Monday, October 31, 2011

{in which I conclude I am abnormal}

James and I hit up Lowe's this morning in search of some plumbing things (to better up the bathroom for when my dearest parents arrive!!!!) and for some wood. ...and if they had it, a palm sander for me. I went and got the plumbing essentials I needed, and together we picked out some pieces of wood. Then I toodled on over to the garden department to pick up a flower to take the place of a severely neglected verbena.
 Then I called James and told him I was ready. We met by the tools.
 And I asked him, "Did you look for a palm sander for me?"
He said, " ya, but they don't really have anything.'
I was like" really? nothing?"
"ya, really. Nothing."
I being a naturally submissive laid back person (not) went along with it and we paid up.
Got out to our little bomb car, and
"Happy Birthday " along with a 'Lowe's' bag landed in my lap.
"the reason there was not a single palm sander for you in there is because it was already out in the car."

uh-huh. He is mine.

I nearly hit the roof (it's really not that high in those little cars) with excitement. and then I said-

"you really married a weird-o. You know, right? "
"ya, really which wife gets excited about her husband buying her A SANDER!!!???"

What on earth will she use a palm sander for, you are wondering ?

Remember this?

The edges on these were never smooth enough for me... I never felt like with using a simple little piece of sand paper I could get the 'worn' effect I was looking for... 

But things are about to change in this house because now I own one of these------

 and with it's help I made this- 
please don't look at back ground!!!!

ps. cross your fingers I get my menu plan up today!!!



  1. I love this! My husband gave me a miter saw for my 21st b-day! (on my request) So you're as weird as me, or I'm as wieid as you, whatever!!

  2. Ha! I grew up around wood but never caught the fever. My favorite gift from my husband is still one of those globes that talks and comes with a little pen thingie and it helps you study geography. Whatever floats the boat...

  3. I can totally relate! If it is something that enables one to create what you love to create, that is all that matters! I would prefer something like a sander to something that implies I should be cooking or cleaning!

    I do have a friend whose husband gave her booster cables for Christmas. Not a good thing..... and I relate to that too!

  4. It's a good thing to have a selection of handy dandy tools! I would get excited about something like that too when I was still doing things about the house! :)

    I still have my own toolbox, seperate from my husband's..... :)

    Good for you!

  5. I kind of like your abnormal-ness!

  6. i really like your work! must have felt sick when you realized that 'happily' is not spelled right!:(


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