Friday, October 29, 2010

so much fun!!!

angel food cake cupcakes for my party tonight!! with pink frosting!!! mmm.mmm.
pink ribbons all over my house!! a pumknin here and there. some Indian corn scattered around. Cranberry candles, softly slowing... and smelling!!! the sound of my timer saying-the cupcakes are done.
Cedar woods pod on my pod warmer... yes. a mixture of good things. candles. supporting Breast Cancer. and food. and the smell of fall in the air.

ps.Last night I painted my first 'chalk-board' project!! Listen up Ladies there will be more about that coming soon!!! Happy day to you all!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

counting my blessings...

- that all I have is a cold and not some terminal disease.
-that I have a house to live in even if its not 'ours'.
-James. (he cooked supper while I slept this afternoon) love you!!!
-that I have a washing machine and I do not have to wash my clothes in the river.
-friends. though I am far away from you I still know 'you are there'.
-for family. though we are spread hither and thither over this earth. I love you too.
-for memories of the happiest child-hood. thanks mum & dad !!!
- that even though I am not wearing any, I could go to my drawer and find some socks!!!
-my fireplace. its crackling even now!!!
-for you my readers. I love it that you (apparently) love reading about my wild, wacky, weird,whimsical adventures of being a house wife in a 'foreign land'!!!
-and last but of course not least. ZOE !!!
-O yes and I am thankful that she is learning to 'lift-a-leg- outside now instead of on my leg!!!! you go girl!!! :D

ps. I am hosting a 'pink party' with Gold Canyon Friday night! I welcome any 'pink' ideas for food and decorating that are simple!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

laundry day...

this would be nice!
who likes doing laundry?? I know there are some people out there who, in the laundry room that is their 'happy place'. Not me. I love nothing more than the smell of freshly laundred clothes. And I do not even mind putting stuff into the washing machine. or into the dryer and even flinging it here and there on my couches and chairs to dry. BUT. folding and putting away. Preserve Me. That. is not my favorite thing to do. But because I am a wife I do it. because I know that (yes. if I told him to he probably would ...but...) James won't just jump up and down and say - 'let me, let me'!!!!! Ya. He is great. but that. I think. would not happen.

i looove this stuff. smells sooo good.
Any way. So the last couple of weeks I've been reading this blog. The Nester. And she has some very brainy ideas going on this month for how to make your house 'less messy'. anyhow She is crazy about baskets! cute, chic,funky, baskets. And she said if you have fun looking baskets to do laundry with (instead of the plastic ones.) laundry is sooooooooo much more fun. (I think I am going to try it)  but I can kinda see where she is coming from. If you do your laundry in a hole in your dark, musty basement you probably do not enjoy it that much! (mine is in the garage. mind you. A totally new one to me!!!!)  but if your laundry 'place' is painted cheery and bright and it looks like this one!!! than I think laundry could actually be FUN!!! She, (who has the cute laundry room) also has a recipe for home-made laundry soap!! Try it!!! I think I am going to. just for the fun of it!! One of my creative/whimsical/simplicitysh/pioneerish  things that I would like to do sometime in my little life!!!!

Let me know how you make laundry FUN!!! and what you do so that it's not something you dread all week!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

my fall wreath...

Fire Wife Katie over here. Inspired me. (again). Go check it out. I love what she did with that dollar store stuff. so yesterday I went. To my 2 most favorite (weeeelll.ya.) places to shop. 99cent store  and Dollar Tree. At the Dollar Tree I looked and I actually had everything (you can get the gourds at my Dollar Tree...) in my hands. when I thought. no. I can not have a white wreath on my door. no. my door is white. will. not. work. so I thought. And I remembered that back at my house I had this wreath with the red leaves already on it (by me for last fall!!)  So I put back everything except the ribbon and kept looking and than!!! I found these bells.  They were called door-knob hangers ( there is some adorable ones there with a big round bell. for your door. I am going back for one. or 2 or 7.or 19.) and attached to them was a hat and some Christmasy ribbon. (I cut that off)  and I tied the bells on to my wreath and wrapped my wibbon. (ok spelling error.but I thought it sounded kinda cutesy) awound my weath. ( sooo cutesy)  and hung it up. and Ya for those of you that are more into the mod look. Go do what Fire Wife Katie did!!! but this wreath is ME. I am Prairie Girl. Hard Core Country. Dust and all. and nothing perfect.. slapped together.but. ME. ( but I still think I am going to do a Wreath like her!! for Christmas maybe?? and paint it black with red ribbon??!! whaddya think? )

