Thursday, July 31, 2014

{thankful thursday}

- air conditioner. Even at 7:45 am. It's getting very warm
- all the things on the market that are here to help babies feel better when sick.
- target clearance ;-)
- the bible
- family: my support group
- I'm thankful for one last time to be with dear dear friends tonight, before they head off to Africa on a mission. 
- " for if God be FOR us, who can be against us"

What are your thankfuls?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

{5 months} tessa katherine

Drool drool drool... Somedays naked babies are easier then changing clothes 17 times to get rid of the wet sogginess of it!!! It's teething time and she is a snuggly little thing that hasn't felt to good the last 3 days... She loves to grab my hand and suck/gnaw on my fingers or her own or her blanket. When I feed her she chews on the bottle nipple and on her soother too sometimes. 
 Tessa has been recognizing her bottle and it's so funny when she sees it, she always reaches for it and either starts kicking and grinning or she starts smacking her lips!! She loves her bottle!! We have been trying little bits of food. She makes awful shuddering faces and gags on everything. Except my friend Serena gave her apricots mashed up the other day and she loved that!! (Let me know what your babies favorite first food was/is) 
 Rolling everywhere is a great delight and she lifts her head up and looks at everything! T. Is very alert and some people think she is older than 5 months because she "stands" so well and is so alert and smiley!! 
 She has giggled 2 times all on her own, I guess she cracks her self up sometimes!! And she loves it when I "scare" her or blow bubbles at her!! She will giggle away... Sweetest sound!! 
 She is eating about 5 bottles a day at 5-6 oz a time. And she sleeps for sure 8 hours at night... (With the exception of the last too, it's how I partly know she's not feeling well) her nap times are a bit crazy yet as we were on a fabulous schedule but due to her "growing up" I guess not as much sleep is needed and we are trying to get back on a routine!! 
 Tessa has big blue eyes and James' family likes to call her "little Venice".., they all say she looks so much like her Grami!!
 She loves to "swim" and today will be her 3rd time in the pool!! She kicks and kicks and thinks it's great!! 
 That's all I can think of right now so...