Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PILLOWS!!! (easy,peasy.puddin' n' pie)

seriously. think like 3 year old easy.really.really.easy.
Step number 1- be bored..err. creative enough. to head on down to your local dollar tree for your nightly shopping trip.
#2- be bored(refer to #1) enough after you get there that you start digging through the kitchen towel bin that you happen to find a bunch of dahling pillowcase covers!!!
#3- be crazy in love with them and buy 23 of them. or just buy 2 like I did.
#4- take them home and stuff old, ugly, unwanted, pillows inside of them, or if you don't have any stuff an old pair of pj pants in them or all your old panti-hose(eeeew. wash them first. lol!!) or what ever you have.
#5-Make them look like this in 10 min. flat.
(ah.hah. you dont even know which ones are home-made.grin)!!!
yes. the striped ones. with the bird and the J. (I know random. but I love the lil bird and 'J'ames and "J'enn. ya get it?? J. )
umm. what # is next. 6?
sure lets go with 6.
#6- buy whatever kind of fabric you want that goes (or doesn't go) with your pillow cover.
#7- cut out a shape for each pillow. (I tried using my SILHOUETTE but I don't think I had it set too cut deep enough!!!)
#9- slather glue on the back of your 'bird' (or whatever you chose)
seriously. I TOOOLD YOU. simple pimple.
and the cost? 

Pillow Covers- $2.
Elmers Glue- $1
Fabric for stylin' -$2.47/yard
(but I only used 2 7inch squares. so - $0.50 maybe?
old pillows- free

simple and cheeeeeeeeeeap. (cheep cheep.punny?)
Next. the lil 'roll pillows' are made out of. ............

yes. true.cross my heart. This Chic did it. (sorry. I saw it on her blog but can't find it to post link direct sorry.:( )

I'll tell ya how. once again. BIG FAT HAIRY S-I-M-P-L-E.

cut a strip of fabric 3 inches wider than your rolled up towel.
cut fabric approx. 3 inches wider than towel.
Roll towel mostly up and cut fabric about 8 inches longer than the towel.

yes. THAT IS my thumb. cute, eh?

yes. no sewing involved.!!!hold snug!

stuff the extra 3 inch side pieces in to middle of towel roll.

a close up!

ok. so how well do you follow directions? 

So probably not a good choice for a long term pillow. but to add a lil cute to the here n there! It works great!!! I hope this inspired some one to go and make a few:)  I am linking up to the
csi project!!! for pillows go check it out:)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a question?

so. I have this question. why is it that we (since everyone now a-days is into saving money..or is it just me who loves a deal??)  don't wait till after Christmas to buy our gifts???
  I was in Target (my sister says when I'm going there- O you are going home??.yes, i l.o.v.e. tar-zhay. (thats the fancy way to pro-nounce it. for those of you who don't know that. Tar (roll that R just a bit.) zhay.  kinda a sh and z sound put together. it sounds so. muchly much more sophisticated. and yes. that. it. me. alll over. sophistication. whew.
 back on to Target. They had some incredible dealy whoppers goin on today... just fun little left over Christmas things that SO wouldn't have to have been for Christmas only. Beeeeautiful Cream lineny looking place mats- $2. I wanted a whole cart full of them for my table, to stuff for pillows, you name it. BUT. ALAS. I DID NOT.
  Because. I wanted one of these.
a microfiber dust mop thing for my miles and miles of hard floor. that gets covered in dust, and dog hair. and my trusty ole broom just was not 'cuttin it'. so...I bought me on of these. made by Micheal Graves. for $10. and I LOVE IT. really. My sister-in-law was over and she swept for me. And asked me- where is your 'scoop' for the crumbs off the floor. I said- you don't need one. it all catches on the brush.  AH-HAH! and we looked and sure enough all those lil dust puffs and dog hairs that had been slipping through my broom. they were CAUGHT.!!!!than I also bought me an extra mop thing so that I can use it for washing my floor as well! So yep! I am pretty pumped about this new buy!!!

(o ya. Micheal Graves didn't pay me  dime to tell you all about this... boo-hoo.;)lol.)

Saturday, December 25, 2010

is it snowing? or raining? or 'sunning'? in your part of this vast earth right now? It's raining here... I can not believe I spent another Christmas day without snow billowing and wind a-howling around the corners of the house... another Christmas day with out pulling out my hockey skates... another Christmas with GREEN GRASS!!!  It's been mostly good. I got to SKYPE with my family and see the boys' red rosy cheeks after playing in the snow...( aah. I can just feel the sting of that snow as it 'bites' into my face, and the tingle of my toes as they start turning to a mild form of ice...) Thank goodness for SKYPE. that is all I have to say on this matter.

We spent all day today with James' family, and why? you ask am I sitting at my computer than? cuz me needed some alone time. yep. I really did. some "me and only Zoe" time. (I had to include her as she was home all alone and she needed company too!!!) but now FOOD is calling to me again so I will get in my GMC and putt over to where 'the gathering place' !!! and EAT!!!! yum:)
I hope you all had are having and did have a fantastic Christmas day...


