Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PILLOWS!!! (easy,peasy.puddin' n' pie)

seriously. think like 3 year old easy.really.really.easy.
Step number 1- be bored..err. creative enough. to head on down to your local dollar tree for your nightly shopping trip.
#2- be bored(refer to #1) enough after you get there that you start digging through the kitchen towel bin that you happen to find a bunch of dahling pillowcase covers!!!
#3- be crazy in love with them and buy 23 of them. or just buy 2 like I did.
#4- take them home and stuff old, ugly, unwanted, pillows inside of them, or if you don't have any stuff an old pair of pj pants in them or all your old panti-hose(eeeew. wash them first. lol!!) or what ever you have.
#5-Make them look like this in 10 min. flat.
(ah.hah. you dont even know which ones are home-made.grin)!!!
yes. the striped ones. with the bird and the J. (I know random. but I love the lil bird and 'J'ames and "J'enn. ya get it?? J. )
umm. what # is next. 6?
sure lets go with 6.
#6- buy whatever kind of fabric you want that goes (or doesn't go) with your pillow cover.
#7- cut out a shape for each pillow. (I tried using my SILHOUETTE but I don't think I had it set too cut deep enough!!!)
#9- slather glue on the back of your 'bird' (or whatever you chose)
seriously. I TOOOLD YOU. simple pimple.
and the cost? 

Pillow Covers- $2.
Elmers Glue- $1
Fabric for stylin' -$2.47/yard
(but I only used 2 7inch squares. so - $0.50 maybe?
old pillows- free

simple and cheeeeeeeeeeap. (cheep cheep.punny?)
Next. the lil 'roll pillows' are made out of. ............

yes. true.cross my heart. This Chic did it. (sorry. I saw it on her blog but can't find it to post link direct sorry.:( )

I'll tell ya how. once again. BIG FAT HAIRY S-I-M-P-L-E.

cut a strip of fabric 3 inches wider than your rolled up towel.
cut fabric approx. 3 inches wider than towel.
Roll towel mostly up and cut fabric about 8 inches longer than the towel.

yes. THAT IS my thumb. cute, eh?

yes. no sewing involved.!!!hold snug!

stuff the extra 3 inch side pieces in to middle of towel roll.

a close up!

ok. so how well do you follow directions? 

So probably not a good choice for a long term pillow. but to add a lil cute to the here n there! It works great!!! I hope this inspired some one to go and make a few:)  I am linking up to the
csi project!!! for pillows go check it out:)


  1. O, Jenn the Hen, now I can do something when I'm bored & having post Christmas blues. I wanna make those rolled ones SOON! How fun!

  2. well, aren't you a smart one!!! I love the way you did those rolled "pillows" smart!

  3. You are super creative and funny too! I always smile at you way with description and words!

  4. aah. thanks guys:) You make my day (or night in this case:/) :) :)

    Colleen- Its called decorating on super tight budget ;)

  5. Is this called, "jennieee saved a pennieee?"....great job, jenn! I just love all your creativity.

  6. Jenn... you are so creative! And funny to boot! I loooooove it!! Deli


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