Thursday, August 30, 2012

{08.30.12} psst. and a good deal!

Outside my window... evening lights turned on in the streets.
I am thinking... about seeing my favorite 6 nephews in 6 weeks:) 
I am thankful... that it worked for Mum and Dad to come here. ♥
In the kitchen... its clean. No dirty dishes :)
I am wearing...ancient clothes. Not worth talking about. 
I am creating... orders for my ETSY STORE
I am going... to bed soon,soon,soon. 
I am reading...Just finished THE VOW an incredible story of LOVE.
I am hoping... that tomorrow really is only 89 degrees!
I am looking forward to... Jacquelyne coming on Saturday:) :) :)
I am learning… that words hurt. and its best to just 'shut up'.
Around the house...clean laundry folded, boards waiting to be painted on... 
One of my favourite things... this office chair. It's quite nice :)

to see this in my etsy store and read all about it
So for you my bloggy pals- a steal of a deal:) This sign for sale for you for $25.00 + shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only until Sunday evening at mid-night PST. ( 1:00AM MST) 
 Tell me in the comments what you want. This sign measures 20x11.25 inches and it is hand painted by me. It comes with a saw tooth hanger on the back for easy hanging.

Option 1- mustard w/ black letters.
Option2- cream w/ coloured letters.
Option3- black w/ cream letters.

Happy day to you =)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

{helloooo -updated}

It seems curious to me
at the end of the day
when I pause in my doings
and check out the display
of all of the people
who have checked out a page
of this little ole blog of mine
but never said 'hey'.
(end of poem)

55 people viewed it yesterday.
and I didn't even hear from half of you!!!
not even a 1/4!!

So just so you know!
I adore every one of you readers for even taking the time to
check up on me!!!
There is limited space for me to invite readers...
I have others who want to be included.
So please, I am telling you once more!
If you want to stay on, say hi often. more often I should say!
(some of you do and you know how I LOVE it!!!)
I try to reply to each comment.
Its just not a lot fun not knowing who all the wonderful people are that are reading about my

So if you haven't said hey in a month or 2 or some of you have not EVER. (gasp!!!)  you better be quick other wise you
might be kicked off the list =) (with all due respect of course!!!)
If you are not comfortable leaving a comment shoot me an email! thats fine too
I just want to get to know you all.

ok, now I am going to sleep.
I feel like I just rambled for a loooong time.
I can't wait to 'meet you' (insert cheezy grin)

UPDATE!!!- hey. seriously.
I am not trying to get attention here and tell you that you MUST comment every. single.time you check this out! I just am REALLY curious who and where some of you are. so just say hi once in awhile and let me know if I made your day by what I wrote or not:)

psst. who are you?

can I be included? email me =)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

{ no title }

senseless pain.
{it seems}
tears falling on  a bony cheek
  down her chin.
landing with a soft plop on her foot.
    the difference
the sorrow
        the tears
the exhaustion
of just trying to be.
           tired out
of being who
   she isn't.
reaching, groping.
in darkness, confusion,
anguish, pride,
happiness even sometimes...
laughter too!
longing for so
     very much more
longing for that assurance
that this is
where she belongs.
     that even though things are
   culturally, physically, emotionally
that it is home.
'one day'
She wonders and as she thinks out loud
      she whispers to herself
'one sad. happy. sweet day
         That's all He asks.
nothing more.
    One minute of tears here.
one second of joy!
        one hour of wondering....
But- never worrying about
               For He.
He is already there.
 in that tomorrow.
 and He tells her,
do not think about it...
              So, she tries.
she tries her best.
    to focus.
       one single day at a time.
On waking up to the sun.
    to being thankful for many
small blessings...
    to waking up to only one day.
Not to tomorrow.
            but. this day, alone.
She tells herself as
    the lights of evening turn on
in the darkened streets outside
   under the black sparkling sky...
she tells her self.
      that she will sleep.
For this day. the only one she was asked to live
is over. 
    and tomorrow will be another one.
another day.
but she need not think about it...
    She need not think about the day in 6 days...
or the day next year...
 for it will drain her.
   of her joy. of her contentment.
and like a blanket wrapped around
words flow over her
telling her-
 she only needs to find that
    contentment for one day.
and then!
     yes, she knows for certain
that she will survive
   and she can find joy!
   She can. because ...
He has already been there.
{my mantra. I made this little sign as a gift. and than.
I just knew I needed it. It sits in my kitchen and I see it daily}


