Monday, June 25, 2012


sweet words.
from you. My girls. My FRIENDS.
Thank you for all the comments on the poem.
They made a sad time just a teeny bit less sad.

saying good-bye.
to vivacious woman who is my Grams.
I cried big tears. big ones.
I combed her hair, for the very last time.
Tucked that rose under her hand.
'Mama's teaching angels how to sing...'
She's resting, sweetly.

sweet times.
my family.
ALL of my family.
even James. (crazy guy surprised me!)
even the new one.
The fiance` of my best brother.
at mum's house, at the zoo, watching those crazy, cute penguins.
those crazy sweet nephews of mine. hearing them imagine, trampoline bounces,
laughing like silly.
hanging out. living together, breathing together. (any of you read that book??:))

saying good-bye to them all.
losing my phone.
my communication.
not. cool.ever.

being with James again :)



  1. I enjoyed reading this post.m

  2. The Relatives Came! :) We think that book describes the Jantz family to a T! :) It gives me warm fuzzies inside when I read it! :)

  3. Jenn, this makes me cry all over again-- sweet sweet memories we made again!! xoxo


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