.

Now I am wondering if maybe this is when I tell James-
"We should invest in one of those cool door knob thingys where you punch in a code to enter your house instead of using a key?!"

What do you think? ;)