Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the weirdest noise in the night...

scritch.tsshhhk. tshhkt. rattle. sniff. sniff. I blinked.  I blinked again. and again. and I listened. ever so silently. I listened. there it was! AT THE END OF OUR BED. I lay right perfectly still. It sounded like a baby rattle being shaken.I slooowly, ever so slowly turned my head and looked at James. Apparently. He was completely oblivious to the odd noises coming from just beyond the foot-board. tssshhhk.rattle.sniff.
 I started going through in my head what on earth could be making this odd noise.
-a mouse. or HORRORS a rat. (the only time i've ever seen one was in the sub-way in NYC.please. NOT in my house. no. not a rat. anything but. a rat.)
-Zoe. but no. she was in her kennel for the night.
-maybe a 'stray' needed a place to sleep and thought our house looked 'nice'.
-a mouse? (really)

I finally got up the nerve to look. I sat straight up in bed. and yes. you will never guess. what it was...
ok. go ahead. guess!!! already. did you?

it was Zoe. laying on the rug. annoyingly playing with. yes. you totally guessed it. A BABY RATTLE.
I jabbed James. and I said. ZOE IS OUT OF HER KENNEL.  and than my brain said. well who let her out? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

It was me. cuz than I remembered that I had in fact not shut her gate properly. but I had not been concerned. cuz she had never tried to get out of it before.

But last night she did. or she bumped it just right or something. and she had the time of her life.
tearing up a pair of panti-hose that were still laying on the floor from going to church Sunday. (i have no clue why James does not pick up his clothes...grrr.)and takin a dump on the living room floor. eeeeeeeeeeek. and yes. most importantly. shakin her stuff at the foot of my bed at 4:04 am.

from now on. the kennel door will be double checked.
(ya. the living room floor. thats not cool.carpet cleaners cost way to much.)

now tell me what YOU  thought it was!!!

PS- it feels like I've been learning a lot from my mistakes lately... anyone else noticed....?


  1. I thot for sure you were going to say "rattlesnake". We had lots in the Okanagan...and the area you live in is part of the same California desert.....

  2. Ha that's funny! Reminds me of when we first got Maci, she hated her kennel so she slept any where and everywhere in our room! She would crawl under our nightstand and we could barely get her out! For some reason I had visions of her crawling into our bed and would frantically sit up and pat the blankets searching for her! Darin would ask what I was doing and I would mumble "Looking for Maci "!

  3. So you want comments and want to know who is peeking in on you? Well ok... I have been... thanks to Rach! I absolutely love your blogs and sometimes I am literally shaking with laughter... like this one!! Wana have you make me some signs or wall art sometime!! Deli

  4. Jenn- I heard WIERD noises in our room lastnight too. It was ABOVE our bed somewhere. Yikes. I still do not know what it was. I didn't wake up Hubs cuz he had to get up at 5 am. So if it happens again tonight- I will wake him. (it sounded very suspiciously like a MOUSE. EEEEK) I am not happy about it. xoxo, your big sis

  5. hey Deli! good to hear from you:) thanks for 'showing your face' :) makes it more fun for me to know whos reading:)

    yup. just let me know what you want!! my email- aprairiegirlincalifornia@gmail.com

  6. reminds me of"who let the dogs out!"xooomumooooxxx

  7. About a week or 2 ago, at about 12:30am I heard a low noise(your uncle was gone) I kept listening...wasn't sure if it was Peggy or if someone was snoring(didn't know who was snoring though)...kept listening...and it WAS Peggy growling which I had never heard her do before...then she started really barking and NOT in her usual spot either...just like that there's a helicopter right over our house. I'm out my bedroom door in my "nightwear", middle son is out family room door in his "nightwear" and we're both standing outside in our "nightwear" with the helicopter lights beaming RIGHT behind our house, and moving really slow!!! HMMMM....you know where we live and you know who shines helicopter lights on the ground...ya...wonder who was on the other side of OUR fence that night....Good news...after my heart quit pounding I went right to sleep and slept well:)Sweet dreams, Jennieee:) love you.

  8. eeeek!!! auntie!!! did they catch him? or did you just plug your ears...??!!

  9. I have no idea the end result!!

  10. Hey you! I love your blog!! It warms my heart and brings a smile to my face:) I thought for sure you were gonna say you had a rattlesnake in your bedroom!! Glad it was just your friendly dog;) From Kathy (a prairie girl living on the prairies who's thanking the Lord that we're almost done harvest!! YEAH!!!!!!)

  11. the end result? yes. she was put back in her kennel.

    and ladys. there are no snakes here. none. except the veeeery occasional garter snake (James has only ever saw one 1 time in his whole entire life. there is tooo much peoples... thank goodness.(in this situation.)


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