Saturday, December 11, 2010

somebody tell me what day it is?

Really. Is it December? I am wearing flip - flops and I just finished mowing my lawn. This is getting weird,  dude!!!
  Should I write my heart? or should I skim over the top? or should I make up a story that would make you all laugh?! or cry?
  I had a little puppy just try to adopt me 10 min. ago. but. I didn't want to adopt him. So much of that going on down here.  Lots and Lots of little stray dogs. Their owners dump them, can't afford to feed them. poor little things. and it's so close to Christmas and they have no homes. no warm fire place to snuggle in front of. no food. No fun. Right? If there is not food there is not fun, is there? nah.
  Zoe has learned to 'go pee'!! yeee- haw! I taught her. I really did. and also I will tell her- go to your cage. and away she zooms.(losing traction all the way, sliding around the chairs and whip-lashing against the door, than bouncing in to her haven of rest; with the blue pillow heart that beats when she lays on it, and her pink blanket. aaah. the joys of feeling secure.
  You ok with this story so far? are you laughing or crying?
  Tonight my niece is coming over... Her mama is going in to give birth to  her baby sister. Of course it will be a royal party here at my house. (She is a princess after all. ) a high and mighty 3 year old princess that wears stickers for ear-rings and candy neck laces. (which she eats) and a $1 tiara from Target! yep. she is THEE PRINCESS EVA!!!! I love her to death. and she loves me!! :)
  o and I ate a cookie and cheese for dinner. that ok with you?
the end.


  1. o jenn. You always make everything funny. LOL. Keep laughing all thru December. It will chase your blues away... luv you.

  2. I'm sure you're a fun auntie! Let us know the babies name.

  3. She might be the best lil princess, but you are for sure the best Auntie.

    You're hilarious! I wish I was in flip flops mowing lawn, today I trudged across the lawn in Sorel's and got snow in my boots. Boo! Soak up the sunshine! It will make your heart merry!

  4. aww. I know how much I missed the snow living in California.....If you get a nice flocked xmas tree (or a fake white one!) and you squint when you look at it, you might imagine yourself home........ :)

  5. Chey- she is the best niece;) and she even told her mama- I'm not your sugar muffin.I'm Auntie Jenn's- lol,eh??
    Jolene- It's gonna be a girl(so they were told;)) I will post what it is! and possibly do a post on what a 3 year old reaction is when she sees her baby 'tsistah' :)
    CC.- I bought 'snow frost' paint for my windows. and yep. it looks red neck with green grass. but who cares? not me:)

  6. Awesome post Jenn! You totally made me smile and laugh, NOT cry!:) Poor little puppies, that's hard to see but sadly you can't take them all home...I would probably want to though.:)

    I hope you enjoyed your royal visit! How fun to have a princess in the house!

    Have a lovely, happy, and fun week!

  7. your so fuuny jen! love you............

  8. I guess I would miss snow if I lived in California..... but do you really miss the cold, the wind, the icy roads and all that other stuff that goes with snow?

    I make an effort to not complain but it doesn't thrill me!


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