Monday, June 20, 2016

{Tessa 2 years 5 months}

- do it again mum. Do it again.
After every song, story, hide n seek, jumping in to the pool, alway- let's doit again.
She makes up songs. About every thing- people, places, things we've done and About Frankly (Franklin) the turtle and she begs me to sing her Franklin songs!!
Her favourite foods are - pancakes, pancakes, pancakes, fruit snacks and hamburger with ketchup.
She loves to dig in the dirt, blow bubbles, jump and hop.
She gets very anxious if she ever sees me cry or if I get hurt. "It ok mummy" "you be ok".
The other day I stepped on a rock. I didn't say anything or even make a face but she noticed and immediately she came and patted my hand and said- you be alright mum. You ok.
I hope she never ever loses that sensitive loving heart of hers.
Well, although the sensitive isn't all wonderful as she gets horribly hurt and weepy at the slightest "not now" or "TESSA STOP". But maybe she's just being a female ;)
She's been attempting to prove her "bigness" by using the toilet. It has worked I think 2 times out of 6 or 10 times! It's a start!
Also finally finally we are having success at sleeping all night long/going back to sleep by herself. (I'm likely jinxing myself right now) solid sleep  makes me feel like a new woman!!
Her hair is slowly  growin, some spots are probably 1.5 inches long now! And she  definitely has some curls going on most days ...