McDonald's. I'm lovin it. (just to keep it random I had to add that!!)


my kinda monday...

no. no. no. I just wrote Monday? ok.I officially announce it. my brain is having issues. and ya. my hormones are to. (just thought I'd mention it while we were talking about issues.)

so re-word that title. to say this.- My kinda Saturday...

hanging with my favorite guy.ever. sitting in front of a crackling sparkling fire. each with a lap-top. doing things we both love.  me reading blogs. namely this one.(go read.but grab a box of kleenex first). him researching who knows what. some kinda guy thing I suppose.and yes we are eating. surprise!!!!!. popcorn and cheese.real cheese. yup. o ya . and its not cold here I am just such a hugest sucker for a fire place. with real wood. that because its cloudy outside (and the temperature of a fairly normal summer day in Alberta) I lit the wood. I did. I do. I will. (again)

This last week I had a Canadian in my house. A real one. and one that made me laugh. I never had met her before. ( I offered to keep some people that came here for a teacher conference thing put on by my church.  and they sent her!!)She is teaching down here in this southern part of America. and she came over. and I fell in love. well you know what I mean. cuz she cracked me up. her and I - we found kindred spirits very quickly. she asked me to say - Garberator 4 times. (because statesish people call it a 'disposal'.) I dunno why we call it a Garberator.but we do. and she missed that when I said it the first time. she said. say that again. me- " I love my Garberator.' her- 'say it again. I wanna hear it' me- 'garberator'. again. ok you get the pic. I laughed my silly head off.  and we talked flaaaat. just because we wanted to pretend that, that is how Canadians talk. we talked reeeeeeeally flot. loved it.

so now you know!!! and now I will sign off. because I want to do another post almost right away!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the pure joy of CHEEZ WHIZ

but. you can't barely find it down here in the southern part of the continent of North America.
(well, I did find it one time at SAVE-MART.for a whopping $7 for a jar half this size. by the way.
I totally boy-cot that store. it is dumb.a dumb store. the milk and eggs are on one side of the store and
the cheese and other dairy stuff is 3/4 mile away on the other side. I stick with Target. It smells good. It's clean. and the dairy products are ALL on the same aisle. mmmoooaaah. I love you Target. thank-you for being my best grocery store.)

Noooope. No way. I so totally did not get distracted. I did not. but its true you can not hardly get it here. and I Love it. Love it. (you got that?) 
I like it on my mac n cheese. 
I like it on my toast.
I like it on my crackers.
It's the best, I'll boast.
I like it on my pizza.
(ask me how. its great!!)
I like it melted down with salsa 
eat with chips, stay up late.
I like it on my toast.
with strawberry jam on top.
I like it there the very best.
and now I'm going to stop.
the end.
(of the poem)

I'm sure it's controversial as to what is best Velveeta or Cheez Whiz. In Canada Velveeta is out of this world expensive.  And CW is cheaper. and yes. versa vice. or vice- versa. or ya. you know.
but I grew up with CW so I'm sticking with it.

but always. no matter what. the price is. or where I live.
I'll still tell me mumma to send me Cheezy Whiz (does that sound weird to any one??!!)
with anyone and everyone that ever comes to California.

I'm a Cheeeeezy Gurl....  



1. Yesterday I was frantically soaking beans and doing all the stuff for baked beans. When--- I remembered. they didn't have to be at church till FRIDAY. not Thursday. stupid me.

2. No place of business (well, maybe, a really fishy one) will take a payment check if your name isn't signed at the bottom. (thank-goodness for neighbours who will go fetch your mail BACK. )

3. Always lock your dog up for night.

4.Never go back to bed (after you are all dressed for the day) for just 10 min. It (somebody told me that.)

5. Always check to make sure your bath-rooms are clean. You never know when somebody will knock on your door and need it. (I said. you. never.know.)

