Saturday, December 25, 2010

is it snowing? or raining? or 'sunning'? in your part of this vast earth right now? It's raining here... I can not believe I spent another Christmas day without snow billowing and wind a-howling around the corners of the house... another Christmas day with out pulling out my hockey skates... another Christmas with GREEN GRASS!!!  It's been mostly good. I got to SKYPE with my family and see the boys' red rosy cheeks after playing in the snow...( aah. I can just feel the sting of that snow as it 'bites' into my face, and the tingle of my toes as they start turning to a mild form of ice...) Thank goodness for SKYPE. that is all I have to say on this matter.

We spent all day today with James' family, and why? you ask am I sitting at my computer than? cuz me needed some alone time. yep. I really did. some "me and only Zoe" time. (I had to include her as she was home all alone and she needed company too!!!) but now FOOD is calling to me again so I will get in my GMC and putt over to where 'the gathering place' !!! and EAT!!!! yum:)
I hope you all had are having and did have a fantastic Christmas day...



  1. jenn we miss you so much but see you soon!! xoxo

  2. It rained here where I am.....but that's ok. Was with family....and it was fun! ;)

  3. Aw, I hope that your Christmas was really nice for you! It's so tough to be away at this time of year and I completely feel you on the alone time, I'm the same way. Although I enjoy company and everything, I need to have that time just by myself in order to function on a sane level!:)

    Hope that your Christmas was beautiful and that the new year holds wonderful things for you Jenn!


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