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas to all... and to all a good-night...

loves ya;)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

spreading Love...

This morning our minister talked about LOVE. The kind of love that compels you to stop and help the lady with the flat tire, give some money to the homeless man who sits at the corner every day. It was so inspiring and I can not help but write on this topic...
  Often when I worked as a Nurse Aid back home, I would pray before I went to work, 'Help me to act and do and be in a way that would let others know of You (God), That Your love for me would shine through me to, others". That is still my prayer, everyday. That because of how I am, or what I do, someone would come to know My Jesus.
  The minister related a story that happened to him.- He likes to stop at yard sales, and see what kind of deals he could find. One day a few days before Christmas, he stopped at a yard sale and found a VERY nice stroller. He said it had every little extra you could want. It was worth waay more than the $10 they had on it. Something told him to buy it. He did. While he was driving home, still in town, he saw a lady walking, it was cold, she had a baby in one arm, and the other hand was hold bags of groceries, ect. (He made it sound like she was very heavy laden) and than he knew, who that stroller was for. That very lady!!! He stopped, and was worried about scaring her, but told her this stroller was for her. She could only speak Spanish, (luckily he could as well) but the lady thought she had to pay him, ect. but he finally got it across to her that it was a GIFT. and she wondered WHY ME? and he said.- Because, Jesus Loves Me.- (meaning- because Jesus loved him it made him want to give to others, to spread love).
  He told us as well that if we didn't know of anyone who really needed some love, we should pray that God should show us someone who needs our love. Whether it be through prayers, acts of kindness, or whatever...
  Let's remember them, this Christmas season... the people that are hurting, hurting in lack of money,lack of family, lack of LOVE. God WILL bless us, no matter how big or small a deed we do!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy marshmallows, which is kinda the same thing!

ps- the new baby's name is - Carli Beth :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

christmas comes early!!!

My hunky, precious, big brother arrived yesterday in all his charming glory with 3 other guys. yes. I am in glory.
This is what he brought with from 'back home'.



now were of to San Fran:) later...

Saturday, December 11, 2010

somebody tell me what day it is?

Really. Is it December? I am wearing flip - flops and I just finished mowing my lawn. This is getting weird,  dude!!!
  Should I write my heart? or should I skim over the top? or should I make up a story that would make you all laugh?! or cry?
  I had a little puppy just try to adopt me 10 min. ago. but. I didn't want to adopt him. So much of that going on down here.  Lots and Lots of little stray dogs. Their owners dump them, can't afford to feed them. poor little things. and it's so close to Christmas and they have no homes. no warm fire place to snuggle in front of. no food. No fun. Right? If there is not food there is not fun, is there? nah.
  Zoe has learned to 'go pee'!! yeee- haw! I taught her. I really did. and also I will tell her- go to your cage. and away she zooms.(losing traction all the way, sliding around the chairs and whip-lashing against the door, than bouncing in to her haven of rest; with the blue pillow heart that beats when she lays on it, and her pink blanket. aaah. the joys of feeling secure.
  You ok with this story so far? are you laughing or crying?
  Tonight my niece is coming over... Her mama is going in to give birth to  her baby sister. Of course it will be a royal party here at my house. (She is a princess after all. ) a high and mighty 3 year old princess that wears stickers for ear-rings and candy neck laces. (which she eats) and a $1 tiara from Target! yep. she is THEE PRINCESS EVA!!!! I love her to death. and she loves me!! :)
  o and I ate a cookie and cheese for dinner. that ok with you?
the end.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Babies are such a nice way to start people.

I fully believe that is true!! A nice way to start nice people!!!

I have a new nephew- Jaxson Kane!!! He was born yesterday afternoon and weighs around 7lbs!!!

be happy lil guy :)
Yippeee yaya! this auntie is grinning because another little boy joined the gang!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 things is really nothing at ALL????

I saw this quote today and it caused a lot of turmoil and  un-rest inside of my very 'multi-tasking' head-

To do two things at once is to do neither.
Publius Syrus

  But than again, I am sure Publius, is a guy. so maybe he didn't know????!!!...just sayin...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

There is nothing like that warm electric blanket to crawl into
bed with when you feel  like a snowman chilled through.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Make a Scented Garland & a WINNER!!!

YEAH!! for Lexi!! you are the lucky winner of the Christmas count down!! shoot me an e-mail and we'll figure out how you'll get this swanky chunk:)

Thank you to all of you who joined in!!!!
Coming up next is a DIY scented Christmas garland!!! My 'big sis' wrote this post!!! Cheers to her!!!

