Saturday, October 23, 2010

my kinda monday...

no. no. no. I just wrote Monday? ok.I officially announce it. my brain is having issues. and ya. my hormones are to. (just thought I'd mention it while we were talking about issues.)

so re-word that title. to say this.- My kinda Saturday...

hanging with my favorite guy.ever. sitting in front of a crackling sparkling fire. each with a lap-top. doing things we both love.  me reading blogs. namely this one.(go read.but grab a box of kleenex first). him researching who knows what. some kinda guy thing I suppose.and yes we are eating. surprise!!!!!. popcorn and cheese.real cheese. yup. o ya . and its not cold here I am just such a hugest sucker for a fire place. with real wood. that because its cloudy outside (and the temperature of a fairly normal summer day in Alberta) I lit the wood. I did. I do. I will. (again)

This last week I had a Canadian in my house. A real one. and one that made me laugh. I never had met her before. ( I offered to keep some people that came here for a teacher conference thing put on by my church.  and they sent her!!)She is teaching down here in this southern part of America. and she came over. and I fell in love. well you know what I mean. cuz she cracked me up. her and I - we found kindred spirits very quickly. she asked me to say - Garberator 4 times. (because statesish people call it a 'disposal'.) I dunno why we call it a Garberator.but we do. and she missed that when I said it the first time. she said. say that again. me- " I love my Garberator.' her- 'say it again. I wanna hear it' me- 'garberator'. again. ok you get the pic. I laughed my silly head off.  and we talked flaaaat. just because we wanted to pretend that, that is how Canadians talk. we talked reeeeeeeally flot. loved it.

so now you know!!! and now I will sign off. because I want to do another post almost right away!!!


  1. you made me laugh out you so much....mum

  2. you made me laugh out you so much....mum

  3. and your mum's sista is laughing out loud too...hehehehe too funnieee

  4. and your mums sisters kid is laughin at you to hohoho

  5. I just *love* reading your blog, it's so light, fun & *you*!! ;)

    I totally checked out the blog you suggested, and wow, love it. So touching and I can't pass up a firefighter wife's blog. Ever. :)


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