Tuesday, December 3, 2013

{its happening}

its packed up. mostly.
the u-haul is on its way here.
then my little green house will be packed in to it
and we will be on our way in the next couple of days
to the north.
its all happened so fast and yet it feels
like forever ago that we decided
this. is what was to happen.
pray for us that the roads will
be safe and that the border crossing
will be a breeze.
we would appreciate that.
baby girl has been bouncing off the walls
for the last few days and it seem like
she is surely catching on to
everything that is going on
as up until the last few days its been rare for me
to feel her kicking more then a couple times a day.
she most likely can't wait until her mama stops
running her legs off every single day. lol!!
or maybe she is so anxious to be in the snow country, ha ha!!!
ok. packing is calling.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

{its pink}

Hello to all!
Here is a quick update on my life!

The ultra sound shows us that we are getting a baby girl! Beings as I have 6 nephews and just in the last year got a niece I was totally SHOCKED that it appeared to be a girl !! We are super excited tho!!

I have been feeling a LOT better finally. Seems like at about week 20 or so things fiiiinally started looking up!!!  I am very very thankful. Also, I am thankful that my husbands love for cooking was generously fueled by the fact that i couldn't cook for so long, and he continues to surprise me multiple times a week with a gourmet dinner. I am not complaining. and i can't even hate him for making me do the clean up, ha ha!!

My baby shower is this week Thursday and i am BESIDE my self with happiness that baby sis Jess is flying in on Wednesday to help me ooh and aah over all the gifts. I think I might even have an auntie who is coming to assist in the ooh-ing ;) so, it shall be a wonderful week!!!
 Jess is going to help me sew  sew the bumper pads and a sheet set for my cradle, for which i am beyond thankful!! so we will be busy but, we WILL have fun.

I hope all of my fellow Canadians had a happy Thanksgiving weekend!! Mine was wonderful, and I even got turkey!! (that was a first , by the way, for me here!!)

Hope this next week is wonderful for all of you!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Four days of it.
Four solid days surrounded by women -who rejoiced with my mum when she told them 'I was born..' some my cousins some my aunts, sisters, my mum. All who know me. All who held me as a baby, all who have watched me become the person I am today. Surrounded. Loved.  showered with un-ending love, and care , and compassion. and toast. and massages.
Uncles and guy cousins, brothers, and dad-  who hugged me, and lifted my luggage, and pushed out the boats, and fished for frogs, and who pushed and carried the heavy baby strollers through those muddy path ways on the 'short' hike we all took, through the Washington 'rain forest'.
 Little, best friend cousins who laughed, and sang, and chased, and ate and ate. and  counted slugs, and yelled- voices high and squeaky that they had found THEE biggest slug EVER. and we all looked like we had never seen a slug before.
 Happiness like no other is to be surrounded by people who love you.
I flew alone into Bellingham, Washington.
I was picked up by my first favorite man,ever!! ;)
Not long later I was surrounded my all of my sisters and their funny little men that call me auntie... and their husbands, and my aunts and uncles and cousins... hugs all around. its hard to describe, actually i think impossible to describe a bond, like we all have. its one of those things where you will only know what i mean if you have cousins that are quite much more like sisters then cousins, and aunts and uncles who are more like second parents then  aunts and uncles.
 we ate, and talked, and laughed, and when 3 people were sleeping too long , the rest of us nicely reminded them that there was people to be with. we paddled on the boats, and kissed owies, and sang songs, and sometimes we cried... but we laughed, a lot.
 we shopped and crossed the canadian/us border more then is normal in a 4 day span.
and we ate toast. we love toast. this family. we live on it.
no matter where we go- a toaster goes with us.
 saturday i was to fly back to cali. and my cousins took me to the airplane, but the border line up had other plans for us and we 5 spent quality time sitting with the windows down, watching the line up not move as my airplane took off with out me.
 i was dropped off at a mall where i spent 2.5 hours waiting on my aunt, (the rest of the family had went to victoria) to come and get me, she waited that long at border too. her and i ate ice cream and of course talked non stop the whole way back to her house. where 3 more aunts and i and my cousin and his wife hung out and ate more ice cream for the rest of the afternoon...
 sunday we all met at my uncles and said our good byes- again. tears were shed and every body hugged once or twice or even 3 times. because when you got something this good you just do not want to let go of it. ever. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

