Monday, April 8, 2013

{my very own beans}

One week ago today, James had to go to Home Depot to pick up a new door handle for our back door.
(yes, we lost the key AGAIN. and for the 3rd time i had to crawl through our bedroom window. the 3rd time being in my brand new attire i put on few hours previously to attend my little sis-in-laws wedding. aah, yes, i pulled that skirt up and tucked it in and around, yanked off those hideous things that add a touch of colour to ones legs, and crawled through.)
 yes, home depot. the garden section. i got excited in my very own way, when i saw that garden section, i had been dreaming of a tiny garden, maybe one in which i planted a couple things in some buckets, or something like that. then james said to me, we have all that flower bed space in the back, right under the kitchen window, plant it there.
 so i bought me a tomato plant (after conferring with my mum on the best type of course, because how was i supposed to know) and i bought a jalapeno plant, a red pepper plant, and i planted 4 rows of seeds, each just under 2 feet long!! Beans, carrots, peas,and onions. I want plant some potatoes yet, but we'll see.

but oh ya, the exciting thing!!
Yesterday after I took Rags on a run, i went to peek at my little plot of seeds , and i kinda scraped at the dirt , (just like my dad used to do every spring to see if those little peas had sprouted ;-) ) and yes, i barely scraped at the dirt and there it was, a white sprout, curled up, and i jumped up and ran to the door and i yelled at James to come , hurry, quick!! but he didn't hear cuz he was in the shower. So after church last night i hauled him and justin out there. and i think they thought i had nearly lost my head i was so excited about my sprouting beans...