Friday, April 22, 2011

{a bum cake! a bum & a cake mix.}

yo! yes. I have in fact been lacking inspiration-o. I have been a bum all week. I have made my husband eat fast food waaay to many times. and the laundry? It sat out for 2 weeks. in piles.The lounge chairs? disappeared.  We picked out pairs of socks and underwear as needed. The dishwasher? My amazing 'maid'! The bed- is unmade. The cake mix??!!  Thee.only.thing.that made me look like an honest to goodness 'home-maker'.

When you think of being a 'home-maker' you think of aprons, covered in flour. Hair curled in a cutesy lil bun at the back of her head, with lil wisps framing her face in curls, from the humidness of her kitchen and the boiling water she is using to do laundry. (run on sentence any-one?) yep. In my dreams, ladies.

Any-hoo. The cake mix. There is 2 things ( there is more but these are my favorites right now)  you can make with a cake mix that will change your life. It will make you plumper, happier, less stressed, and always making sure that you have 2 - 6 cake mixes stashed safely away in your extra large pantry.

Cinnamon Rolls/Chocolate Rolls.
Simply deee-vine.

1 white cake mix            
3 tbsp yeast
2 1/2 cups hot water
4 1/2-5 cups flour

Mix cake mix and yeast together. Add warm water and knead in flour. Let rise until double. (seriously. let it rise till its double. It works mucho bettah.) Make rolls  and put in Jelly roll pan/half bakers pan. Let rise for awhile, 15-20 min. Bake at 350 until done, which is about 20-30 minutes. 

For thee greatest Chocolate delights. Switch up and use a chocolate cake mix instead of white!!! Make a frosting of-
Cream Cheese (1 block)
Icing Sugar( till its sweet enough for you!!)
Shortening. (about a cup??!!)

Slather this on top of either of these choc. or white. and ladies. you.will. the.same. 

Next up is........


For the little aspiring cooktress in your midst, or for YOU. 
These are by faaaaaar thee easiest cookies to make the blink of your left eye.

Any flavour of cake mix.
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil

Mix all together. and bake. at 350 for 8 - 10min.

Eat to your hearts content.
A very simple way to make whoopie pies is to do this with choc. cake mix!!

Anyhoo. So these cookies, (and rice krispie squares) and those ro00llls. are what have saved my life.
O! and also the fact that my B.F. is great at doing laundry and even helping me fold it. 
Yes. the only laundry sitting out right now is clean and It's folded.:)

Happy Easter to you all!!!


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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

{some days I wonder}

Theres this song...

'some days I wonder... at this game called life'

It's been cruising through my mind rapidly today.Starting because of feeling the pain of a friend who is going throughthe same adjustments I am (you know who you are L.)
We struggle with finding our  place in a world that is so unlike the one we came from.
We struggle so hard with finding 'true friends' who see us for 'who we are' NOT for 'what we appear to be'.
We appear strong, confidant, and happy. but sometimes deep down there is a raging battle. A battle with fear, self-consciousness, worry. for what people are saying about 'who we appear to be'.
Fear for if that tear does slip out during a song at church that some one will snicker. "Vulnerable woman. Weak. Wimp. Can't handle anything. She choose to marry him so why can't she suck it up. She is stuck here. So why can't she get over it." (figments of my horribly imaginative mind.)
But we feel it. We feel not understood.
And than. some one steps out of the crowd to 'love us'. to look beyond the battle in our hearts and love us how we are. To see beyond our flattish accent. To see our heart.
We wonder is it true. But we have been burnt so we hold off. waiting for the moment that
this 'friend' turns her back and 'slaps us in the face' with a comment, surely not meant to sting. but it does.
It rips at our hearts. and we wonder. Ever? will there ever be anyone who truly 'knows my heart'?
And than another one steps out of the crowd. She does not push. she does not pry.but she loves.
and all you can do is bask in her glow. She probably has no clue what she is doing for me. But the the very essence of her presence in a large crowd will set my mind at ease. She is 'heart friend'. Even though she really does not know a whole lot about me... she chooses to see beyond 'me' and see my heart.

I wonder some more...
because one friend called me today to tell me she is expecting her first child and I smiled! Baby's are the very best way to start people. I am so very excited for her...
but my heart did a plummet when. a very dear, close friend of mine called to say she miscarried her baby.
and I wondered... confused sometimes about this game called life...

But ever so thankful to be given a chance at playing it!:)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

{where do you find lost socks??}

Where do you? I don't know.
But one day in my roamings through the Web, I found
something like this.

and I liked!

So the other day (James finally owned up and taught me how to run the 'big' saw!!!)
I sawed away and cut this board.
I painted it black.
Cut out a stencil using my Silhouette!
and painted on the letters!
Tonight I glued on the clothes pin.
(which my niece says are for , 'so the clothes can't get off'. so true. hello. we can't have our clothes just jumping off of our laundry lines and our boards for our lost socks!!!)

and the finished project is this!!!.....

So hopefully now my socks will be around and ready to get folded when I want them !!!
Do you lose socks?? Do you have a special  place to keep them??

Friday, April 1, 2011

{a big joke!!! and a winner!!!}

No. I did not drop off the face of this earth. I was just so busy enjoying the sunshine outside while working with the 'pool-guy' that, yes, this blog got neglected.  So sorry for that! Yesterday the temperature hit a high of 82 degrees. and man, did that feel hot!!! and yes, needless to say parts of my body now have red, crispy skin on them:( I promise to not forget sunscreen again!!

I wish I had a big joke to tell you, but I don't, so I guess that is the joke :) lol.
It's April fools day so I can do what I want!!!(was that mean?)

Home Depot is 'bringing back Black Friday' here in our parts today, and all of their bedding plants are on for $0.99!!!! So I am going to drive over to my nearest one and do a bit of shopping!

Teresa is the winner of my last auction!!! Three cheers for you!!!

 Happy April Fools day!!

Tell me what is your favorite prank? Done to you or that you did??!!