Monday, October 31, 2011

{in which I conclude I am abnormal}

James and I hit up Lowe's this morning in search of some plumbing things (to better up the bathroom for when my dearest parents arrive!!!!) and for some wood. ...and if they had it, a palm sander for me. I went and got the plumbing essentials I needed, and together we picked out some pieces of wood. Then I toodled on over to the garden department to pick up a flower to take the place of a severely neglected verbena.
 Then I called James and told him I was ready. We met by the tools.
 And I asked him, "Did you look for a palm sander for me?"
He said, " ya, but they don't really have anything.'
I was like" really? nothing?"
"ya, really. Nothing."
I being a naturally submissive laid back person (not) went along with it and we paid up.
Got out to our little bomb car, and
"Happy Birthday " along with a 'Lowe's' bag landed in my lap.
"the reason there was not a single palm sander for you in there is because it was already out in the car."

uh-huh. He is mine.

I nearly hit the roof (it's really not that high in those little cars) with excitement. and then I said-

"you really married a weird-o. You know, right? "
"ya, really which wife gets excited about her husband buying her A SANDER!!!???"

What on earth will she use a palm sander for, you are wondering ?

Remember this?

The edges on these were never smooth enough for me... I never felt like with using a simple little piece of sand paper I could get the 'worn' effect I was looking for... 

But things are about to change in this house because now I own one of these------

 and with it's help I made this- 
please don't look at back ground!!!!

ps. cross your fingers I get my menu plan up today!!!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

{fridge love}

  How is your fridge door? Full? Stark white/black/stainless with not a thing on it? Fingerprints?
Do Pictures, cards, quotes cover it from top to bottom? or do your prefer it 'blank'?
 My fridge is my 'point of joy' in my kitchen. Is it yours?
 I have pictures of strange creatures created up in his head and drawn out in a bright orange crayon by my blue eyed nephew Coby, a picture of some cowboys , surrounded by the green rolling hills and grass of 'my home',  proclaiming the goodness of Alberta Beef...
Pink Breast cancer magnets remind me of my mums courage to fight and conquer!!! ♥ Wedding Invitations of dear friends scattered across remind me never to forget that feeling of 'young love'... Of course my menu plan is plastered up there too, lest I forget what to cook! A magnet proclaiming that 'NO MAN HAS EVER BEEN SHOT WHILE WASHING DISHES' gives my husband courage to sometimes get his hands wet !
Baby announcements proclaiming the births of new little people! of more little nephews for me - Jaxson, Benjamin, & Joey♥  A bookmark from my mum that says- 'Take care of yourself, you belong to me'... I know how much she loves me...  A quote that I always have loved by Alexander Smith- Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others and the delight in the recognition. uh-huh.
 A post card from 'The Prairies'
Cards sent form friends, my sisters, from all over this continent bring smiles to my face... 'I had this best friend when I was a kid. I got to keep her all my life' yep, Jessi, its true ♥. Crysi and I really will still be this good of friends "when we're old..." that's the kind of friend she is. 
 and a wooden magnet proclaims that its a ' Happy Wife. Happy Life' ;) Good reminder, I guess!! another one tells me that- I should- ' in the rain'. (I try, but it seems that's when the frogs come out.and if you don't understand why that should hinder me, continue on down to the last post I wrote)

 Now do you see why its a  'point of joy'? It's Loaded with love. and I never want to see it empty. If it is, it will mean my life is bleak, I always want my fridge door full. full of happy!

So, is your fridge door full? Does your husband wish it was 'clean'? Whats your favorite thing that is on it right now... ? 


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{a long slithering snake}

 Long and black, winding; moving much to fast for me. Hissing when I moved to close. Not looking quite so scary when I backed down. It kept on, I was tense. It swerved toward me, causing me to gasp out, while my knuckles turned whiter. I grabbed hold of the steering wheel with both hands, and wished the 'long snake of traffic' would disappear. Sleepy, un-attentive drivers swerving all over the road, while driving  on this packed Interstate. It was too much for me. We stopped at Sonic. LOL.
 Now for the real snake. There was one today. I worked with James, skimming pools of mice, frogs and yes. a SNAKE. real. and thankfully,dead. But it was there in the 'dump bucket' on the back of the pick-up and I was leary of it all day, it didn't help that a 'drunk on chlorine half dead' frog flopped out of that same bucket not much after that. I skirted that pick-up all day. and than I knew why I started at a Bakery.
Cuz there are NO reptiles there. Yep. I finally figured it out.
 Although I do miss working with James, I do NOT miss the tenseness of coming up to a pool and slowly peering under neath the concrete edging and checking for lurking bloated, purple, sometimes still (barely) kicking reptiles. Yes.
 I now know why I am a 'barista' :)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