{its a baby}

yes, for those of you don't already know, our little family is growing my 2 feet.
my absence from this ole blog of mine is due in large to that fact, and to the fact that i have a rare 'disease' called- "i get very extra more then normal nauseated when i look at a electronic screen".
 so, until that last aspect changes , you won't hear too much from me.
the baby is due to arrive the first week in Feb. and we are hoping time flies by until then!!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


... green beans- 9 inches tall. (except the ones Rags trampled)
... 2 hostas given to me, planted, and growing healthy already.
... wave petunias, i trimmed them back 2 times. now i hope they grow like crazy.
...allysum, i planted it 4 weeks ago, it was so wild and wooly already that i snipped off 2 inches.
...did you know that *some* sweet potato vine that you plant, will actually grow a sweet potato?
it happened after 2 years of growing, i found a large one under the dirt.
...  zoe had 2 puppies. a boy and a girl. they are 3 weeks and 4 days old. adorable.
... i mowed the lawn thursday.
... it was 96 Fahrenheit the other day. (my a/c works, thank goodness)
...i baked 4 dozen cookies on friday.
... we are still here. the business has not sold. and we wonder every.single.day. what ever God has in mind for us. it has us scratching our heads...
... i built a fence around my garden. a row of little garden fencing. then a pile of branches. then another row of fence. so far Rags has only tried once to get through it. i think he caught on that branches and such are not to be tangled with.
... i go home in 6 days. for 11 days. i am beyond excited. well i am not excited about the fact that since this business is still ours james is not coming along. that is not cool.
... in 10 days my very very dear child hood friend Crystal is marrying her favorite guy.
... my etsy store is still closed. anybody have a motivational speech for me?
... i am tired.

Monday, April 8, 2013

{my very own beans}

One week ago today, James had to go to Home Depot to pick up a new door handle for our back door.
(yes, we lost the key AGAIN. and for the 3rd time i had to crawl through our bedroom window. the 3rd time being in my brand new attire i put on few hours previously to attend my little sis-in-laws wedding. aah, yes, i pulled that skirt up and tucked it in and around, yanked off those hideous things that add a touch of colour to ones legs, and crawled through.)
 yes, home depot. the garden section. i got excited in my very own way, when i saw that garden section, i had been dreaming of a tiny garden, maybe one in which i planted a couple things in some buckets, or something like that. then james said to me, we have all that flower bed space in the back, right under the kitchen window, plant it there.
 so i bought me a tomato plant (after conferring with my mum on the best type of course, because how was i supposed to know) and i bought a jalapeno plant, a red pepper plant, and i planted 4 rows of seeds, each just under 2 feet long!! Beans, carrots, peas,and onions. I want plant some potatoes yet, but we'll see.

but oh ya, the exciting thing!!
Yesterday after I took Rags on a run, i went to peek at my little plot of seeds , and i kinda scraped at the dirt , (just like my dad used to do every spring to see if those little peas had sprouted ;-) ) and yes, i barely scraped at the dirt and there it was, a white sprout, curled up, and i jumped up and ran to the door and i yelled at James to come , hurry, quick!! but he didn't hear cuz he was in the shower. So after church last night i hauled him and justin out there. and i think they thought i had nearly lost my head i was so excited about my sprouting beans...

Monday, March 18, 2013

{little things}

it wasn't a good day- this certain day.
it was full of frustration, tears, anxiousness.
much, much anxiousness.

