Monday, October 18, 2010

did i say anywhere that i LOVE tim hortons??

honestly. i just got to thinking. i really really really love Tim Hortons. the coffee.the doughnuts. the bagels. the creamcheese ON the bagels. the Iced Capps.the.turkey bacon club. the. the......................... sorry. had to wipe up my drool. ya. and than I kept thinking about how many Tim's coffee tins and 'Timbits' boxes I have in my house right now... ya. I am a die-hard addict. forever. One of my tins has a plant in it!! and 3 have actual coffee waiting to be used! and one.well. may it rest in peace. is empty. and yes. rest in peace you charming 'timbits' box. you faithfully stayed by my side all the long flight from Calgary right to teensy tiny airport Modesto... and your utterly decadent contents kept me wholly satisfied as I flew, cramped in my seat, and as I sat for 4 hours in SFO. now you are proudly sitting on top of my fridge. I look at you and grin every little bit. I love you 'timbits' box.

Yell along with me and give good ole Timmy's three CHEERS!!!!!!!EH?!

ps. Go on over to TIM HORTONS  and check out some of their cool stuff!!! you now can order the coffee online!!! and the 'wall-papers' are hot stuff!!! :D


  1. Ya...I like Timmies. Better than Starbucks. Starbucks is death. Gotta have a timmies.... :)
    I like their ads too....

  2. yeah for Timmieee's.....I have a couple BIG tins in my pantry....mmmm....should we have a coffee party? Soon okay? Jennieee??? oxox

  3. Yeah for tim's... please I NEED a cappucino right now while I read my good book and sit by my fire.... xoxo, your big sis

  4. amen CC. Starbux DOES NOT do it right. i never get coffee when I go there. it just seems well. insulting. i like the non-coffee drinks tho:)

    auntie! yes. we will have a coffee party!! at thanksgiving?? or christmas??!! :D

    Rachi- come sit by my fire!! we tried to light it last night and it smoked up our house. the damper thingy was closed:( now its open :)

  5. starbucks is nice but for the rich!tims,plain and simply gud!make mine an xtra large,black,of course with a cinnamon raisin bagel,toasted with butter.mum


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