{menu plan& a 'catch up'}

Is everybody enjoying the fall? Or is it just winter already for some of you?
Here the sun has been beaming down us for the last few days, we had some good rain which (finally) refreshed this allergen and smog infested air! It feels good to breath fresh air again :) or whatever!!! My pansies are blooming away, I was scared when I planted them that it would be too hot yet, but I was told to keep them well watered and they would be fine. and fine they are! Almost doubled in size since I planted them a few weeks ago!
  My work, selling calorie and carb loaded foods to the hundreds, is fun! I do get very tired of rising at 6am every single day, but then the pay cheque every 2 weeks makes it worth it! (and the freedom to 'blow' a bit of money *wink*)  It (the carb and calorie loaded food) also is taking its toll on my hips. They are loving every single little cookie I snitch, every 'Salted Caramel Mocha' I make to sip my self. O they are thriving let me tell you!!! and it must.and it WILL stop. It has to. It really really does.
 So onto to productive things here is my menu plan for this week...

MONDAY-  Skillet Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas, lettuce salad
TUESDAY  - Chili, corn bread, carrots
FRIDAY  Honey Lemon Chicken with Mashed Potatos and gravy (I KNOW again, right!?we ♥'d it!!)
SATURDAY left overs or go out. (its a looong day of work for me so I dislike cooking on this day!!!)

There you go..In all its plain-ness. Our menu. Remember, any of the recipes you want? Leave me a comment and I'll either e-mail it to you or post it on here!!!
Do you enjoy when I post these plans? Let me know how many of you actually get ideas from it!!! I'd love to know :)


Monday, October 10, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving Day to all my Canadians ♥

Some things I am thankful for-
-my awesome wonderful family. I wouldn't choose any other!!!
-my friends
-the cooler weather
-my sweet darling hilarious nephews!!! Coby, Spencer, Jacob,Jaxson,Benjamin, and Joey♥
-a mailbox (that collects things from my family or from the stores ;) )
-my silly nilly bomb car ;) (thats covered in black grime that the tomato trucks left on the road)
-my 'new' flower bed!! and the people who helped us!
-my Zoe dog
-my mother-in-law. cuz she cleaned my fridge out the other day and now I am suspicious she is cooking me supper :)

What are you all doing to celebrate? If you are not celebrating today.. Whats something you are thankful for?

Monday, October 3, 2011

{menu plan & a recipe!!}

Yep. I learned my lesson well last week. I was not going into another week unprepared.So- I sat down this morning and came up with this plan, toodled off to Target in my lil Honda-bomb grabbed a 'short-sea-salt-caramel-mocha'(without the sea salt due to bad ears on my barista) and bought me some grocery items!!!

Hear Ye!!

MONDAY- Suzy's Quicky Honey Lemony Chicken, Mashed Potatoes & gravy (made with the run off from the chicken :) ) some veggies of some sort.
TUESDAY- Grilled Pork Steaks, roasted potatoes, corn
WEDNESDAY- Grilled cheese sandwiches & applesauce (or maaaybe tacos lol)
THURSDAY- Cheesy Beef Enchiladas, corn, rice of some sort
FRIDAY- Romano Macaroni Grill Chicken Alfredo with Linguine (in a box) YUMMMY!
SATURDAY- left overs...
SUNDAY- hmm. I am very open to YOUR suggestions :) please?

Ok now for the recipe-


Cut 2-3 chicken breasts (depending on size of family and the chicken breast itself you may need to adjust
this part! or whatever !!) into strips and roll in flour. Place in a baking dish.

MIX- 1/2 cup honey
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1/4 cup butter/margarine
Bring to a boil, pour over chicken. Cover dish with tin-foil and bake at 350 for 1 hour. Uncover for the last 20 minutes.Enjoy!!! Compliments of my sis,an outstanding cook!!!- Suz  ♥

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Toodles... ♥


A year ago I wrote this post... {Tears}
A whole year...
For me it seems it went so fast..
For others it seems it went so very slow...
So very slow... A year in which they didn't hear his voice in song,
his laugh, see his smile...
Thinking of them today with lots of love and prayers....


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