Thursday, April 5, 2012


Outside my window... Sunshine, birds singing!
I am thinking... that I would like to not be so busy.That I would like to sit around and read a book for once :) 
I am thankful... for James.Honestly. so thankful that he is safe and at home. Unlike his best friend that is laying in the hospital in a back brace with a lot of broken bones.
In the kitchen... there is ants. :s
I am wearing... a purple and green summery dress, with a denim jacket. (that james says looks JUST like my mum. lol)
I am creating... more wooden signs to sell :)
I am going... to Fresno, right now. For a back appointment!!! Maybe my last one for 6 months!! YES!!!
I am wondering... Why life goes on as normal in the USA on Good Friday?? Everybody works, etc...
I am reading...  You're Already Amazing (embracing who you are) by Holley Gerth
I am hoping... to get to bed before 11 tonight! 
I am looking forward to... Chick Filet for dinner tonight ;)
I am learning… a LOT.
Around the house... it's kinda sorta not as neat and clean as I wish.The Laundry is sorted on the floor and the dogs need hair cuts,badly!!!
I am dreaming about- a trip Home. and about the house we are trying to buy :)
One of my favourite things... an iced chai latte. 


  1. I've been wondering how your back appointments are working?
    Wonder what lessons you are learning... I'm trying to learn patience and wisdom and willingness to just sit for awhile. My.

    1. the back- I just had my last appt. yesterday :) I went 6 times. at $100 a time. and I now have a straight spine and my pain went from a high 8 to a low 1.(with NO surgery!!) I still do have some pain when I do certain things but I have been wearing a back brace now for 2 months and I need to wear it another 2 and He thinks I'll be good to go with only occasional check ups with him. Like once a year!!!
      ps.sounds like what I am learning. acceptance. with myself, where I am in life etc...

  2. Great post, Jenni benny :D Happy Easter to you! (Welcome to the land of Good Friday- no holiday!) I know your feelings well... xoxo

    1. uh-huh. Happy Easter to you too :)
      I told people at work today that allll my family and friends would be attending church this morning. (mouth drop open) lol:)

  3. your other big sisApril 7, 2012 at 8:50 AM

    love you jenni! and i love this post!!! have a sunny day!!!

  4. I'd gladly work Good Friday for you if you'd come live through this blizzard for me...

    1. LOL!!! I'll get right on that :)

      One of the girls I worked with asked the other day. " do you really miss that COOOOLD weather?" I said of course! When its too cold or blizzarding too bad you can just stay home:)
      She didn't get lol.

  5. Good post Jenn! Yes I second that blizzard thing! Now with at least a foot of snow on the ground ANd huge huge icicles hanging from the roof side.... Happy Spring :) to all.


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