Sunday, October 3, 2010

things that are making me smile...

- the fact that my super hot husband bought me a puppy
-my cousin and his wife are hanging at MY house for the weekend
-we went to Monterey with them as well and hung out
-I got to eat at Island's 2 times in 2 days and I got the same hamburger both times!!! the Hawaiian
I think I will search for a recipe from them. I am droo-ooooling... ooo. ya. it was g-o-o-d.
-I invited friends over tonight and when they got here they saw my birthday
cards and they were like- when was your birthday- I said. today. they all were
embarrassed. I laughed. It was funny.
-the fact that tonight I do not have to hear (from the next room over at the hotel)
squeaky bed springs and snoring at 3 was kinda creepy to me.
-I am making raspberry muffins for breakfast.
-that I have a puppy.                                                                                                                        
- that my husband loves me and I love him.
-that my lil sis is coming to CA right after Christmas!!
-that I heard via the grape-vine that my mum & dad were maybe coming here
in November.
-that I have Zoe.
- I  now live in a 3 bedroom house instead of a 1 bedroom
-that now I am going to go to sleep and dream about my sweet husband and
the charming dog he bought me!
-that its warmer than 63 degrees inland here!!
-that I have 3 handsome nephews
-that my 'bestie' called me today
-that I ate brownies smothered in marshmallow cream 15 minutes ago.
-that now I am going to go to sleep.right now. no. now. right now.(sorry I have arguemental issues with myself. it gets pretty intense sometimes. I've found out its easier just to give in..) now.

if there is a random picture on here, forgive me. my computer is screwin up biga time. I see it when I preview but when I am here typing there is no pic. anyhow it is the hotel where I heard the guy snoring through the wall. It's sad cause it was a beautiful place.  but I prefer places where the walls are thicker and I do not hear odd noises through the wall at 3 am. amen. all done. good- night. so long.

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  1. Jen, are you thankful for Zoe? Just a little maybe?

    I love that you hear through the family 'grapevine' that your folks are coming. I love it that you have a family grapevine! haha! :)


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