Thursday, October 21, 2010


1. Yesterday I was frantically soaking beans and doing all the stuff for baked beans. When--- I remembered. they didn't have to be at church till FRIDAY. not Thursday. stupid me.

2. No place of business (well, maybe, a really fishy one) will take a payment check if your name isn't signed at the bottom. (thank-goodness for neighbours who will go fetch your mail BACK. )

3. Always lock your dog up for night.

4.Never go back to bed (after you are all dressed for the day) for just 10 min. It (somebody told me that.)

5. Always check to make sure your bath-rooms are clean. You never know when somebody will knock on your door and need it. (I said. you. never.know.)

6. ALWAYS remember to take your trash to the road. (if you live where the ONLY way to get rid of trash is to have the truck come and get it.) stupid. yes. I am right now hearing the trash truck skip my house...............

7. Having 3 flies constantly buzzzzzzzing around me has taught me that flies. are. annoying. veeeeery annoying.

8. uuuum. I need to go shower. ya. I am going to the Dr. with my Pregnant, ( PG, prego, great-with-child, bun-in-the-oven) sister-in-law. and she will be here way to soon as it is.

9. have a NICE day. xoxoxoxoxox

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  1. Ok random thots... a rainy day, Lego spread all over the family room floor, fire in the woodstove, but NO book to read. That's my predicament.:( your big sis.


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