6. ALWAYS remember to take your trash to the road. (if you live where the ONLY way to get rid of trash is to have the truck come and get it.) stupid. yes. I am right now hearing the trash truck skip my house...............

7. Having 3 flies constantly buzzzzzzzing around me has taught me that flies. are. annoying. veeeeery annoying.

8. uuuum. I need to go shower. ya. I am going to the Dr. with my Pregnant, ( PG, prego, great-with-child, bun-in-the-oven) sister-in-law. and she will be here way to soon as it is.

9. have a NICE day. xoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the weirdest noise in the night...

scritch.tsshhhk. tshhkt. rattle. sniff. sniff. I blinked.  I blinked again. and again. and I listened. ever so silently. I listened. there it was! AT THE END OF OUR BED. I lay right perfectly still. It sounded like a baby rattle being shaken.I slooowly, ever so slowly turned my head and looked at James. Apparently. He was completely oblivious to the odd noises coming from just beyond the foot-board. tssshhhk.rattle.sniff.
 I started going through in my head what on earth could be making this odd noise.
-a mouse. or HORRORS a rat. (the only time i've ever seen one was in the sub-way in NYC.please. NOT in my house. no. not a rat. anything but. a rat.)
-Zoe. but no. she was in her kennel for the night.
-maybe a 'stray' needed a place to sleep and thought our house looked 'nice'.
-a mouse? (really)

I finally got up the nerve to look. I sat straight up in bed. and yes. you will never guess. what it was...
ok. go ahead. guess!!! already. did you?

it was Zoe. laying on the rug. annoyingly playing with. yes. you totally guessed it. A BABY RATTLE.
I jabbed James. and I said. ZOE IS OUT OF HER KENNEL.  and than my brain said. well who let her out? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

It was me. cuz than I remembered that I had in fact not shut her gate properly. but I had not been concerned. cuz she had never tried to get out of it before.

But last night she did. or she bumped it just right or something. and she had the time of her life.
tearing up a pair of panti-hose that were still laying on the floor from going to church Sunday. (i have no clue why James does not pick up his clothes...grrr.)and takin a dump on the living room floor. eeeeeeeeeeek. and yes. most importantly. shakin her stuff at the foot of my bed at 4:04 am.

from now on. the kennel door will be double checked.
(ya. the living room floor. thats not cool.carpet cleaners cost way to much.)

now tell me what YOU  thought it was!!!

PS- it feels like I've been learning a lot from my mistakes lately... anyone else noticed....?

Monday, October 18, 2010

win!! again!!

This lady does some smashing vinyl designs!! head on over here and enter your name in the draw!!! good luck!!!

did i say anywhere that i LOVE tim hortons??

honestly. i just got to thinking. i really really really love Tim Hortons. the coffee.the doughnuts. the bagels. the creamcheese ON the bagels. the Iced Capps.the.turkey bacon club. the. the......................... sorry. had to wipe up my drool. ya. and than I kept thinking about how many Tim's coffee tins and 'Timbits' boxes I have in my house right now... ya. I am a die-hard addict. forever. One of my tins has a plant in it!! and 3 have actual coffee waiting to be used! and one.well. may it rest in peace. is empty. and yes. rest in peace you charming 'timbits' box. you faithfully stayed by my side all the long flight from Calgary right to teensy tiny airport Modesto... and your utterly decadent contents kept me wholly satisfied as I flew, cramped in my seat, and as I sat for 4 hours in SFO. now you are proudly sitting on top of my fridge. I look at you and grin every little bit. I love you 'timbits' box.

Yell along with me and give good ole Timmy's three CHEERS!!!!!!!EH?!

ps. Go on over to TIM HORTONS  and check out some of their cool stuff!!! you now can order the coffee online!!! and the 'wall-papers' are hot stuff!!! :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

a rainy day...

wow. finally some rain to cool this parched desert land...
Why is it that on these days a person has NO energy..
well ...'laze around' kind of energy...but not that
'cook a huge Sunday dinner and clean it all up' kind of energy??

I dunno. but all I can say is this. THEE ONLY
kind of energy I have right now is to sit and do

SO.... I think thats what I'll do...

