{ About Me }


Welcome to my little space! This blog started as a place for me to 'air n share', & describe my adventures, to my family who are spread all over North America! It now has grown to include some friends and others who, I guess like me :)

I was born and raised on the rolling prairies of Alberta, On a grain farm with 4 crazy awesome sisters and a peace making brother!!!

I met and fell in love with a Californian guy in September of 2008. Just over 2 years later on Easter week end we got married and after a year of much havoc with the American border , when we lived mostly in Alberta, we now live in the 'San Joaquin' valley in California. Dry and dusty, with visions of Mountains on both sides, one of which if we go over take us to THE BEACH!!! yes. a delight for this prairie girl.

Grab your sweet tea and sit awhile... ♥ Jenn

email me at - aprairiegirlincalifornia@gmail.com