Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{right now}

Outside my window... Two 'big' dogs, and one happy healthy, (so far) little,tiny chocolate Cocker Spaniel:)
I am thinking... about food, for supper.
I am thankful... for my M.I.L. who is cooking us supper right now.
In the kitchen... it is actually pretty clean :) No food cooking now. 
I am wearing... the cutest little dress my mum sent me ♥
I am creating... a list of things that need to get done at the 'new house' tomorrow.
I am going... to quit my day job. (high-five!!) and work with James instead and than 2 eves. a week work with him again at the cafe where I am currently employed, while they serve dinner:)
I am wondering... How mums with kids at home keep up the house. I can't and I don't even have kids!!!
I am reading... The Help  an incredibly good read. Opening my eyes..
I am hoping... to get that whole house CLEAN tomorrow.
I am looking forward to... My company thats coming to see me ;)
I am learning… to at least *try* to think before I speak.
Around the house... Clean laundry needs folding, the treadmill is folded up, the living room is littered with golf clubs. hmmm...
I am dreaming about... being able to slee in, in the morning!
One of my favourite things... a blanket and a book. o, that was 2.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{things I have learned}

- having cooked,cold rice in the fridge is lovely.
-Pregnant dogs are not supposed to over exert them selves by jumping or running!
-Giving in is the hardest, but the best, most of the time
-Seeing a frog , while sitting on the toilet, gives a whole new meaning to 'run for your life'.
-It seems if you leave it in long enough, even 3 year olds can master the job of talking 'around' a soother/pacifier. (lol)
-Going sugar free is HARD. but I lost 2 whole pounds last week because I did it :)
-Taking 'spur-of-the-moment' trips with James is a delight!
-being with 'home folks' is - so- refreshing!!
-the stars do not shine very bright where there are lots of 'city lights'.
-there is a constellation called. 'little dog'. (Coby & Spenc is that your dog??!!)
-Even if you do pay your water bill they still will sometime put a 'we will shut your water off' tag on the door.
-sometimes life is crazy, drink something good, (like iced chai) and take a nap  :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Outside my window... Sunshine, birds singing!
I am thinking... that I would like to not be so busy.That I would like to sit around and read a book for once :) 
I am thankful... for James.Honestly. so thankful that he is safe and at home. Unlike his best friend that is laying in the hospital in a back brace with a lot of broken bones.
In the kitchen... there is ants. :s
I am wearing... a purple and green summery dress, with a denim jacket. (that james says looks JUST like my mum. lol)
I am creating... more wooden signs to sell :)
I am going... to Fresno, right now. For a back appointment!!! Maybe my last one for 6 months!! YES!!!
I am wondering... Why life goes on as normal in the USA on Good Friday?? Everybody works, etc...
I am reading...  You're Already Amazing (embracing who you are) by Holley Gerth
I am hoping... to get to bed before 11 tonight! 
I am looking forward to... Chick Filet for dinner tonight ;)
I am learning… a LOT.
Around the house... it's kinda sorta not as neat and clean as I wish.The Laundry is sorted on the floor and the dogs need hair cuts,badly!!!
I am dreaming about- a trip Home. and about the house we are trying to buy :)
One of my favourite things... an iced chai latte.