Monday, November 5, 2012


bills all paid up. check.
online bank password re-set 3 times. check.
thankful for happy bank people that don't care if i am super frustrated with the system. check.
we have bugs in our house that are only biting me.not James. maddening.
time to buy a bug bomb.
and more anti-itch cream.
the count down is on for the puppies to arrive.
if i figured right this time next monday she will have them.
i have been doing restorative therapy/physio-therapy/exercises to keep you from getting stiffer then what you already are/range-of-motion at a nursing home here. and yes, its good to be back with the old folks.
i didn't realize i missed 'them'.
i feel good.
james' side of the family finally got a boy baby. Ladd John was born on tuesday morning to john and emily!!!
7 grand-daughters and now him:)
james got a job offer in alberta. and yes,we are maaaybe moving. it takes time, tons of prayer, and questions,and fears, and excitement. and PAPER-WORK. thats the part that kills me. the paper-work. we JUST finished MINE! and now we'll start over again. hopefully we can get some help this time around and that it is much easier.o and this pool route must sell.
really, pray with us, for us that what is supposed to happen will. what ever it is.
life, its a crazy circle of fun,love,happy,sad and totally nuts.
happy day to you:)

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  1. Oh my goodness, that's a lot to think about! Yes, one thing I can do is pray, so I will. (I wonder what you do while you are thinking on such a major move. I sew quilts. But not many understand that. I think it has to do with a small something I can control...?)

  2. wow!! that would b very awesome if u could move back "HOME" :)... if its meant to be it will happen!

    1. Yes crazy awesome!! I know I have to remember if it supposed to it will!!!

  3. i hope everything works out :) of course it will but it seems sometimes not the way we planned or when we planned... but looking back it is so good to trust God (or at least try) :) i enjoy reading about ur lil life :)

    1. So so true.we are going to meet up before we leave though:D

  4. All the best!! prayers goin up for y'all :)

  5. wow! id definitely be excited to have you back!:)b prayin..luv u!!!

  6. All the best with your huge decision! Exciting. Questions. Scary. FUN. YA... be good to be closer to you. :) Will pray for you.

  7. my dream might come true!!! to live by one of my precious sisters again!!! love u

  8. We are helping you pray... Hope it works for you so that not all my sisters are faaaaaaaar away!! Love you Jenn xoxo


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