Hi! I'm Rachel. I'm Jenn's big sister. I live in Colorado. This last weekend my husband's family all came out here for Thanksgiving & us girls "needed" something to help pass the time so we came up with these garlands. I think they turned out perty cute!
Make these Cinnamon Scented Cookies

 *Note: These are not intended to eat!
1/2 cup cinnamon
1 Tbsp. ground cloves
3/8 cup apple sauce (for those of you that are not mathetically minded like me that is 1/4 cup + 1/8 cup!)
3 Tbsp. white glue
Mix til well blended. Roll out til mixture is approximatly 1/4" thick.
Cut out shapes with your favorite cookie cutters. Poke holes into the shapes with a straw.
Let cookies sit to dry for a few days or if you are in a hurry like we were bake in the oven @ 250* for 20 minutes.

We also added apples & oranges to the garland. Here is how we dried the fruit-
Mix 2 cups lemon juice & 1 Tbsp. salt. Boil for 3 minutes. Cut fruit into 1/4 - 1/2 inch slices. Dip fruit into the lemon juice mixture. Line a cookie sheet with tinfoil. Place all the fruit onto cookie sheet. Bake @ 150*-175* for 8 hours turning the fruit every 2 hours.
We dried the fruit ahead so that we could make the garlands in 1 day!

Rip strips of homespun fabric. When fruit & cookies are dry (fruit will not be completely dry but put onto garland.) thread them onto the strips of fabric. If you need to, poke holes into the fruit. Tie knots, add bits & pieces of fabric to the garland.
We had alot of fun making these- maybe you will too!
Enjoy! And have a Merry Christmas!

Thank-you for this post :) now, go make your own ladies!!!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A count down to Christmas give - away!!!

Are you ready for Christmas? Today, my friends, is the LAST day of November and Then is December, and...the holiday season is really truly upon us!!! Like it or not- here it comes!!!

So to celebrate December!
To celebrate this- Pioneer Woman's Book!!! is now DONE!!!
To celebrate that now I do not have to eat turkey for another whole year!!!
and because today I get to stay home and 'play' all day long...
and because everyone needs a chunk of wood like this to count down for everything!!!

I am giving away 'the Christmas (or anything) count-down' chalk block!!!

I know, I know. I saw that the number is wrong. sorry.!
To enter the draw just tell me if you are ready for Christmas, not ready, or just tell me 'hey'!

THIS GIVE-AWAY IS CLOSING TOMORROW AT NOON .AFTERNOON, when I will check to see how many have entered!!!  so get your name in here!!! We can not delay in counting down for Christmas, so I want this hunk of a chunk (its really 1 1/2 inches high by about 9 inches long) to be in the mail tom. after-noon or the next morning!!!

ps. it's a really versatile little chunk, the black part is chalk-board paint (duh.) so you can write whatevah you wanna on there- 16 days until Grami comes, 4 days until school. well. you get the picture!!!

so long. but don't forget, drop down to the comments box and tell me hi and you will be entered to WIN!!!
(and you tell me who does not like a little something fun and free this time of year??!! huh? )

Sunday, November 28, 2010

a repeat.

I have so so much to do... (I WANT)... to just go to bed.


1. Not organized.

that is me. not organized. (sniff.sniff)

How do you stay organized? My dear aunt told me to try 'FLY LADY'..
How many of you try her ways?
Do you like them? What are other good ways to stay organized...?
really folks  I need help.
but this calender has already helped me has writing more lists than ever before!!
As long as I don't go and lose the list- it sure helps me out!!!

Let me in on your organize secrets, pretty please:)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

some facts...

1- holding a wet cold metal pole scooping leaves out of a pool is COLD. on the hands. I don't care who you are or how tough you think you are it is ICEEEEY. cold.
2- making up a guest bed for company is FUN FUN FUN!
3- even cleaning the bathroom can be fun if you are preparing for guests!
4- my house is quiet.clean. (mostly) and that feels . good.
5- this blog gives you a super good 'picture' of where I grew up!
6- I love my dog. (did you know that??!!)
7- o. I adore James too. duh. (adore him)
8- I am going to make THIS right now. Because it is so cute and I have several little pieces of wood laying around waiting for some attention.
9- This is a fun, good story to read if you need one, and you have no, not even one decent novel in the house.
10- Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and James & I are going to our church at 6:30 AM. YES. you read correct. to help peel and mash enough potatoes to feed 5000 people at the local rescue mission for supper tomorrow night.
11- THAT is a HEAP of potatoes.
12- I wish you all the happiest most thankful day tomorrow. Filled with friends and family and love. (got that? thats a fact.)
13- My kitchen needs cleaning yet. I left that out up there cuz I was hoping it would make me feel less guilty about sitting down at this computer... but it didn't because now I have to go do it now. boo-hoo. but this was fun. so I don't even care!!
14- what will even be more fun? is when I come back and look at my blog this evening is to see your comments. (why am I laughing??!!)
15- You are special. never let anyone tell you differently!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Tonight, actually the last couple of days, my mind has been going to those people who will not have so much this Holiday season... The homeless, the children in 3rd world countries, young girls that get pregnant and than the 'fathers' leave, the ones that are still grieving the loss of someone close,orphans, 'my' little kids over in Navajo land... there is a lot really... more than this...

