Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 things is really nothing at ALL????

I saw this quote today and it caused a lot of turmoil and  un-rest inside of my very 'multi-tasking' head-

To do two things at once is to do neither.
Publius Syrus

  But than again, I am sure Publius, is a guy. so maybe he didn't know????!!!...just sayin...


  1. You made me laugh out loud!! I say doing only one thing at once is boring.

  2. Ha ha. That is obviously not a woman OR a MOTHER talking. Sometimes we have to do- maybe 4? things at once when you are a mother. And sometimes like now, it feels like I am really strung out & doing 10 things at once.

  3. perhaps that is opinion not fact!m

  4. Of course Publius 'whoever' was a man! We all know that women multi-task.

    Or maybe Publius was a woman in menopause..... I can't multi-task like I did at one time! or is it being over 60?

  5. o Grama K... we all know every woman can multi-task... now you don't have kids running around your ankles so the need to multi-task isn't as great!!!
    women have to multi task other wise nothing would get done. like only(and I mean only) do laundry one day. no cooking or reading, or...:)

  6. You guys have it wrong! this Publiusfubious gem was a...YES!! a woman. she's just who can get things done only doing 2 things at once????? good one... frootloops


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