Friday, January 4, 2013



the world this time of year is full of promises, hopes, and dreams of wanting to become more, better, lose weight, get fit, learn to cook, go to school, learn more about God, read though the bible, be more thankful. It is full of words- words that the person wants to be more like- awesomer House of Smiths used this word. embrace Emily over at Jones Design Company used that word--- there is All sorts... there is so much.
 did you make a resolution(s)? Did you decide on a word that is going to define your 2013, or that you are going to become? or a word that you want to be your mantra?
 I did, in a totally non-committal sort of way, I got to thinking about all of this first when I read Emily's post on EMBRACE.  Go read it if you want.-her post on 'Embrace'.
 I started thinking that this year I want to embrace my life, live it up, dream big dreams, do big things, and I want to ACCEPT. 
 I want to accept what ever happens in the next year. I want to embrace changes. Scary ones, odd ones, make-me-chew-my-lip-off ones. 
 You have to realize that I need to write this. Because I need to be reminded. 
about these kinds of things. 
If James' paper work does not go through and we end up moving to Tim-buk-too
instead of to Alberta- I want to be reminded that I CAN do this. I am strong. I will EMBRACE this.

If we get to Alberta and nothing is as it was when I left, if life seems confusing trying to find a spot in my old home place. I want to ACCEPT that.

If we end up staying in California, I will cry. I will, BUT I want to embrace that.
accept it that this is so obviously where God wants me. 

I want to EMBRACE and ACCEPT that no matter where-in-the-scare life takes my James and I in the next year that 
GOD is in control, people. He IS. 
Some of us just need to be knocked up-side the head every so often and reminded of this.    

Now, YOU lovelies.
What is your word, your resolution.
Tell me, think of something, anything you want to be MORE of
if you write it down if feels more real.
trust me.i know.