Tuesday, October 12, 2010


the sky is blue.
i flew over the ocean.
i am tired of sitting.
i need a magic potion.
that will whisk me away
to Pontypandy Bay
where that is?
neither do I know
its a place in my dreams
i someday will go.
tiny airplanes.
long run ways.
tired of sitting.
6 short days.
spent with family.
said 'good-bye' to a friend.
cried and cried.
memories never end.
eating mums food.
gained weight.
not cool.
to 'over-heap' plate.
waiting waiting.
for my airplane.
tired of sitting...
Go to Spain?
No. Modesto.
See James!!
Go to my house.
clean the drains.
(or what-ever.....)
The End.


  1. Saw you in CCR this morning...but didn't get your attention!! Wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your Blog....Hope you had a good flight back. JP

  2. i liked ur poem... im one of the people who just spies on your blog :) i think ive seen you before but i dont really know you... kindra

  3. hey JP yes I did see you too... CCR is gorgeous eh? thanks for reading :)

    Kindra... where you from? you got me curious ;)

  4. ha :) im from northern california :) west valley... ask james... he will know who i am i think... i love reading your blog i hope you dont mind... kindra

  5. hey k. yup he said..ya;) nope don't mind at all if you read. its just my random ramblings... :D just curious- howd you find me on here??!!:D I love 'meeting' new people so welcome aboard. you can click on the 'follow' button and join the crowd:)

  6. i was randomly snooping around on facebook and found your link so i decided to look at it...


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