Friday, March 30, 2012

{Japanese Fried Rice}

Basmati Rice. Cooked and chilled over night.*important step is chilling it for at least 8 hours*
2 eggs
Soy Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce

This is for about 4-6 cups cooked rice.

1-Get your frying pan. HOT. You want it very
2- Slice off about  2 Tbsp. of butter into the pan.
3- Dump in rice.
4- Stir it all around, till the butter is all melted in- get it sizzling :)
5- Start squirting the sauces on.
6- Put about 1/2 cup each of veggies in.
7- Slide all to one side of pan.
8-Scramble the 2 eggs.
9- Stir all together. Add more sauces according to taste.
10- Add about 1 tbsp. pepper and 1/2 salt . (or to taste but it needs to have a very hearty "bite" to it!
11- It should have enough salt, pepper, and sauces on it that you just want to eat the pan empty as you are taste testing. ;)

I made a Home Made Teriyaki/Sweet n Sour sauce that I barely used on top.

This is how the guy made it at the restaurant where we had the 'Tepinyaki'  (not sure if that is spelled correctly). The Japanese Grill where they cooked in front of us. aaaah-mazing.

Try it and let me know how you like it :)

Monday, March 19, 2012

{menu plan}

**Don't forget about this auction **

Go on over place your bid if you wanna :)

Menu Plan-
MONDAY- BBQ Chicken Pizza, salad
TUESDAY- We get to eat away tonight !!
WEDNESDAY- Japanese Fried Rice w/ Terriyaki Chicken
THURSDAY- Tacos, applesauce
FRIDAY- Stuffing Chicken Bake, Veggies
SATURDAY- left-overs
SUNDAY- Pork Chops , anybody have a good slow cooker recipe? Please share :)
MONDAY- Upside Down Pizza , Veggies
TUESDAY- Left-Overs (again, but this seems like a lot of food!!lol)

I work all week end so thought it might be good to have all my groceries bought up till my next day off which is Wednesday. Smart ,eh? ;)

Happy Cooking to all...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

{Auction of the less than perfect}

As you can see by the pictures this one is not-purposely  "rustic", the paint peeled off on some of the letters leaving it looking some what worn out. And the edge is a bit rough on some sides.
The letters are painted a dark chocolate brown and the back ground is cream.
It measures 15x10inches.
I will give you 10 days to place a bid!!
March 28 at 5pm PST . It will close.
Leave your email with the comment.
I will start the bid off at $12.
Shipping is on me.
Now go!! On up no less than $1 at a time.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

{to friend or not to friend}

How do you make a friend? 
(I think I am done typing now. ) ((or not...))

For an entire year and 8 months I have asked myself this question.
How on earth is a girl supposed to 'make a friend'.

A real  friend.
I am not talking about those people you meet up with at church, or social gatherings and commonly discuss your children's growth spurts (or in my case, the dogs), or those girls you get together with on the rare occasion and guzzle sweet tea or sip latte's and when you leave you feel emptier than when you left. Or than there are those ones that you really feel love you, BUT do they only  show you that love because, they have no idea who you are when you are sad, lonely, ticked off, or scared. They know only a surface you. Not the 'at-home-in-my-house- wearing-my-sweats-don't-feel- like talking- cause-I'm-lonesome' you. 
Surface friends.

No. those are not the ones I am talking about.
I am talking about those friends that (truly) call you at 2am. Even though they know you will be in bed, but its a bad night and they need to talk. and so you talk, and you cry together, you work it through and when you hang up you both are smiling and most importantly, your heart is smiling too. 

Or you are upset over something that happened at work. She listens and she doesn't judge because she has known me since we were small, and she knows that all I need is to let it out and I'll move on.

Where are those friends? (trust me I DO have them, but they are 'millions' of miles away)
  My question all day today, is can I/we make it through this life with only having those true-blue-call-at-2am friends reachable by phone? Will there never be someones place I can drive to and flop on her couch and laugh loudly about something exciting or on the same couch flop and weep uncontrollably out of anxiousness, or fear or whatever?

If there is going to be that person, how does a friendship like that start? What does a girl do to learn to gain confidence in some one that you don't 'know', How can I open my heart , and be totally vulnerable to the fact that . What if they think I really AM  looney when they find out how I really am. 

I know the old adage says- if you want a friend, you have to be a friend. 

But I just have to say this. (in a small squeaky voice) 
I don't know if anyone NEEDS me to 'be'

So how can I learn? Let me in on your secrets. :) or better yet, tell me what one of those friends has done for you lately. 
 (I am talking baby steps here ladies. I can't move very fast)


Monday, March 5, 2012

{menu plan}

MONDAY- Rotisserie Chicken, green beans, biscuits
TUESDAY- Cheese Ravioli w/ pasta sauce , veggies
WEDNESDAY- You have two choices for supper. Eat out or don't eat.*, **
THURSDAY- chicken tacos
FRIDAY-  Toast n tuna. (mega comfort food) applesauce.
SATURDAY- refer to Wednesday

* I have my appointment in Fresno at 545. go figure.
** I work. and on Saturday its a looong day, and I have not found the wifely instinct YET
that feels like cooking after I spent all day on my feet, working with food.
I secretly think I deserve this night out.