Friday, January 4, 2013



the world this time of year is full of promises, hopes, and dreams of wanting to become more, better, lose weight, get fit, learn to cook, go to school, learn more about God, read though the bible, be more thankful. It is full of words- words that the person wants to be more like- awesomer House of Smiths used this word. embrace Emily over at Jones Design Company used that word--- there is All sorts... there is so much.
 did you make a resolution(s)? Did you decide on a word that is going to define your 2013, or that you are going to become? or a word that you want to be your mantra?
 I did, in a totally non-committal sort of way, I got to thinking about all of this first when I read Emily's post on EMBRACE.  Go read it if you want.-her post on 'Embrace'.
 I started thinking that this year I want to embrace my life, live it up, dream big dreams, do big things, and I want to ACCEPT. 
 I want to accept what ever happens in the next year. I want to embrace changes. Scary ones, odd ones, make-me-chew-my-lip-off ones. 
 You have to realize that I need to write this. Because I need to be reminded. 
about these kinds of things. 
If James' paper work does not go through and we end up moving to Tim-buk-too
instead of to Alberta- I want to be reminded that I CAN do this. I am strong. I will EMBRACE this.

If we get to Alberta and nothing is as it was when I left, if life seems confusing trying to find a spot in my old home place. I want to ACCEPT that.

If we end up staying in California, I will cry. I will, BUT I want to embrace that.
accept it that this is so obviously where God wants me. 

I want to EMBRACE and ACCEPT that no matter where-in-the-scare life takes my James and I in the next year that 
GOD is in control, people. He IS. 
Some of us just need to be knocked up-side the head every so often and reminded of this.    

Now, YOU lovelies.
What is your word, your resolution.
Tell me, think of something, anything you want to be MORE of
if you write it down if feels more real.
trust me.i know.


  1. Well, if you have been reading mine, my word is probably 'goals'. I have big plans of what all I want to accomplish, but I also need to accept.
    Maybe the Serenity Prayer. That is really and truly my goal.

    1. I love serenity prayer... Always a goal that one is...

  2. on the very day that you wrote this post, i just about lost my word is cherish...i do not want to take everything we have for granted,the friends in our lives, our dear parents,the tangible things we have..and the list could be endless...when i saw my dad walkin the town Thurs morn, i never dreamt that the next morn at about precisely the same time, he would be laying in emerg waiting for emergency surgery,with the words ringing in my head,"he may not make this surgery". I want to cherish and i want to let my loved ones know...

  3. oh, Anne. I've been praying for your dad. so thankful that things are looking up with him... That must have been a scary day for you:( Hope everything keeps getting better!

  4. yes, the ACCEPTING part is a big one for me too... also to live one day at a time and live it to the seems so fragile.
    take the time to listen, be a more patient (mom), appreciate the small things....
    to get up and try again...

  5. Jenn! Reading this makes me feel nervous for you - but if God sees fit to have you back in Alberta with us it will likely be different - as would be expected, but it will definitely, postively, absolutely be AWESOME!

    As for me, I've been thinking about how wonderful hope is. Sometimes I think I should live my life only day-to-day so that I don't get hurt when my hopes are dashed, and that's what people have recommended to me as well. But I think I'm not that type of person. So I think I'd like to let myself "hope" unashamedly while still resting in the fact that God's plans will prevail and are ultimately best.
    I also think that because of the job I'm in I spend a lot of time feeling like I'm not being strong enough, or smart enough or I'm being too emotional. But I want to stop making apologies this year for being a girl -because that's what I am. I'm strong and I'm smart and I have my head screwed on pretty straight but I'm still a girl and I don't have to apologize.

    So that's my thoughts. Love to you!

  6. My word is GRACIOUS(gra-shus)according to Websters,abounding in grace or kindness,proceeding from divine favor,condescending. Ok, now these are my thoughts.....I want to be Mother Teresa and the Queen of England all wrapped up in a beautiful, gift wrapped package, streaming with goodness, thankfulness and sparkling eyes to the depths of my heart and soul.I want to be humble, stooped, wrinkled,compassionate like MT. I want to be elegant, respectful, well dressed in a simple way, well mannered like the Q of E.I want to stand tall and proud in the face of winds that want to rock and knock my little boat.Proud and humble, you may ask?? Yes, I call it happy there such a thing? Above all, I want to bear the fruits of the spirit, love, joy, peace!! Happy 2013 to all.m

    1. Great Little writing there Mother Dear! You don't need to try to be Mother Teresa because you ARE Mother Baerg and that is all you need to be right now! ;) Love You!

  7. My words came to me thru encouragements....God. meetings. people. Believe and Faith...!!! The word Accept. Yes. Be Happy. Yes. Peace in my heart. Yes. God does things in His time and that time is the right time! I need to learn and remember that. Love to you Jenn and I enjoy reading all your other 'commenters' too. Thanks.

  8. Really enjoyed this post! My word for this year is CHALLENGE! In both the verb and noun tenses...because I'm going back to teach fulltime for the remainder of the school year, which will be a HUGE challenge with 3 grades and 16 kids! Also, I want to challenge myself to make each day magical...and to remember that stress is a choice. BTW, I LOVED the regal thoughts of {unknown, your mum?} about patterning after the Q of E and being happy proud! You should have her guest write on your blog sometimes! :)

    1. regal thoughts. mum, yes.
      magical. YES! i love that word. i want to add it to my list :)

  9. I so enjoyed this post and the comments too! I truly dislike 'resolutions' in the form of: I will walk every day or I will eat only healthy food or I will read my Bible every day.......
    Those are the things that soon bring me down in guilt! But the idea of focusing on an idea, a word, and watching God making it real in my life, that makes sense.
    Having rambled on about that..... what do I want to focus on this year? I am not really sure. I think it might be trust? mixed in with your thoughts of embrace? I guess they are sort of tied together. I DO know I have a lot to learn and I want to keep on that journey.
    Thanks so much for this thoughtful post! I love to read your writing......

    1. oh, I am the same way... the resolutions made me feel all anxious and then when i didn't keep it up i'd go on this big ole guilt trip about how i was bad to myself...
      trust. we all can learn to have more of that...

  10. I want to be MORE POSITIVE...Seems to me if i could aquire that,my life could be a lot happier.Good luck to you in this next year!!


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