Tuesday, July 26, 2016

{fun things}

- I got 2 new nieces in the past month! Emerson and McKinnley
- I get to meet Emerson in about 12 days! 
- we spent 13 glorious rain filled happy days in Alberta 
- Alberta summers just rock
- it was 90 degrees in my kitchen this afternoon! Thankful for outdoor grills to cook food on!
- Tess and I picked tomatoes today! Yum yum!
- I froze about 30 bags of peaches Saturday. Thankful for friends who let me have free ones off their trees!
- the Cat & Jack clothing line at target has me captivated! So so cute and fun!
- we need tips for traveling with a toddler! Road trip to Alberta in a week! 
- Seeing all my Friesen cousins soon! 
- my legs are also commonly known as "a slide".
- the bathroom floor got washed twice today. Once with cleaner and once with "bath water". 
- home made bath paint is a great baby sitter these days!!
- I had a block fed to me numerous times in about 5 minutes time. It was first a phone, before it became "very nummy cake, open up big mommy!", and then ice cream and then " you need medicine mommy, you have a very sick tummy." 
- the basil in the garden is blooming. I hope that's ok... I know nothing. 
- it is a cool 75 degrees now and I'm going to sleep.