Sunday, May 22, 2016

{ little friends}

It was after church, we were sitting having snack with our dear friends (who leave Tuesday for Burkina Faso. ) Brynlee ,3, was sitting on her grandpas lap, Tessa was so determined to go sit on his lap too. So she went. (I'm not sure she's ever even seen this grandpa) and there they sat 2 little friends eating cupcakes. Brynlee would scoop a bite in to Tessa's mouth and then herself. Both completely oblivious to their surroundings and the impending big good-bye... They ate 2 cupcakes. And I just stared, burning that memory in to my head... 3 years is so long and I know they won't know each other when they meet again. Sorta breaks my heart beat but You can bet that I'll be telling this little story to Tess for the next 3 years...

Friday, April 22, 2016


Tonight Tessa crawled onto our bed sprawled out soother and blankie in hand and pronounced- this the luckiest day ever!!
 I feel the luckiest to be her mummy.
She told Grandma Bertha when we left her this eve. "That was so special". Made me sorta laugh!
She hears so much more than I can even believe and picks up on things I say. She's too little to be saying such grown up stuff, isn't she?
Tessa was talking on her Fisher Price phone to Mia the other day and informed her - " I'll be 'round shortly".
And on and on I could go.. I don't want to forget these days so I must write them down.
Nighty night.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

{and now I lay me down to sleep}

at 2 years and 3 months I think we are finally conquering the sleeping in your crib all night.
But not with out some stipulations on T's part- bankie, sooder, Apple juice and for the last week her "chicken book".
(Blankie, soother, and The little Red Hen book.) I tuck her in and she says- I read my chicken book mummy?
She loves books and another favourite these days is the Sears wish book which she calls "the Bawbie book". Because, Barbies!! she's not a girl for nothing.
She'll look for lowly worm and gold bug in the Richard Scarry books endlessly... And then there is "sister Bear"... We read and read or just look at pictures...
What are your kids favourite books?

Monday, April 11, 2016

{moving mountains}

How many of you moved mountains today?
I only realized i was moving mountains when i loaded up my huge pile of dirty laundry that had been spread on the floor. Tessa had been walking on it and jumping off, but when i scooped it up she yelled- no no thats my mountain mummy. Don't take my mountain!
but no way was i going to leave that smelly pile of clothes laying there...

you never know when your mountain will get moved!
Sometimes we don't even want it moved and then just like that it's gone!


Monday, March 21, 2016

there's this little girl who stole my heart...

what? you say WHAT? I know, friends its been years, literally. i missed you, friendly keyboard and white screen, oh and also all of you!
 Long story short- I got pregnant, we moved to Alberta, had a baby, worked while my family and husband kept baby, moved back to California and here we are today...
 Tessa turned 2 Feb. 2. She is bald, about 30 inches tall, weighs about 30 pounds and is hilarious. I am partly saying that because I am her mother and partly because it is true. she talks NON -stop. talks as in literal sentences and big words,and she sings entire songs. I think I will give her the nick-name 'mag-pie'.{ as my dear old friend Penny used to call me. Ha ha! }
 so, how many of you are here still, anybody?

Saturday, September 20, 2014

a good read

I know, I know- I am one of those desperately anxious mums who want every vaccine possible given to my baby in the effort of protecting her AND the people she is with...
 Read this wise article... 

Thursday, July 31, 2014

{thankful thursday}

- air conditioner. Even at 7:45 am. It's getting very warm
- all the things on the market that are here to help babies feel better when sick.
- target clearance ;-)
- the bible
- family: my support group
- I'm thankful for one last time to be with dear dear friends tonight, before they head off to Africa on a mission. 
- " for if God be FOR us, who can be against us"

What are your thankfuls?