Whats your favorite 'rainy day' thing to do?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

no way.

ok.folks. I love ya all.
 if you leave a comment under
I did this option so that people who do not
have google accounts could leave comments.
 otherwise I am totally taking that option off of here. period.
enough said!
thank-you. the prairie girl.

ps. I really really do LOVE LOVE LOVE your commenting. but I NEED names.

you get it!!?? :D

a poem...

i am rather disgusted
at myself today
i cooked a great big dinner   (last night)
for some friends that came our way.
it was succesful.
i must say.
all evening long it felt so warm
in that one lone spot.
but I knew I had remembered.
worry?i did not.
I asked around.
its warm in here?
ya.u-huh. i heard.
i 'downed' the thermometer.
it slowly cooled.
but still.twas warm.
at that one certain place.
I guess this is what I should use.
instead of an electric one!!!
but. I HAD, I scorned.
This morning as i bustled
around that little space.
I thought.
I should turn on the A/C
it's gettin kinda warm.
I heated up some 'left-overs'
right by that 'warm-ed spot'
and I LOOKED.!!!
and I looked again.

So apparently It was on for approx. 20 hours. no wonder it was warm.... eeeeeeeeeeeek.
NOTE TO SELF.- TURN OFF OVEN AFTER EACH USE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

...and the winners are...!!!

yes. I could not wait till tomorow. I had to do it now. today!
I put all the names in a bowl and pulled 'm out..
and the winners are...
Jessi , FireWifeKatie, Aunt Janet

!!!Yeah for you guys!!!
email me your adresses at  --- ---

And I will send them off to you hopefully by next week!!!!!

Thank-you to all of you who did leave comments :D

    ps.  I reeeeeaaaally needed something 'fallish'
      for my mantel. This is what I came up with!!!         

Thursday, October 14, 2010

something new for you!!!!

I am so excited!! This morning has been spent
being creative!! And as I was browsing on-line
this thought popped into my head and.........

this is what happened!!!

First I cut this!!!

Than this!!

the charming cute hair-doooooo!!!

Than I added this..(I skipped some stuff as to 
ease the boredom)

I added some brown little shoes...
a charming 'summer' dress.
and a brilliant yellow 'sash'

yo! she is almost ready to make some real
little girl grin!!!!

and last but not least she needs her own grin...

so I added this. pure.&simple.

There is more options for this lady... but I decided to keep it simple this time!!! I am going to try doing This same girl on magnetic paper so that the dress, ect. can be removed and put on with ease for those little hands!!! 

What do you think??!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

marijuana anyone??!!

Did you know that if allysum and lantana could be used as marijuana. I would now be RICH. Because I seriously just pulled out more of those 2 plants than I thought could be humanly possible. Yes. My back is killing me. But now. when I look out my front window I see the tiny little blue lobelia that were smothered, beginning to shine forth!!! and the petunias. mighty and tough tho they be. were smothered as well. They were straggly and ugly having had to stretch their loooong arms out so that their flowers could get any sunlight. Now I see the beauty of the flowers that were hidden! And my sore back is worth it....

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


the sky is blue.
i flew over the ocean.
i am tired of sitting.
i need a magic potion.
that will whisk me away
to Pontypandy Bay
where that is?
neither do I know
its a place in my dreams
i someday will go.
tiny airplanes.
long run ways.
tired of sitting.
6 short days.
spent with family.
said 'good-bye' to a friend.
cried and cried.
memories never end.
eating mums food.
gained weight.
not cool.
to 'over-heap' plate.
waiting waiting.
for my airplane.
tired of sitting...
Go to Spain?
No. Modesto.
See James!!
Go to my house.
clean the drains.
(or what-ever.....)
The End.

Monday, October 11, 2010

happy thanksgiving....

O what am I all thankful for you say?
 Well #1 is- I AM HOME. !!!!!
#2 is- that I got to come home
#3 is- that I got to see friends and family!!!
#4 is- James. my wonderfully amazing supportive caring husband!!!
#5 is- my dog!!!! Zoe I miss you !!!

O there is so much I am thankful for.. but I would hate to bore you guys!!