'Casting all your care upon Him'
wasn't even convincing...

the 'old folks' did their cheery magic for the few hours i was there.
the house was still dirty when i got home.
like old broccoli smelly.
{where does that smell come from}
oh, right- the fridge,
maybe i should clean it out
once in a while...
dirty clothes, spread thick on the edges of
the bedroom floor
and the bathroom-
lets not go there.

the fabric arrived for the dress
that is to be worn in 3 weeks.
totally un-ready. 
when it was supposed to have went to the seamstress it got sent back to me.
and. i do not sew.
well, barely.

april 15 was creeping closer.
and the book work 
was lagging.
tax season is upon us.

the kitchen.
yes, 3 maybe 4 days of dishes piled high
on the yellow counter tops.
crusty and dry.

and my head was in over load mode.

the Etsy store.
the orders felt astounding.
i couldn't do it all.

and the very thought of 
making green bean casserole for 28 people the next day 
sent me into near heart failure.

every corner of my house was yelling at me.
and i had to leave. get out- so
i left a note and i walked out of my house.
the note said.

' i will be back in 3 or 4 or 5

thats all. just enough to give 
a man a freak attack when he walks in and sees it
resting on the washer where i left it.

with in 30 minutes i got a message saying.
' ... but if you're not here, i can't help you figure 
it out.'

so i came home to open arms, many more tears, and big hugs.
and promises of help. and a nap.

and one friend said- let me sew that dress.
and one friend said- i will help you clean your house.
and James painted those signs.
( we shut down the store - for now.)

and then i realized that maybe i hadn't finished that verse. 
it ends with a statement.

... for he careth for you.
and He knows how many hairs are in our head, 
and he even notices when one falls out.

and He does. He careth for me. you. us. them.
and he knows every little detail.

What do you do when you feel completely and terrifyingly
overwhelmed? I need some ideas...

Right now, I am taking every single sweet day, one at a time.
trying i should say.
its not easy.
but i have concluded that the dishes 
won't run away...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


days of windows flung wide open, air floating by with blossom covered scents...dogs little padded feet landing with soft thuds as they do their circle thing and the plop as they lay down in the sun soaked spot,  screen doors, the muted sound of traffic, no more; now you hear the sound of tires on pavement, of pounding bass through open car windows cruising by... laughter of kids on bikes... train whistles- distinctly echo-ing... its clear.
these sounds are clear.
the windows are open.
{source. a tulip tree}

and we feel it in our deepest bones that something great, and marvelous has touched this part of the earth and sprinkled it with love and pixie dust and new things are abounding...
every day another blossom pushes its bright pink self into the sun, the daffodils long ago poked out and now bask every day in the warm glow...green grass, getting greener by the minute as i hear the familiar 'whir' as another sprinkler pops up to soak it in the liquid that it all to soon will demand, so much that even the tiniest corner that does not receive it will turn brown as the dirt...  acres and acres and acres of white fluffiness, look temptingly like a far removed specimen of snow- when you cross over the busyness of the free-way on that thing called an over-pass you see them. the almond orchards. crazy in bloom, full of wonder, for as far as my  eyes can see those once bleak looking pods have broken loose and now, too, stare at the sun, waiting for the rest to join them...
 its spring time here...
and i am basking in its gloriousness with a plugged nose and drippy eyes, swallowing any kind of decongestant i can get my hands on...
oh its glorious.
But have you ever breathed pollen from a million trees for days on end?
yes? no?
i want to start to complain
but then i look out side my window and say
with weather like this and warm 75 degree sun, and windows flung wide open and bare feet becoming standard 'foot-wear' -
whats 200 Sudafed. or 156 Mucinex

{almond orchard in full bloom}

Thursday, February 7, 2013

{what is true}

Every day I leave my new-ish job at a local nursing home and I feel like I really CAN make a difference in some bodies life...
I promise- if you are feeling down and out, depressed or un-satisfied with your life.
Please, do something for somebody else. 
 Anything, it takes 1 minute to write out a card, or you can devote more time and volunteer an hour or two a week to helping somebody- anybody, a new mum, at your local school, or at a nursing home. I promise, your spirits will lift... 
Taking your mind off of your problems- be they big or small or totally insane.
and focusing on some body else's sadness, loss, or even supporting them in their joys,
will change your life.

ok, so you say. what have YOU done to make a difference?
and, no, this is not a brag post, but rather an informative way to let you in on the secret.

----you have no excuse {none}  not to do a simple act of kindness for somebody---

- first this job i've been telling about. simple. getting out and trying to make life better for the Grandpa's and Grandma's. They make me smile every day , and some of them, their patient, suffering through the pain, the sadness they are going through. i have so much to learn...

