Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a question?

so. I have this question. why is it that we (since everyone now a-days is into saving money..or is it just me who loves a deal??)  don't wait till after Christmas to buy our gifts???
  I was in Target (my sister says when I'm going there- O you are going home??.yes, i l.o.v.e. tar-zhay. (thats the fancy way to pro-nounce it. for those of you who don't know that. Tar (roll that R just a bit.) zhay.  kinda a sh and z sound put together. it sounds so. muchly much more sophisticated. and yes. that. it. me. alll over. sophistication. whew.
 back on to Target. They had some incredible dealy whoppers goin on today... just fun little left over Christmas things that SO wouldn't have to have been for Christmas only. Beeeeautiful Cream lineny looking place mats- $2. I wanted a whole cart full of them for my table, to stuff for pillows, you name it. BUT. ALAS. I DID NOT.
  Because. I wanted one of these.
a microfiber dust mop thing for my miles and miles of hard floor. that gets covered in dust, and dog hair. and my trusty ole broom just was not 'cuttin it'. so...I bought me on of these. made by Micheal Graves. for $10. and I LOVE IT. really. My sister-in-law was over and she swept for me. And asked me- where is your 'scoop' for the crumbs off the floor. I said- you don't need one. it all catches on the brush.  AH-HAH! and we looked and sure enough all those lil dust puffs and dog hairs that had been slipping through my broom. they were CAUGHT.!!!!than I also bought me an extra mop thing so that I can use it for washing my floor as well! So yep! I am pretty pumped about this new buy!!!

(o ya. Micheal Graves didn't pay me  dime to tell you all about this... boo-hoo.;)lol.)


  1. K, so I'm a little late! But Merry Christmas to you my friend!! Hope it was happy!:) Reeeally looking forward to seeing you...can't wait!! Have a jolly day...love ya.

  2. I guess that's what gift cards are for! ;) ....not as "personal" but sure do come in handy for those post Christmas specials!

  3. Hooray for you Jenn! I would love a magic mop such as that-and a good deal to boot!

  4. Jenn- i've wondered bout that too!Where i came from in Manitoba we had lots of Ukranians in the community and they always celebrated Christmas in early Jan. And I tho't they were so lucky cuz they got all the good deals!!! Happy New Year to you!!!


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