Monday, October 4, 2010

the little things...

In the end its not the big things - It's the little things... (quote by: a prairie girl)

I heard Zoe barking her head off outside just a few minutes ago... so out I went ( I hate do not like yappy little dogs)  and there she was between my fence and the school fence, barking her self silly at about 5 8  year-old kids!!! They were lovin it!! So I went and had a happy little chat with them. I asked them about school ( I was secretly shaking inside, because I figured some school marm would see me and call the cops and I would be slammed in the clink for seducing 8 year-old kids with my dog. or something wierd.)but nobody saw me. so we chit-chatted away!  The blonde girl told me they were 'learning math' and 'the little boy' told me they were 'chasing girls " for recess and well the girls didn't say a lot about that. I told them- Ya know..girls don't really like it when boys chase them..(weeeeelll maybe sometime they do...but) and the one little boy was like-' ya well were just like chasing them not hurtin them'  he made my day. he  had a  'gold' tooth right up front, had brown skin, and the handsomest smile. He didn't want to leave me. He stayed and talked while the other kids ran off.  I hope that I made his day... Maybe his mommy is a busy mommy and doesn't have all the time she would like to give him attention, maybe his daddy is not around... maybe he needed a little love... Maybe he needed that little time we had through the fence!

Maybe I needed it too... Maybe I needed a little Mexican boy to smile at me with his 'gold' tooth. Maybe I hate   do not like little yappy dogs for a reason , it made me go outside and meet 'little boy' .Maybe Zoe barked so that 'little boy' and I could smile together and be given hope.

The little things... They DO matter...


  1. Girl, this just brought tears today... they seem to be just under the surface lately...

  2. yes, little things do matter.... I sat with my almost 2 year old today (he used to be my baby) and we had such a happy morning.... Just my boy & me! I'm thinking that I NEED to do that more... so bye for now. xoxo, rach


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