Don't forget to hop down to my give-away post and tell me a memory of your mother
and you will automatically be entered into my breast cancer give away!!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Because this month is Breast Cancer awareness month...
Because my mum is my hero,
a survivor.!!!
Because I want you to be 'aware'.
Because Obama just made it 'law' that mammograms are  free in the USA
Because I love ya.---
I am doing my first give away!!!!!!!!!!!
Breast Cancer shopping bags... the proceeds went to help women who are battling cancer while they are pregnant.

To enter the contest all I ask is that you tell me a favorite memory of your mum, mom, or mother-in-law...
and put your name and email address on the comment so I can contact you if you win!!!!There will be 3 winners and the contest will close on October 16!!! Winner will be chosen randomly!!

Here they are!! They fold up to fit into that tiny little bag!!! So handy for those garage sale days, or when you are shopping and you buy more than you thought, or to add to your stash
of 'green' bags!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am in love with Alberta...

Alberta!!!!! I am so happy, glad, excited, and enthralled to be wrapped in the loving welcoming arms of golden wheat fields, combines churning, dust a-flyin, gravel roads, wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide open prairie, sunshine, and family.
I love you Alberta. You will forever be my home, no matter where I go with James. You will always have first place in my heart.

Last night, I looked up at your stars. There was no lights turned on for miles around that I could see...and I looked up. and saw millions and millions of bright twinkling stars. I knew I was home.

The leaves are falling off of the trees. But the bareness, to me, is beautiful. Soon those very branches will be sparkling like diamonds in the morning sun.

I am home. and I feel so so content.

except. there is a hole in my heart. because James is not here. and so I know that I will go back to CA- for him. because HE is my life.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what a day...

Tonight we remembered an amazing guy...
We sang. We cried and we cried and we cried. we talked. We shared memories of happier times.
amazing memories were shared.
It was good to see friends and family from by gone days...
and say good-bye to a wonderful guy. hard.
continue to keep praying for everyone.
Tomorow is the funeral.

I am so grateful and honored that I could come here for this. Some wonderful people helped
me pay for my ticket. and I will forever be indebted to them. It just feels 'right' to be here.

good- night...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

just for today...

just for today hold everyone you love a little closer.
tell an old friend you haven't talked to in awhile that you love her.
call your mum.
email your brother.
give your husband a happy surprise when he walks in door...
read one more story to your kids.
laugh about the 'spilled milk' situations.
laugh again.
and again
and again... always laugh. even when you are mad. Have you ever seen a a frown or 'worry lines'
on any ones face when they are laughing?

*wow*. & just a small update...

I checked my 'site metre' and my blog had 84 views today!!! I am in awe. who are you guys? new york, UK, I hope my meager words inspire you...

I am going home for my friends funeral.... keep praying...I feel really unsure of going alone... Just because my man is my entire strength... but at the same time... I want to see my parents, I want to honour my friend, I just do not want to miss this..and my baby sis is gonna be there too...

 I love you all... hugs...

Monday, October 4, 2010

the little things...

In the end its not the big things - It's the little things... (quote by: a prairie girl)

I heard Zoe barking her head off outside just a few minutes ago... so out I went ( I hate do not like yappy little dogs)  and there she was between my fence and the school fence, barking her self silly at about 5 8  year-old kids!!! They were lovin it!! So I went and had a happy little chat with them. I asked them about school ( I was secretly shaking inside, because I figured some school marm would see me and call the cops and I would be slammed in the clink for seducing 8 year-old kids with my dog. or something wierd.)but nobody saw me. so we chit-chatted away!  The blonde girl told me they were 'learning math' and 'the little boy' told me they were 'chasing girls " for recess and well the girls didn't say a lot about that. I told them- Ya know..girls don't really like it when boys chase them..(weeeeelll maybe sometime they do...but) and the one little boy was like-' ya well were just like chasing them not hurtin them'  he made my day. he  had a  'gold' tooth right up front, had brown skin, and the handsomest smile. He didn't want to leave me. He stayed and talked while the other kids ran off.  I hope that I made his day... Maybe his mommy is a busy mommy and doesn't have all the time she would like to give him attention, maybe his daddy is not around... maybe he needed a little love... Maybe he needed that little time we had through the fence!

Maybe I needed it too... Maybe I needed a little Mexican boy to smile at me with his 'gold' tooth. Maybe I hate   do not like little yappy dogs for a reason , it made me go outside and meet 'little boy' .Maybe Zoe barked so that 'little boy' and I could smile together and be given hope.

