Monday, June 9, 2014

Tessa 4 Months

This is for my own interest! And yours if you are interested :)

She loves(?) it when I tickle her... She's just started to giggle and it makes me giggle to!! She smiles lots! And when she wakes up, I will peek over crib and she just starts grinning! 

Her head is nearly bald! The little bit on the top is very light and in the back is dark! Her eyes are veeeery blue! Inherited from everyone but me!! 

Tessa loves to suck her index finger, I think she must be starting to teethe as she will chomp on her soother too. 
If I walk away from her she watches me all the way until I'm gone! 
Her legs are strong and she loves to stand and jump in her jumper thing with lights and noises!
 When she is unhappy her daddy usually can calm her down... I say usually because some times I actually can!! 
 Tessa is obviously a born shopper! She is happy or else sleeping every time so!! I take that as a sign:-) wouldn't you?
 My emotions are fiiiiinaly starting to get better... Maybe my tear ducts finally plugged up:) or maybe my medication is really helping... Every day I fall in love a little bit more with Tess... It finally feels like I'm slowly starting to feel what other moms say they feel the minute they see their new baby... That mama love.