Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{my Grams}

I flew home on Friday to my Grandma's funeral...
I wrote this for her on the way...
I love you Grams, you will forever be in my heart.

'What a friend we have in Jesus’
Listen, closely, hear her singing?
She is there, that angel choir has never
Been more lovely than this morning… 

Always singing…
That was Grandma.
‘Rock of Ages, cleft for me.’
When she was weary, and in turmoil
To that ‘Rock’ she’d always flee.

‘Come on in, suppers waiting at the table’
She would call us in to eat…
Chicken noodle soup , cooked by Grandma
Always was a special treat… 

By the back door on that orange counter
Right where we always came inside
There was always sugar cookies
Stamped with a tumbler, and made with pride

Taking walks around the coulee
Remember  bread to feed the geese…
Many miles were walked through Linden
Places to go and neighbours to greet…

‘O, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem…’
Christmas time in Swalwell Hall
Happy laughter, singing, talking
Memories now stay with us all…

‘I come to the garden alone…’
She sang as she weeded those straight little  rows 
Peas and potatoes, corn and  poppies
She  knew how to get things to grow

Sitting by her sewing machine
 making towels for us all
Some for us to wrap our hair in, 
Some with hoods for babies small 

Her house was never dirty,
The clothes were ironed ‘just so’
Singing songs  while working
Made the time go much less slow

‘Till the storm passes over…’
Grandpa’s favourite, we all would sing
It wasn’t easy when he left us
Grandma’s heart was  sorrowing

She longed to go..
She told us so..
So many times, her voice would whisper 
‘Home, home, sweet ,sweet home…’

Now Grandma’s singing with the angels
‘My heavenly home is bright and fair’
God called her and she flew away
Home to   be with Grandpa, 
He was waiting for her there


  1. Sending hugs and thoughts and prayers. There's nothing quite like a grandma.

  2. i still have both of my grandma's tho the one probably wouldn't know me anymore but my Grandpa Loewen died years ago and i still cry when i think of him and all the things he taught me and all the memories :) i still miss him and wish he was here :) i'm glad you got to go home and be at her funeral... Hugs :)

  3. Jen, that is such a beautiful tribute to your Grandma. Though I did not 'know' her I do know she was a beautiful lady.
    We hurt for your loss but rejoice that she is 'home'.
    May you know God's love and comfort as you grieve.

  4. i jus loved your poem...beautiful!!!! hugs n prayers..

  5. what a lovely poem!!! sorry to hear about the loss of your gramma.... your poem made me miss mine... she left us 5 years ago n i still miss her... thoughts n prayers goin your way!!

  6. Sorry about your Gramma passing Jenn. Very nice poem!!! I liked her the little I knew her and treasure the little memories I have, renting her house and taking her a 'check' once a month :)Stories and I remember her showing me a little chest with stuff in it. Do I know which orange counter your talking about??? :-) I have her hair towel with a red button she gave me, hanging in the bathroom! All the best to you friend.

  7. So sorry to hear about your grandma... hugs to you!

  8. Jen, this is well done... We obviously were in Linden at the same time! Did you feel the hug across town?

  9. Lovely poem...your grandma was one special lady! I always loved visiting with her and serving her in ccr. It's not easy to say "good-bye" to a granmda...hugs to you...

  10. I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandma... and a really neat poem you wrote there! I can almost imagine what she would be like by reading it...

  11. Beautiful, Jennieee...hugs


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