I've been thinking about what I could do to help... They say every little thing counts... but what does one start with? I did the Samaritan's Purse shoe box this year... which is always something that makes me feel good inside...
but, I'd like to do more...
what do you do at this time of year? Take food to the food bank, make cheer baskets? Let me (and all the rest of the readers) in on your ideas... Maybe this year we can make this Holiday season just a little bit better for some one!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


ok. first a list of disclaimers-
1- pleeeese do not look to closely. this is my first one.
and yes.
2-I got paint on the rug. James is not happy about that.
3-it is not perfect
5-but! for me! and me alone it is just right!!!
6- it is harder than it looks.

aaah. now for that Christmas present!!! I must go work on it!!
and make one with Christmas words on it,
and spring, and summer,
and children....
that's what kids say.right?? 
I forget.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a preview for you curious ones...

yes.Lowes, Wal- Mart and 3 different colours of paint. and here is the very first preview for you!!!

---till next time!(or till it's done!!)

let me know what you think!!.......

o and yes! I couldn't resist a more wintery back-ground!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ok. I know many of you have been in Home Depot, Lowe's, or your local hardware must have been. or is your husband going into those stores buying your paint, sand-paper and what-not for you??!!
mine won't. well yes. of course he would. but I didn't give him a chance this time! I wanted the wood NOW. not in 5 minutes or in 65. now.
  I went. and I got 'the looks'. well. I guess that guy and lady (?) in the lumber part of Lowes had never in their little lives seen a crafty lady walk in wearing a skirt and flip-flops. but you think I care? Just cause I wasn't wearing my Carhart's and boots didn't mean that I was not serious about why I was there. For some wood.ok? After trying to tell them what size I wanted what it was for ect. The guy told me to go down the aisle of sheet rock than turn left and than make an immediate right. There was pieces of wood there and I could have a look.  Well. so yes. I looked. but all those pieces seemed mighty big for my little project. BUT! (thank goodness for my husband.).....because I called him in distress because 'they didn't have any the size I wanted' but than He told me. Fear not! for my dad has a saw you can use.' whew! I breathed a sigh of relief and bought a board. The 'lady' at the front asked me 'if I'd found everything ok'...ummm.hello?. yes. ALL BY MINE OWN LONESOME!!! thank-you very much!!! and I went home and I painted and cut. and soon oh so soon I will show you my work!!!
(next time I'm gonna try going to Lowe's in my pumps and a silky, flowy, skirt. THAN maybe they will help me.. (laugh)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

my friend...

Once upon a time I lived in Alberta. (yes. the bald prairie. although I beg to differ that they were bald. but that is a whole different story.)and on the prairie land there are pretty much only bumpy, gravel roads (mind you not at all fit for a California babied GMC.) and where the house is that I have lived in most of my life, a gravel road is but a stones throw from the front porch. and on down that gravel road if you walk up a little hill and down one and than back up you'd get to portion of the road that is shaded with some big trees... and if you'd look up through those trees you would see a charming, welcoming cream house with green trim, and country porch looking down at you. and in that house would be living the worlds best neighbors... and those neighbors they raised 2 girls. and the oldest of those girls is -yes. my dear friend. She is admired by me, plus many, many others for- well A LOT of things. She is one of the greatest, strongest, most beautiful woman I know. ( besides my own mother of course!!) She married a wonderful man and now they have a charming little girl. and after having that lil babes my friend started this blog. Little Prairie Baby and she makes me smile and grin many a time when I read it!!! and now today!! my friends you must go over to her blog and check it out- because she is doing a GIVE-AWAY!!! and it is splendid!!! head on over HERE  and check it out!!! Tell her I sent you!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

erasable calendar...

yee-haw for all these blogs with *FREE* ideas for cheaper versions of stuff we all need umm...and want!!!and this-
is one of those ideas... I looked at Target. Up and down those aisles...  for an erasable calender. searching. looking. but. everything was TOO MUCH MONEY. and besides I didn't like any of them. BLAH. plain. white. and boring. boring boring. I wanted colour!! and I wanted CHARM!!! 
and I found it... by making it!!! and it cost me only- $1 for the frame (yes.if you look close its warped on the bottom, thats why its a dollar,duh. ) and lets see, the paper, I'm gonna guess cost me at the most!!- $1. 
So a for a whopping $2, I got my erasable calender. and It's colourful and cheap!!! 
 Ok, you know you want one so go, make it!!! I took the paper out of the frame and used it for my stage. I took 2 red 8 1/2 x 11 papers and laid them on that paper, glued them to fit the frame (11x14) than I cut 14 squares 2.75 inches x 1.8 inches. yes. I tried to be precise, but it didn't work. If you look closely the squares don't match and they are not perfectly straight, but neither is the frame, so there!!(pooh bear) !!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

the taste of fall...

