Monday, June 25, 2012


sweet words.
from you. My girls. My FRIENDS.
Thank you for all the comments on the poem.
They made a sad time just a teeny bit less sad.

saying good-bye.
to vivacious woman who is my Grams.
I cried big tears. big ones.
I combed her hair, for the very last time.
Tucked that rose under her hand.
'Mama's teaching angels how to sing...'
She's resting, sweetly.

sweet times.
my family.
ALL of my family.
even James. (crazy guy surprised me!)
even the new one.
The fiance` of my best brother.
at mum's house, at the zoo, watching those crazy, cute penguins.
those crazy sweet nephews of mine. hearing them imagine, trampoline bounces,
laughing like silly.
hanging out. living together, breathing together. (any of you read that book??:))

saying good-bye to them all.
losing my phone.
my communication.
not. cool.ever.

being with James again :)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

{my Grams}

I flew home on Friday to my Grandma's funeral...
I wrote this for her on the way...
I love you Grams, you will forever be in my heart.

'What a friend we have in Jesus’
Listen, closely, hear her singing?
She is there, that angel choir has never
Been more lovely than this morning… 

Always singing…
That was Grandma.
‘Rock of Ages, cleft for me.’
When she was weary, and in turmoil
To that ‘Rock’ she’d always flee.

‘Come on in, suppers waiting at the table’
She would call us in to eat…
Chicken noodle soup , cooked by Grandma
Always was a special treat… 

By the back door on that orange counter
Right where we always came inside
There was always sugar cookies
Stamped with a tumbler, and made with pride

Taking walks around the coulee
Remember  bread to feed the geese…
Many miles were walked through Linden
Places to go and neighbours to greet…

‘O, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem…’
Christmas time in Swalwell Hall
Happy laughter, singing, talking
Memories now stay with us all…

‘I come to the garden alone…’
She sang as she weeded those straight little  rows 
Peas and potatoes, corn and  poppies
She  knew how to get things to grow

Sitting by her sewing machine
 making towels for us all
Some for us to wrap our hair in, 
Some with hoods for babies small 

Her house was never dirty,
The clothes were ironed ‘just so’
Singing songs  while working
Made the time go much less slow

‘Till the storm passes over…’
Grandpa’s favourite, we all would sing
It wasn’t easy when he left us
Grandma’s heart was  sorrowing

She longed to go..
She told us so..
So many times, her voice would whisper 
‘Home, home, sweet ,sweet home…’

Now Grandma’s singing with the angels
‘My heavenly home is bright and fair’
God called her and she flew away
Home to   be with Grandpa, 
He was waiting for her there