Monday, August 6, 2012

{simplified menu}

How many of you think you could cook a whole weeks worth of food with out buying one thing?
Not me because we need milk. and cereal. and bread. otherwise I am going to do it this week.
We are leaving for camping on Sunday and I know I'll have to buy up for that so for our meals up until than I want to use what I have as much as possible!
Yesterday James' Aunt gave me A LOT of fresh peaches. So we will be eating those much to our delight!!!
After many weeks of not posting menu plans I want to start again. We are feeling more and more settled in our house and  it seems like my life is normalizing... what ever in the world that is supposed to mean ?!

I need some recipe suggestions for healthy granola bars. Anybody have one or know where I can find?
How about a super easy bun/bread recipe? I never have made buns but would kinda like to try... The local bakery doesn't 'kick it' for me... So we never eat buns. honestly.
Whats your favorite cereal? Do you worry about the sugar and fiber and all that stuff? or do you just eat it ?! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

{thankful 7}

Seven days of being thankful...
All I can say is that the few moments I do sit down and write these things, my day seems brighter somehow...
You should try it :)

- James. I can not imagine my life here in this land with out him. He is my ROCK. my best friend, he fills in for my sisters when it comes to shopping . He takes me, and tells me if it 'makes my rear look fat' ;) and if the shoes are cute, but better than sisters he than will pay for it :) lol!!! He folds lots and lots of laundry, washes dishes and is generally a huge help around the house.
- My two dogs. With them I am never home alone♥
-my Tupperware order that arrived last night!
-fly spray and fly swatters :)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


-I made $31 on my yard sale this morning :) (i'd say that was great for having most everything priced at 10 and 25 cents!!!)
- it was over cast and the sun was not beating down on us!
- God moves in mysterious ways.
- fresh peaches. my favorite!
-crock pots.
- tiny prayers, answered.
-the fun we had playing volley ball last night!
- for my friend Tarah. She is a bright spot in my little life here. ( We used to work together at the bakery. Now her and husband moved a couple hours away and I got to see her and her beautiful red head and freckles twice this week end already :) )
-that I can paint signs. I LOVE doing that and hope someday it can become and actual 'job'.
Go to my side bar and check out the new designs!!
-the little sprinkle of rain. (it never. I repeat. never. rains in this part of California in summer and this is the 2nd time already! nice :) )

Friday, August 3, 2012


-for a day spent at home.
-for my co-workers. They make the job less 'uhg'.
-that two of our customers pool pumps gave out and James got to fix them today and make some extra cash!!
-that tomorrow I am having a yard sale. (de-clutter!!!)
-that my house is mostly clean :)
-iced chai. (have I mentioned that yet?)
-Gold Canyon candles. THE best. I love that I can light one and my entire (yes for real, the entire 1500 square feet) smell pretty amazing in a short little bit.
-thankful for ALL of you who follow my weirdness :)

ps. If you know of someone who wants to follow let me know! I'd be delighted to have *almost* anyone follow along =)

Thursday, August 2, 2012


There must have been a higher power telling me to be thankful this week because He must have known this day...
Today I am fiercely struggling to find thankfulness in my heart. Thankfulness for what I DO have instead of what we COULD have... had we done this or that this way or not done it at all...

So today some things I found to be thankful about!
That James has a job.
That the tires on his pick up haven't blown.yet.
For the fresh peach James stopped and picked off a tree for me.
That once again I managed to get invoices sent out!
And I am thankful for verses like this-
Cast all your cares on HIM for He cares for YOU.
They can be a soothing sleeping pill.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


- the big trees that shade our yard and house.
-soft green grass.
-that when my alarm clock rings I  CAN jump out of bed. Some people need help for the simplest things...
-for all the little things James does for me. (I was using his phone this morning and noticed the top 3 things he searched for was things I have mentioned needing in the last couple days....)
- the sound of sprinklers.
-clean towels
- the last minute invite for lasagna at james' cousins house
-supper all ready for us to eat when we get home this afternoon

Ps. Just for today be thankful.  And do something for me. Be very very thankful for your dishwasher. We don't all have them and I MISS mine incredibly bad...:)