Because it's Monday.
Because it's Fall.
Because I love cookie dough.
Because I am making PW's onion strings & chicken strips for supper and I needed to add more 'ooomph'  to my meal.
I made these.
some call them gingersnaps,some-molassas cookies, dusty millers, brown cookies, burnt cookies, yucky cookies... weeelll. maybe not those last three. but y'know you always could call them what ever you want!!
so because it's Monday.
Because its-ha. you thought I was gonna say all that again didn't you!! nope. gonna say this.
I now present you with these cookies.

1 1/2 cups shortening
2 cups icing sugar (otherwise known in USA as powdered sugar)
1/2 cup molasses
2tsp. baking soda
4 cups flour
1 tsp. cloves
1/2 tsp. ginger
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. salt

Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix and mash it all together. and here is the controversely part. you can either use a cookie scoop and plop the balls of brown on to your pan  or you can meticulously form 1 inch round balls and set them in a straight row on your freshly washed pan. (you'll never guess which one is my way) you can roll the little balls in icing sugar before you place them on pan, but it is not a must. some would probably say it is, but I wouldn't know. Bake these babies for 8 min. (NO MORE.) at 350 degrees.

If when you eat these you are not solely and wholly and rolly and polly convinced that they are the best you can just put your favorite Molassas cookie recipe right here in the comments.

now go. go bake them. they are sugah free babee . not. sorry. they really are not. but I still eat them. always. even the dough.
There are two good rules which ought to be written on every heart - never to believe anything bad about anybody unless you positively know it to be true; never to tell even that, unless you feel that it is absolutely necessary, and then if you do tell, that God is the only one is listening. 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

being thankful

I just read another blog. And the dear lady reminded me that this is the time of year to be thankful for the things in our life...and yes, I have to, but I hate to, admit that my heart does not feel as thankful as it should. O yes. you remember that other post I wrote about being thankful...yes. I am trying desperately hard to find contentment by trying to think and write about the things I am thankful for. Contentment in not having MY friends close to me, MY family, MY nephews... OK so obviously I have a selfishness issue here going on too... but ya. I am not trying to have a pity party.(and those of you who have moved away from family to go live with the love of your life will totally understand my point) I am in pain from trying to find 'my place' in a land that is foreign to me.
 I know I do have so much to be thankful for ... James :D, Zoe, and of course a host of people that are what you would call 'new friends'. I love them all dearly. really. I do.

so... for today I am going to be thankful... thankful for the little things. the little things that are in my life right now. things like having a fireplace in my house on this rainy day... thankful that  even if my bread totally and completely did  the hugest flop on me, I got a recipe, and I made croutons!!! yes... today I am going to be thankful for the little things. even the teensy weensy eensy ones...

Friday, November 5, 2010

his & hers

Today I picked up another towel off the floor...and I thought to myself. hmmm. who's is this one?! Beings as I don't have a lot of towels floating around my house it seems James and I often when we grab our 'new' bath towels- we grab the same color... This morning I knew which one was mine because his was still a tad dampish... So I decided to fix the problem and this is how I did it- not that I turned one towel 'in-side-out'!!! Its the man and the lady!!! 
and if any of you remember this lovely little couple was used in our other house as well!!
I didn't think the next renters would be as amused as I was with these creatures so I took
them down and yes - its called recycling !!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

more wally art things!!!

well. I got a phone call today and the person on the other end told me- You need to put more pics of your vinyl stuff on the blog so that we can SEE it!

First off I will tell you. I am not a camera person.never have been, never will be!!! so pardon the not so great pics:D

this is my front door before the new look!!!
this is beside my front door after!!!
I am selling this same design to you for $9.
(it is 15 inch by 5.5)
use it on your door, beside your door, or in your house!!!

OK next is-
I bought this mirror at yard sale for $1. It was a very ugly brown wicker. I brought it home and promptly sprayed it black and, because the mirror for our bed set from IKEA isn't in our budget yet, I hung it above the dresser. and yes. I had to put a word on it. so LOVE it was.
I am selling this LOVE word (it is7 ' x 8') for $5

and next is this-
no.not the star. this wonderful reminder. it comes cut on a 16x8 in piece of vinyl. I did this one for my sister-in-law and put them side by side instead of on top of the other.
I will be selling this one to you for $15

ok. so thats all the pics for now. but. If you want to order something let me know in a comment or else shoot me an e-mail! (right this minute all I have is white and dark grey vinyl)but...

I am ordering more vinyl! what colours do YOU think I should order...?

shavers... razors... hair-slicing contraptions...

