Thursday, May 9, 2013


... green beans- 9 inches tall. (except the ones Rags trampled)
... 2 hostas given to me, planted, and growing healthy already.
... wave petunias, i trimmed them back 2 times. now i hope they grow like crazy.
...allysum, i planted it 4 weeks ago, it was so wild and wooly already that i snipped off 2 inches.
...did you know that *some* sweet potato vine that you plant, will actually grow a sweet potato?
it happened after 2 years of growing, i found a large one under the dirt.
...  zoe had 2 puppies. a boy and a girl. they are 3 weeks and 4 days old. adorable.
... i mowed the lawn thursday.
... it was 96 Fahrenheit the other day. (my a/c works, thank goodness)
...i baked 4 dozen cookies on friday.
... we are still here. the business has not sold. and we wonder what ever God has in mind for us. it has us scratching our heads...
... i built a fence around my garden. a row of little garden fencing. then a pile of branches. then another row of fence. so far Rags has only tried once to get through it. i think he caught on that branches and such are not to be tangled with.
... i go home in 6 days. for 11 days. i am beyond excited. well i am not excited about the fact that since this business is still ours james is not coming along. that is not cool.
... in 10 days my very very dear child hood friend Crystal is marrying her favorite guy.
... my etsy store is still closed. anybody have a motivational speech for me?
... i am tired.