-second, i went to the store and bought a bunch of things yellow.
a yellow mug, lemon tea bags, lemon bar mix, a magazine that was yellow on front, m&m's,
there was more but i can't remember. then, i bought a box. and i mailed it off to a lady that goes to the same church as i & lives not so far from me. i heard in a round about way that she was going through a really rough time. emotionally, so i sent her some sun-shine. and popped in a note that said- 
--Here is some Sunshine for you!!!--
 I think it cost me about $20 total, but man, I felt like skipping and singing all day after that. (there are only 2 people who knew i did this. now you all)

-third, a new friend of mine ,that recently got divorced,( is my co-worker)just moved to this community in the last 3 months with her 2 sweet kids. her kids got sick. very flu sick a couple weeks back.
o the feelings i knew, all to well, of being ALONE, in a strange country with nobody to call to 'please go pick up some Gatorade for my kids', or please just sit by me and rub my back.  i know that feeling, of just wanting some one familiar to 'be there' while you are sick. i called her up and said - i'll be there in 5 minutes. just open the door i'll slip it in. i had some muffins, i made some finger-jell-0. (which kid can refuse that? ) and i grabbed 6 of my favorite books, kids and adult ones. and i stopped by Wal-Greens for 6 bottles of Gatorade. Popped it in her door and left.
cost- $6 for the drink. I had everything else. How I felt ?
 the reason I tell you these things my friends is to tell you how EASY it is. it really is.
to think that you could totally make a difference in somebodies life by doing such a small thing.

I heard a story the other day and i cried, as the story teller told it.
it happened to her daughter.

she had been with some friends for the day.
the next morning, she was reminded of something she had said, that wasn't 'nice'.
She started to feel like she really needed to call her friend and apologize.
This friend was some one she didn't really have a whole lot to do with, and she started to to tell her self, 'ahh, i'm sure she doesn't even remember what i said... and on and on, we know how that goes.
but she called her. she told her sorry. then she said these simple words- so hows your day?
and the girl on the other end of the phone-
burst into tears.
it was a bad day.
she needed to unload.
and she did, and they talked it over. and encouraged each other.
what if she hadn't called to apologize.
she never would have been able to listen to her friend...

it truly is the little things that count my friends, it truly is.
the little things.


what have you done for some one lately? or what has some one done for you?

Friday, January 4, 2013



the world this time of year is full of promises, hopes, and dreams of wanting to become more, better, lose weight, get fit, learn to cook, go to school, learn more about God, read though the bible, be more thankful. It is full of words- words that the person wants to be more like- awesomer House of Smiths used this word. embrace Emily over at Jones Design Company used that word--- there is All sorts... there is so much.
 did you make a resolution(s)? Did you decide on a word that is going to define your 2013, or that you are going to become? or a word that you want to be your mantra?
 I did, in a totally non-committal sort of way, I got to thinking about all of this first when I read Emily's post on EMBRACE.  Go read it if you want.-her post on 'Embrace'.
 I started thinking that this year I want to embrace my life, live it up, dream big dreams, do big things, and I want to ACCEPT. 
 I want to accept what ever happens in the next year. I want to embrace changes. Scary ones, odd ones, make-me-chew-my-lip-off ones. 
 You have to realize that I need to write this. Because I need to be reminded. 
about these kinds of things. 
If James' paper work does not go through and we end up moving to Tim-buk-too
instead of to Alberta- I want to be reminded that I CAN do this. I am strong. I will EMBRACE this.

If we get to Alberta and nothing is as it was when I left, if life seems confusing trying to find a spot in my old home place. I want to ACCEPT that.

If we end up staying in California, I will cry. I will, BUT I want to embrace that.
accept it that this is so obviously where God wants me. 

I want to EMBRACE and ACCEPT that no matter where-in-the-scare life takes my James and I in the next year that 
GOD is in control, people. He IS. 
Some of us just need to be knocked up-side the head every so often and reminded of this.    

Now, YOU lovelies.
What is your word, your resolution.
Tell me, think of something, anything you want to be MORE of
if you write it down if feels more real.
trust me.i know.