Last night I spent many minutes of my latter part of the  day in Target.
 First I wondered around the baby clothes...yes. looking for my wonderful big sissy who is having a babes, O, so soon...and just looking at random for who-ever. SO CUTE.
Than I wondered on over to the foody, food part of the store and loaded my cherry red cart with all manner of things that looked tasty to mine eyeball.
                                                Than I went to the aisle that hosts these...

and I stood there... and I looked... and I stoood there...and I loooooooooked. yes. I did. and I even asked a fellow shopper lady. Which one do you like? (she wasn't very responsive.) although she did tell me which one she used. I wasn't interested. so. I never bought. and I NEED  a new one. or something... but I am very fussy. because I have sensitive skin and yes. I have tried the UP&UP brand at Target. and whatever else cheapys there are. but they DO NOT cut it. (pun intended)
I think I have had just about every one of the Venus ones as well. but somehow or another they always seem escape my grasp and flee... who knows to where. but yes. they leave me.(or do I leave them???) ...

so tell me. which one do you use? 
If its electric...please tell me exactly which brand..ect. 
thank ya lady friends of mine... the new look?!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a pic...

of what it looks like on my computer screen... this is only ONE of the things... theres more yet.. but for tonight.
good-night. (nice poem, rome.)

my chalk-boards...


started from almost nothing. I got the idea from several other 'bloggers' to make my own chalk-board. and yes. I got over-zealous. and no. it does not look 'just-like-I-want' but for now its working and I am loving it!!!!
I bought the 'green' frame at Goodwill for a whopping $3. painted chalk-board paint(found at Wally-mart) smack over top of the glass. Let it dry and did it again!! and than I chalked it up!!! really. I rubbed chalk all over all 4 of them so that the 'chalk-board' part wouldn't look so 'new'. (by the way , the other 3 frames were sitting around waiting for such a rainy day!!!)
I am now hence-forth and for-ever more CRAZY about chalk-board paint!!! paint a whole door. a perfect spot for your kiddos to 'create' and the top of the door is 'your space' for grocery lists,love notes, reminders, or your own 'doodles'!!!
Paint 1 or 2 or 9 of the front of your cupboard doors for the same effect.
yep! its great stuff!!!
let me know what your ideas are!!!
be back in a minute or 6 or 92....

coming soon...

project # 1- my very own collage of chalk-boards!!!
project #2- baby announcements for a friend!!!
project #3- more 'wall art' orders!!! vinyl is coming out of my ears!!!!(well not really...but...)

I'm lovin it!! It's just been BUSY!!!

by the way- the Gold Canyon candle party was a whopping success!!! Everyone loved the all the PINK!!! now come on and tell me- what is you favorite Gold Canyon product?? I am still trying to place MY order!!!!!!!

catch ya in awhile.... :D

Monday, November 1, 2010


the end.

Friday, October 29, 2010

so much fun!!!

angel food cake cupcakes for my party tonight!! with pink frosting!!! mmm.mmm.
pink ribbons all over my house!! a pumknin here and there. some Indian corn scattered around. Cranberry candles, softly slowing... and smelling!!! the sound of my timer saying-the cupcakes are done.
Cedar woods pod on my pod warmer... yes. a mixture of good things. candles. supporting Breast Cancer. and food. and the smell of fall in the air.

ps.Last night I painted my first 'chalk-board' project!! Listen up Ladies there will be more about that coming soon!!! Happy day to you all!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

counting my blessings...

- that all I have is a cold and not some terminal disease.
-that I have a house to live in even if its not 'ours'.
-James. (he cooked supper while I slept this afternoon) love you!!!
-that I have a washing machine and I do not have to wash my clothes in the river.
-friends. though I am far away from you I still know 'you are there'.
-for family. though we are spread hither and thither over this earth. I love you too.
-for memories of the happiest child-hood. thanks mum & dad !!!
- that even though I am not wearing any, I could go to my drawer and find some socks!!!
-my fireplace. its crackling even now!!!
-for you my readers. I love it that you (apparently) love reading about my wild, wacky, weird,whimsical adventures of being a house wife in a 'foreign land'!!!
-and last but of course not least. ZOE !!!
-O yes and I am thankful that she is learning to 'lift-a-leg- outside now instead of on my leg!!!! you go girl!!! :D

ps. I am hosting a 'pink party' with Gold Canyon Friday night! I welcome any 'pink' ideas for food and decorating that are simple!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

laundry day...

this would be nice!
who likes doing laundry?? I know there are some people out there who, in the laundry room that is their 'happy place'. Not me. I love nothing more than the smell of freshly laundred clothes. And I do not even mind putting stuff into the washing machine. or into the dryer and even flinging it here and there on my couches and chairs to dry. BUT. folding and putting away. Preserve Me. That. is not my favorite thing to do. But because I am a wife I do it. because I know that (yes. if I told him to he probably would ...but...) James won't just jump up and down and say - 'let me, let me'!!!!! Ya. He is great. but that. I think. would not happen.

