Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{right now}

Outside my window... Two 'big' dogs, and one happy healthy, (so far) little,tiny chocolate Cocker Spaniel:)
I am thinking... about food, for supper.
I am thankful... for my M.I.L. who is cooking us supper right now.
In the kitchen... it is actually pretty clean :) No food cooking now. 
I am wearing... the cutest little dress my mum sent me ♥
I am creating... a list of things that need to get done at the 'new house' tomorrow.
I am going... to quit my day job. (high-five!!) and work with James instead and than 2 eves. a week work with him again at the cafe where I am currently employed, while they serve dinner:)
I am wondering... How mums with kids at home keep up the house. I can't and I don't even have kids!!!
I am reading... The Help  an incredibly good read. Opening my eyes..
I am hoping... to get that whole house CLEAN tomorrow.
I am looking forward to... My company thats coming to see me ;)
I am learning… to at least *try* to think before I speak.
Around the house... Clean laundry needs folding, the treadmill is folded up, the living room is littered with golf clubs. hmmm...
I am dreaming about... being able to slee in, in the morning!
One of my favourite things... a blanket and a book. o, that was 2.  


  1. Like we say to each other... "Its a great life IF you don't weaken";) Sounds like you're crazy busy!! Always enjoy your posts.. One of these days you're gona get an order from me for wall words from your Etsy shop..just sayin'

    1. I have never heard that quote before but that is SOO true!!!
      Sounds good, I just ordered a-whac-a-more vinyl so :)

  2. I read 'the help', it's an amazing book! I really like the dress your mom made ;) & I think my favourite thing, especially now when it's raing, is also a blanket & a book!

  3. your other big sisApril 28, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    hi sis... i'd be stoked to be getting company?? you lucky girl!!! and you only got ONE puppy outta that mama??? love ya

  4. thanks for the post Jenn. speaking of dogs, do you need 'Go Dog, Go'? .... a blanket and a book is a wonderful thing! ...... also a child that is still asleep at the same time :)


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