Thursday, February 7, 2013

{what is true}

Every day I leave my new-ish job at a local nursing home and I feel like I really CAN make a difference in some bodies life...
I promise- if you are feeling down and out, depressed or un-satisfied with your life.
Please, do something for somebody else. 
 Anything, it takes 1 minute to write out a card, or you can devote more time and volunteer an hour or two a week to helping somebody- anybody, a new mum, at your local school, or at a nursing home. I promise, your spirits will lift... 
Taking your mind off of your problems- be they big or small or totally insane.
and focusing on some body else's sadness, loss, or even supporting them in their joys,
will change your life.

ok, so you say. what have YOU done to make a difference?
and, no, this is not a brag post, but rather an informative way to let you in on the secret.

----you have no excuse {none}  not to do a simple act of kindness for somebody---

- first this job i've been telling about. simple. getting out and trying to make life better for the Grandpa's and Grandma's. They make me smile every day , and some of them, their patient, suffering through the pain, the sadness they are going through. i have so much to learn...

-second, i went to the store and bought a bunch of things yellow.
a yellow mug, lemon tea bags, lemon bar mix, a magazine that was yellow on front, m&m's,
there was more but i can't remember. then, i bought a box. and i mailed it off to a lady that goes to the same church as i & lives not so far from me. i heard in a round about way that she was going through a really rough time. emotionally, so i sent her some sun-shine. and popped in a note that said- 
--Here is some Sunshine for you!!!--
 I think it cost me about $20 total, but man, I felt like skipping and singing all day after that. (there are only 2 people who knew i did this. now you all)

-third, a new friend of mine ,that recently got divorced,( is my co-worker)just moved to this community in the last 3 months with her 2 sweet kids. her kids got sick. very flu sick a couple weeks back.
o the feelings i knew, all to well, of being ALONE, in a strange country with nobody to call to 'please go pick up some Gatorade for my kids', or please just sit by me and rub my back.  i know that feeling, of just wanting some one familiar to 'be there' while you are sick. i called her up and said - i'll be there in 5 minutes. just open the door i'll slip it in. i had some muffins, i made some finger-jell-0. (which kid can refuse that? ) and i grabbed 6 of my favorite books, kids and adult ones. and i stopped by Wal-Greens for 6 bottles of Gatorade. Popped it in her door and left.
cost- $6 for the drink. I had everything else. How I felt ?
 the reason I tell you these things my friends is to tell you how EASY it is. it really is.
to think that you could totally make a difference in somebodies life by doing such a small thing.

I heard a story the other day and i cried, as the story teller told it.
it happened to her daughter.

she had been with some friends for the day.
the next morning, she was reminded of something she had said, that wasn't 'nice'.
She started to feel like she really needed to call her friend and apologize.
This friend was some one she didn't really have a whole lot to do with, and she started to to tell her self, 'ahh, i'm sure she doesn't even remember what i said... and on and on, we know how that goes.
but she called her. she told her sorry. then she said these simple words- so hows your day?
and the girl on the other end of the phone-
burst into tears.
it was a bad day.
she needed to unload.
and she did, and they talked it over. and encouraged each other.
what if she hadn't called to apologize.
she never would have been able to listen to her friend...

it truly is the little things that count my friends, it truly is.
the little things.


what have you done for some one lately? or what has some one done for you?