i looove this stuff. smells sooo good.
Any way. So the last couple of weeks I've been reading this blog. The Nester. And she has some very brainy ideas going on this month for how to make your house 'less messy'. anyhow She is crazy about baskets! cute, chic,funky, baskets. And she said if you have fun looking baskets to do laundry with (instead of the plastic ones.) laundry is sooooooooo much more fun. (I think I am going to try it)  but I can kinda see where she is coming from. If you do your laundry in a hole in your dark, musty basement you probably do not enjoy it that much! (mine is in the garage. mind you. A totally new one to me!!!!)  but if your laundry 'place' is painted cheery and bright and it looks like this one!!! than I think laundry could actually be FUN!!! She, (who has the cute laundry room) also has a recipe for home-made laundry soap!! Try it!!! I think I am going to. just for the fun of it!! One of my creative/whimsical/simplicitysh/pioneerish  things that I would like to do sometime in my little life!!!!

Let me know how you make laundry FUN!!! and what you do so that it's not something you dread all week!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

my fall wreath...

Fire Wife Katie over here. Inspired me. (again). Go check it out. I love what she did with that dollar store stuff. so yesterday I went. To my 2 most favorite (weeeelll.ya.) places to shop. 99cent store  and Dollar Tree. At the Dollar Tree I looked and I actually had everything (you can get the gourds at my Dollar Tree...) in my hands. when I thought. no. I can not have a white wreath on my door. no. my door is white. will. not. work. so I thought. And I remembered that back at my house I had this wreath with the red leaves already on it (by me for last fall!!)  So I put back everything except the ribbon and kept looking and than!!! I found these bells.  They were called door-knob hangers ( there is some adorable ones there with a big round bell. for your door. I am going back for one. or 2 or 7.or 19.) and attached to them was a hat and some Christmasy ribbon. (I cut that off)  and I tied the bells on to my wreath and wrapped my wibbon. (ok spelling error.but I thought it sounded kinda cutesy) awound my weath. ( sooo cutesy)  and hung it up. and Ya for those of you that are more into the mod look. Go do what Fire Wife Katie did!!! but this wreath is ME. I am Prairie Girl. Hard Core Country. Dust and all. and nothing perfect.. slapped together.but. ME. ( but I still think I am going to do a Wreath like her!! for Christmas maybe?? and paint it black with red ribbon??!! whaddya think? )

McDonald's. I'm lovin it. (just to keep it random I had to add that!!)


my kinda monday...

no. no. no. I just wrote Monday? ok.I officially announce it. my brain is having issues. and ya. my hormones are to. (just thought I'd mention it while we were talking about issues.)

so re-word that title. to say this.- My kinda Saturday...

hanging with my favorite guy.ever. sitting in front of a crackling sparkling fire. each with a lap-top. doing things we both love.  me reading blogs. namely this one.(go read.but grab a box of kleenex first). him researching who knows what. some kinda guy thing I suppose.and yes we are eating. surprise!!!!!. popcorn and cheese.real cheese. yup. o ya . and its not cold here I am just such a hugest sucker for a fire place. with real wood. that because its cloudy outside (and the temperature of a fairly normal summer day in Alberta) I lit the wood. I did. I do. I will. (again)

This last week I had a Canadian in my house. A real one. and one that made me laugh. I never had met her before. ( I offered to keep some people that came here for a teacher conference thing put on by my church.  and they sent her!!)She is teaching down here in this southern part of America. and she came over. and I fell in love. well you know what I mean. cuz she cracked me up. her and I - we found kindred spirits very quickly. she asked me to say - Garberator 4 times. (because statesish people call it a 'disposal'.) I dunno why we call it a Garberator.but we do. and she missed that when I said it the first time. she said. say that again. me- " I love my Garberator.' her- 'say it again. I wanna hear it' me- 'garberator'. again. ok you get the pic. I laughed my silly head off.  and we talked flaaaat. just because we wanted to pretend that, that is how Canadians talk. we talked reeeeeeeally flot. loved it.

so now you know!!! and now I will sign off. because I want to do another post almost right away!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the pure joy of CHEEZ WHIZ

but. you can't barely find it down here in the southern part of the continent of North America.
(well, I did find it one time at SAVE-MART.for a whopping $7 for a jar half this size. by the way.
I totally boy-cot that store. it is dumb.a dumb store. the milk and eggs are on one side of the store and
the cheese and other dairy stuff is 3/4 mile away on the other side. I stick with Target. It smells good. It's clean. and the dairy products are ALL on the same aisle. mmmoooaaah. I love you Target. thank-you for being my best grocery store.)

Noooope. No way. I so totally did not get distracted. I did not. but its true you can not hardly get it here. and I Love it. Love it. (you got that?) 
I like it on my mac n cheese. 
I like it on my toast.
I like it on my crackers.
It's the best, I'll boast.
I like it on my pizza.
(ask me how. its great!!)
I like it melted down with salsa 
eat with chips, stay up late.
I like it on my toast.
with strawberry jam on top.
I like it there the very best.
and now I'm going to stop.
the end.
(of the poem)

I'm sure it's controversial as to what is best Velveeta or Cheez Whiz. In Canada Velveeta is out of this world expensive.  And CW is cheaper. and yes. versa vice. or vice- versa. or ya. you know.
but I grew up with CW so I'm sticking with it.

but always. no matter what. the price is. or where I live.
I'll still tell me mumma to send me Cheezy Whiz (does that sound weird to any one??!!)
with anyone and everyone that ever comes to California.