The little things... They DO matter...

Sunday, October 3, 2010


my heart is so heavy now ... very heavy. it all started with a text message and a phone call (for me)
for others it probably started the same way. for him, it started with pain. for his mum it ended in severe, unimaginable,
 indescribable horror. A night-mare.

A class mate, a friend... a young man I grew up with... went to kindergarten with, Sunday school, school. played soccer with, sang with (a lot), went to church with,every Sunday.
We knelt together at the front of our church and were baptized together with 2 other good friends.
I watched in Gr. 6 as he mourned the death of his daddy.
Listened to him talk in church about how at the young age of 20 he felt so responsible for his mum and little sis and brother.

He's gone. Jesus took him home to heaven this morning. so unexpectedly. so very, very unexpectadly.
I am mourning the loss of a good friend.

I talked to God this morning and I asked him 'why.why.why. Why are you not fair? Why do you do things to people who have already had so much pain? why him. why now. He was to young. why.why.why?'

This is what God whispered to me-
To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens.
I still do NOT understand.
I still can NOT comprehend.
But, I do know this.
There is an amazing God who is in control of ALL of us. He knows pain so well.
He carried a heavy cross up a long hill. and was silent while they nailed Him to it. He knows pain. He has felt tears.
He loves each of us. and all He wants is to hold us in His loving arms and comfort us when pain comes.

I am crying. I am mourning.
But somewhere. a mother has lost her son. a sister lost her big brother. a little boy lost his hero. a cousin lost her dear friend. a grama lost her grandson. an auntie lost her nephew... and a friend lost a friend.And they are in so so so much pain.
and they NEED your prayers. Please join me in praying for them.

(thank-you for listening to me...I needed to talk)

things that are making me smile...

- the fact that my super hot husband bought me a puppy
-my cousin and his wife are hanging at MY house for the weekend
-we went to Monterey with them as well and hung out
-I got to eat at Island's 2 times in 2 days and I got the same hamburger both times!!! the Hawaiian
I think I will search for a recipe from them. I am droo-ooooling... ooo. ya. it was g-o-o-d.
-I invited friends over tonight and when they got here they saw my birthday
cards and they were like- when was your birthday- I said. today. they all were
embarrassed. I laughed. It was funny.
-the fact that tonight I do not have to hear (from the next room over at the hotel)
squeaky bed springs and snoring at 3 was kinda creepy to me.
-I am making raspberry muffins for breakfast.
-that I have a puppy.                                                                                                                        
- that my husband loves me and I love him.
-that my lil sis is coming to CA right after Christmas!!
-that I heard via the grape-vine that my mum & dad were maybe coming here
in November.
-that I have Zoe.
- I  now live in a 3 bedroom house instead of a 1 bedroom
-that now I am going to go to sleep and dream about my sweet husband and
the charming dog he bought me!
-that its warmer than 63 degrees inland here!!
-that I have 3 handsome nephews
-that my 'bestie' called me today
-that I ate brownies smothered in marshmallow cream 15 minutes ago.
-that now I am going to go to sleep.right now. no. now. right now.(sorry I have arguemental issues with myself. it gets pretty intense sometimes. I've found out its easier just to give in..) now.

if there is a random picture on here, forgive me. my computer is screwin up biga time. I see it when I preview but when I am here typing there is no pic. anyhow it is the hotel where I heard the guy snoring through the wall. It's sad cause it was a beautiful place.  but I prefer places where the walls are thicker and I do not hear odd noises through the wall at 3 am. amen. all done. good- night. so long.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

the beach...the fog...

we got here and it was foggy... we went from 99 degrees to 64 in about an hour... that was cold. really. even for me.

By the way...did I tell you why we are here? in this land of the beach and fog? There is a huge pool convention here in Monterey. There was a few of our friends that are here too... so that is cool. cause I am not sure what I would have done here all alone! Yesterday us girls went... shopping!!!!! and sat at the beach, (it could have been warmer) and met the guys for clam chowder on the wharf...mmm mmm good...

i'll tell you more when I don't have to type on our 'little' computer...

so long...