Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{helloooo -updated}

It seems curious to me
at the end of the day
when I pause in my doings
and check out the display
of all of the people
who have checked out a page
of this little ole blog of mine
but never said 'hey'.
(end of poem)

55 people viewed it yesterday.
and I didn't even hear from half of you!!!
not even a 1/4!!

So just so you know!
I adore every one of you readers for even taking the time to
check up on me!!!
There is limited space for me to invite readers...
I have others who want to be included.
So please, I am telling you once more!
If you want to stay on, say hi often. more often I should say!
(some of you do and you know how I LOVE it!!!)
I try to reply to each comment.
Its just not a lot fun not knowing who all the wonderful people are that are reading about my

So if you haven't said hey in a month or 2 or some of you have not EVER. (gasp!!!)  you better be quick other wise you
might be kicked off the list =) (with all due respect of course!!!)
If you are not comfortable leaving a comment shoot me an email! thats fine too
I just want to get to know you all.

ok, now I am going to sleep.
I feel like I just rambled for a loooong time.
I can't wait to 'meet you' (insert cheezy grin)

UPDATE!!!- hey. seriously.
I am not trying to get attention here and tell you that you MUST comment every. single.time you check this out! I just am REALLY curious who and where some of you are. so just say hi once in awhile and let me know if I made your day by what I wrote or not:)

psst. who are you?

can I be included? email me =)


  1. ha now i'm wondering if you can see how many times a day i check to see if you have a new post?!!! :) i really enjoy reading your blog... i have one made but never have posted... maybe sometime i'll actually post something :) anyways... i'm commenting so please don't kick me out LOL

  2. you make me cry and you make me laugh! Please don't give me the boot!

    1. Never. Not you Grandma K :)I im happy too make someone laugh!!

  3. Do I comment enough???? xoxo

  4. Ahem!! Not one of your home folks? You surely wouldn't kick me off? LOL!!! Love your blog! Even though it makes me so sad sometimes.. I hate it when you're lonely..cuz I can only imagine how yucky that must feel:'( But I'm glad you still share!! Even when its melancholy.. And I love it that you respond to your commentors!! You go girl!!

  5. Hi from Northern Alberta! I'm not good at this writing stuff at all! Don't feel witty words and fitting comments that flow from my fingers, but I do LOVE reading your blog! Feels like it's some way to keep in touch with your family!!! My folks talked again what an enjoyable time you and them had when you were in Montreal!!! Keep your chin up! Know what its like to be lonesome!!

    1. Hey! Cool to know who this Heidi is:)

      Yes we talk about our awesome time in Montreal!!!
      now we just want like to go back in the summer!!

  6. hey! i love reading your thots :) i know i dont comment every time i check.... :( keep up all the interesting thots! :)teresa

  7. Hope you keep me in here.....I am your mother after all.If it wasnt for me there would be no prairie gal in California!I love your writing.....sometimes sad,sometimes glad!

    1. Mum mum mum. I couldn't kick you out of anywhere.
      Your my favorite reader:)

  8. and surely first cousins are immune to the boot!!!! im as addicted to your blog as i am to my morning coffee so dont you dare kick me off!! :)

    1. O ya they are! But I didn't want to say that because you never know with people now a days they'd probably claim cousin-ship with me just so they didn't need to comment:)

  9. I like yer momma's response.

    Jenn, you are a riot! The best thing is you put your feelings out there---making the rest of us feel slightly less ca-razy for having similar feelings or thoughts---we are not so alone.

    In the commenting field, I am slacking, it might have something to do with the two wild hungbees and my limited computer-but excuses are poor and I will step it up a notch. haha~

    Wish you were here tonight to have a fire with...roast some marshmallows and dream of ripping old junk outta houses together.

    I miss you.

    You are. the. best.

    1. Ha ha! Well I am glad if I can make people feel less nuts in
      the head by what I say:) yay!!

      Ps. I love your emails too. That last one.

      Ppss. I wanna rip junk. Not just dream about it. Although the dreaming would be fun too:)

  10. Please please don't kick me off..I have enough social difficulties as it is:/ I can comment every time if you want but sometimes once I start talking I can't quit!

    1. ha ha Tina:) thats funny, I thought I was the only one who once I got started never quit:)

  11. I feel your pain, Jen. Been there. (Or perhaps I should say "am there"?) Click on my profile to go to my public blog but I'll email you, too. (I think I did invite you, long-long ago.)

  12. Prairie Girl, please don't think I was trying to say you should've read my blog sooner! I just didn't want you to think I was greedily gobbling yours while sneakily withholding my own! ;)

  13. Keep me in! Your posts haven't been showing up in my google reader lately so that's why I didn't stop in for a while. I enjoy reading your prairie girl thoughts.

    1. O really? Hmmm...wonder if any one else had trouble with that?

    2. Yes I have! I don't get them in Google at all!!

    3. and jenn....they don't pop up through my blog reader either...I don't use google reader...but still yours don't show up!

  14. and a conversation like this is the best sunday evening visit!

  15. I don't comment very often... somehow my speech has left me quite often since, well, you know. I love reading your blog tho! Please keep me on:)

  16. your other big sisAugust 22, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    please don't kick me out!!! your blog is better than the daily paper to me!!! i miss you more than words can say and i envy your talents... xoxo

    1. but you don't even like the daily paper at all :D lol!
      Well you know what I envy? Your kitchen shelves and your long winter that you get to eat ALL that canning and putting away of fresh veggies and jams and jellies and relish's and what not :)
      so there!!! :) xo

  17. Hey thanks for the invite! Love your blog=)

  18. hey... i'm not a faithful commentor but please don't kick me outa your 'life', cuz then I'd be almost totally cut off from you!!(besides a text :) I do enjoy coming and reading wut you write and I feel like your above named 'other big sis' in saying she envies your talents..... the ability to write, share..... therefore: not many comments. Love you Jenn.

  19. I'm probably the least faithful :( But I DO enjoy your blog and hope you keep me on. I feel a little kinship with you and your moving across countries, though I did it the other way!

  20. AAAACK! Don't kick me out! I love reading your blog... and can't wait to meet you "in real life" IF we ever make it out to California again... My Dad & Mom are making me so jealous... Gonna tell Uncle Lenny he better keep a slot for Daniel next year! :)


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