Thursday, November 15, 2012

{how i speak} updated

**Just so you know... this post was not made as a slam or to make fun of how people talk or say the words they say. its just a funny story i wanted to tell you about how we say the words we do can make such a difference in the outcome! like- pin or pen. :) **

yes. thats my name.
no no no NOT JAN.
its JENN like hen.

o and could you hand me a pen?
no no no like a WRITING PEN.

do i say my sounds that oddly?!

i fell in love with this simple name yeears ago.for real.years.
i told James a while ago that i someday wanted a baby girl named meg.
he looked at me and fell in love with it too.
and then.
he said.
would you say it

and i said in my quiet timid voice. neither.
its meg.
plain and simple.
and he said
and i said
like the E in pen, or hen, or ben, or ken, or den.

and on and on we went until i told him that it would never ever work to have
a sweet baby girl named Meg
if neither of us knew how to
pronounce her name.

i never knew that one little vowel could make such a life changing difference in my life.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

{i turned wimp}

today was a fundraiser event over at our school. people sold yummy food and more yummy food for us to pick from and eat . then afterward people brought nice/cool/fun things to auction off to make more money on  and for us to spend money on.
all i know is that i suck at auctions. i tried to bid on this cool thing and the bid started at $15 and i was happily waving my little number around when KKA-BOOOM the dude said 'who'llgiveme75,75,75'
and i went 'duuude. it was just $20.' and then i set my number down and cried. except i didn't cry because my friends were beside me and they said nice things to me and i said dumb things like 'why do i have to try and bid on this kind of stuff because i suck at it. '
 it only works for me if i'm the only bidder. i learned that lesson today.

o and so the weather? +10C or about 50 Fahrenheit and i FROZE people. i froze. i am from CANADA and i froze in PLUS TEN. i turned wimp.
actually if the truth shall be told. I turned Californian. i didn't wear the proper clothes for the weather.
nuff said.

Monday, November 5, 2012


bills all paid up. check.
online bank password re-set 3 times. check.
thankful for happy bank people that don't care if i am super frustrated with the system. check.
we have bugs in our house that are only biting me.not James. maddening.
time to buy a bug bomb.
and more anti-itch cream.
the count down is on for the puppies to arrive.
if i figured right this time next monday she will have them.
i have been doing restorative therapy/physio-therapy/exercises to keep you from getting stiffer then what you already are/range-of-motion at a nursing home here. and yes, its good to be back with the old folks.
i didn't realize i missed 'them'.
i feel good.
james' side of the family finally got a boy baby. Ladd John was born on tuesday morning to john and emily!!!
7 grand-daughters and now him:)
james got a job offer in alberta. and yes,we are maaaybe moving. it takes time, tons of prayer, and questions,and fears, and excitement. and PAPER-WORK. thats the part that kills me. the paper-work. we JUST finished MINE! and now we'll start over again. hopefully we can get some help this time around and that it is much easier.o and this pool route must sell.
really, pray with us, for us that what is supposed to happen will. what ever it is.
life, its a crazy circle of fun,love,happy,sad and totally nuts.
happy day to you:)

ps. you need christmas gifts made check out my etsy store! i'd love to help you out;)