I'm a Cheeeeezy Gurl....  



1. Yesterday I was frantically soaking beans and doing all the stuff for baked beans. When--- I remembered. they didn't have to be at church till FRIDAY. not Thursday. stupid me.

2. No place of business (well, maybe, a really fishy one) will take a payment check if your name isn't signed at the bottom. (thank-goodness for neighbours who will go fetch your mail BACK. )

3. Always lock your dog up for night.

4.Never go back to bed (after you are all dressed for the day) for just 10 min. It (somebody told me that.)

5. Always check to make sure your bath-rooms are clean. You never know when somebody will knock on your door and need it. (I said. you. never.know.)

6. ALWAYS remember to take your trash to the road. (if you live where the ONLY way to get rid of trash is to have the truck come and get it.) stupid. yes. I am right now hearing the trash truck skip my house...............

7. Having 3 flies constantly buzzzzzzzing around me has taught me that flies. are. annoying. veeeeery annoying.

8. uuuum. I need to go shower. ya. I am going to the Dr. with my Pregnant, ( PG, prego, great-with-child, bun-in-the-oven) sister-in-law. and she will be here way to soon as it is.

9. have a NICE day. xoxoxoxoxox

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the weirdest noise in the night...

scritch.tsshhhk. tshhkt. rattle. sniff. sniff. I blinked.  I blinked again. and again. and I listened. ever so silently. I listened. there it was! AT THE END OF OUR BED. I lay right perfectly still. It sounded like a baby rattle being shaken.I slooowly, ever so slowly turned my head and looked at James. Apparently. He was completely oblivious to the odd noises coming from just beyond the foot-board. tssshhhk.rattle.sniff.
 I started going through in my head what on earth could be making this odd noise.
-a mouse. or HORRORS a rat. (the only time i've ever seen one was in the sub-way in NYC.please. NOT in my house. no. not a rat. anything but. a rat.)
-Zoe. but no. she was in her kennel for the night.
-maybe a 'stray' needed a place to sleep and thought our house looked 'nice'.
-a mouse? (really)

I finally got up the nerve to look. I sat straight up in bed. and yes. you will never guess. what it was...
ok. go ahead. guess!!! already. did you?

it was Zoe. laying on the rug. annoyingly playing with. yes. you totally guessed it. A BABY RATTLE.
I jabbed James. and I said. ZOE IS OUT OF HER KENNEL.  and than my brain said. well who let her out? EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK.

It was me. cuz than I remembered that I had in fact not shut her gate properly. but I had not been concerned. cuz she had never tried to get out of it before.

But last night she did. or she bumped it just right or something. and she had the time of her life.
tearing up a pair of panti-hose that were still laying on the floor from going to church Sunday. (i have no clue why James does not pick up his clothes...grrr.)and takin a dump on the living room floor. eeeeeeeeeeek. and yes. most importantly. shakin her stuff at the foot of my bed at 4:04 am.

from now on. the kennel door will be double checked.
(ya. the living room floor. thats not cool.carpet cleaners cost way to much.)

now tell me what YOU  thought it was!!!

PS- it feels like I've been learning a lot from my mistakes lately... anyone else noticed....?

Monday, October 18, 2010

win!! again!!

This lady does some smashing vinyl designs!! head on over here and enter your name in the draw!!! good luck!!!

did i say anywhere that i LOVE tim hortons??

honestly. i just got to thinking. i really really really love Tim Hortons. the coffee.the doughnuts. the bagels. the creamcheese ON the bagels. the Iced Capps.the.turkey bacon club. the. the......................... sorry. had to wipe up my drool. ya. and than I kept thinking about how many Tim's coffee tins and 'Timbits' boxes I have in my house right now... ya. I am a die-hard addict. forever. One of my tins has a plant in it!! and 3 have actual coffee waiting to be used! and one.well. may it rest in peace. is empty. and yes. rest in peace you charming 'timbits' box. you faithfully stayed by my side all the long flight from Calgary right to teensy tiny airport Modesto... and your utterly decadent contents kept me wholly satisfied as I flew, cramped in my seat, and as I sat for 4 hours in SFO. now you are proudly sitting on top of my fridge. I look at you and grin every little bit. I love you 'timbits' box.

Yell along with me and give good ole Timmy's three CHEERS!!!!!!!EH?!

ps. Go on over to TIM HORTONS  and check out some of their cool stuff!!! you now can order the coffee online!!! and the 'wall-papers' are hot stuff!!! :D