Wednesday, October 19, 2011

{a long slithering snake}

 Long and black, winding; moving much to fast for me. Hissing when I moved to close. Not looking quite so scary when I backed down. It kept on, I was tense. It swerved toward me, causing me to gasp out, while my knuckles turned whiter. I grabbed hold of the steering wheel with both hands, and wished the 'long snake of traffic' would disappear. Sleepy, un-attentive drivers swerving all over the road, while driving  on this packed Interstate. It was too much for me. We stopped at Sonic. LOL.
 Now for the real snake. There was one today. I worked with James, skimming pools of mice, frogs and yes. a SNAKE. real. and thankfully,dead. But it was there in the 'dump bucket' on the back of the pick-up and I was leary of it all day, it didn't help that a 'drunk on chlorine half dead' frog flopped out of that same bucket not much after that. I skirted that pick-up all day. and than I knew why I started at a Bakery.
Cuz there are NO reptiles there. Yep. I finally figured it out.
 Although I do miss working with James, I do NOT miss the tenseness of coming up to a pool and slowly peering under neath the concrete edging and checking for lurking bloated, purple, sometimes still (barely) kicking reptiles. Yes.
 I now know why I am a 'barista' :)



  1. ooooh,you had me worried!You and I are definetly related.....Hope you sleep well.xoxm

  2. Egads! And folks choose to swim in this stuff?!

    You're a great writer, Jenn!

  3. thanks Mum. ♥

    Ha! Chey, really its not as bad as it sounds :/ I'm just super paranoid. out of 20 pools yesterday only 4 of them had a reptile :D


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