Saturday, August 4, 2012


-I made $31 on my yard sale this morning :) (i'd say that was great for having most everything priced at 10 and 25 cents!!!)
- it was over cast and the sun was not beating down on us!
- God moves in mysterious ways.
- fresh peaches. my favorite!
-crock pots.
- tiny prayers, answered.
-the fun we had playing volley ball last night!
- for my friend Tarah. She is a bright spot in my little life here. ( We used to work together at the bakery. Now her and husband moved a couple hours away and I got to see her and her beautiful red head and freckles twice this week end already :) )
-that I can paint signs. I LOVE doing that and hope someday it can become and actual 'job'.
Go to my side bar and check out the new designs!!
-the little sprinkle of rain. (it never. I repeat. never. rains in this part of California in summer and this is the 2nd time already! nice :) )


  1. I'm thankful for the thunderheads forming around us and a few "rumbles" of thunder i already heard... i love rain and especially the combination of rain and thunder... Also to copy you-- fresh peaches... we have been enjoying peach smoothies a couple times this week and now i found a recipe for peach frozen yogurt that inspired me... Have a great evening...

  2. I am thankful that our branding season is finished. Whew.

  3. I am thankful for your blog Jenn, the warm sunshine and that the rain STOPPED.Also for our bikes and kids bike trailer :)


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