Friday, April 22, 2011

{a bum cake! a bum & a cake mix.}

yo! yes. I have in fact been lacking inspiration-o. I have been a bum all week. I have made my husband eat fast food waaay to many times. and the laundry? It sat out for 2 weeks. in piles.The lounge chairs? disappeared.  We picked out pairs of socks and underwear as needed. The dishwasher? My amazing 'maid'! The bed- is unmade. The cake mix??!!  Thee.only.thing.that made me look like an honest to goodness 'home-maker'.

When you think of being a 'home-maker' you think of aprons, covered in flour. Hair curled in a cutesy lil bun at the back of her head, with lil wisps framing her face in curls, from the humidness of her kitchen and the boiling water she is using to do laundry. (run on sentence any-one?) yep. In my dreams, ladies.

Any-hoo. The cake mix. There is 2 things ( there is more but these are my favorites right now)  you can make with a cake mix that will change your life. It will make you plumper, happier, less stressed, and always making sure that you have 2 - 6 cake mixes stashed safely away in your extra large pantry.

Cinnamon Rolls/Chocolate Rolls.
Simply deee-vine.

1 white cake mix            
3 tbsp yeast
2 1/2 cups hot water
4 1/2-5 cups flour

Mix cake mix and yeast together. Add warm water and knead in flour. Let rise until double. (seriously. let it rise till its double. It works mucho bettah.) Make rolls  and put in Jelly roll pan/half bakers pan. Let rise for awhile, 15-20 min. Bake at 350 until done, which is about 20-30 minutes. 

For thee greatest Chocolate delights. Switch up and use a chocolate cake mix instead of white!!! Make a frosting of-
Cream Cheese (1 block)
Icing Sugar( till its sweet enough for you!!)
Shortening. (about a cup??!!)

Slather this on top of either of these choc. or white. and ladies. you.will. the.same. 

Next up is........


For the little aspiring cooktress in your midst, or for YOU. 
These are by faaaaaar thee easiest cookies to make the blink of your left eye.

Any flavour of cake mix.
2 eggs
1/3 cup oil

Mix all together. and bake. at 350 for 8 - 10min.

Eat to your hearts content.
A very simple way to make whoopie pies is to do this with choc. cake mix!!

Anyhoo. So these cookies, (and rice krispie squares) and those ro00llls. are what have saved my life.
O! and also the fact that my B.F. is great at doing laundry and even helping me fold it. 
Yes. the only laundry sitting out right now is clean and It's folded.:)

Happy Easter to you all!!!


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  1. NO!NO!NO! Jenn...don't you understand how detrimental this kind of post is to my DIET?!?! If it was a complicated recipe, I wouldn't be nearly as tempted to go make them right now! Oh but they sound SOOO yummy! :)

  2. OH Jenn, you are so good to have around...cause you say it like it is, instead of showing us how 'perfect' your lil home is. I think this IS really the perfect life, being happy and not stressed about your house. ha! Have you ever made a dump cake? It's my fast grab if company shows up...can of pineapple tidbits, cherry pie filling, yellow cake mix (or white, whatev) chop up pecans and dot with margarine....pour that all into the pan in that order and bake...easy peasy b/c there are no dishes! hoorah!

  3. Mornin' Jennieee! These look SO good!! The recipe Cheyenne mentions is one of my favorites,(it's in Kitchen Treasures) but I hadn't thought of adding pecans, will have to try that...and if you check out pg 94 in the Friesen cookbook, there's one from me:)

  4. These all look so yummy! I'd love for you to become a follower and link these up with So Sweet Sundays, going on now until Wednesday evening!

    PS--Thanks for stopping by and checking out my no-sew shopping cart cover. ;)

  5. I'm craving cinnamon rolls now! Thanks for linking up to A Well-Seasoned Life's Sweet Indulgences Sunday!


  6. I will say this much! I am very glad to hear that I am not the only one who's work gets undone at times and who's meals are not the most gourmet and are more often than not just thrown together!! Thanks for the quick sweets! And I have made cakebox cookies before... the white cake mix- and they were scrumptious!

  7. Ok, Jenn you are just trying to get this unmotivated sister baking aren't you?? These recipes at least wouldn't take all day to bake...

  8. can you make a rooster for a kitchen? This is Lorena, your auntieee's friend

  9. You are a hoot! Loved reading your post, can't wait to come back for more so I"m clicking to follow you! I've never heard to making SIN Rolls from a cake mix! I CAN'T WAIT! And the "dump cake" from the above comment ... sooooooo handy!!! XOXO jules from bles-id. PS... with one of your mixes make cake balls ... the are amazing! (1 cake mix, 1 jar frosting and some dipping chocolate .... google it!)


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