Friday, January 28, 2011

montreal bound!!!

yep. it's true folks. this prairie girl is about to lay claim on an American Visa... It's been 1 year and 10 long months of waiting, filling out papers, figuring out income, waiting, mailing, getting pictures, figuring, writing, pictures...yep Times that by about 4. serious. I kid you not one little speck. it.IS.A.LOT.OF.WORK.
image found here
Now we just (get to) fly way up to a part of the country I have never really been, (besides the airport)...
French speaking, quaint, huge cold, Montreal. (or so I hear)...
 yes. I am nervous. very nervous. but I also am excited. very excited. (perty cool how us women can feel about 10 different emotions at once, eh?)
---so think of us, if ya would;) and by the way, I am very open to any french lessons you can give me via your comments!!!!!
(I'll keep ya posted on our doings while we are up there!!)

When we get back James and I are going to build this table!!!!!!----

of course. I will keep you posted on this as well... but I just HAD to show you, my ever faithful listeners!!!
now I will go because I have a new 'This Old House' mag. to stare at :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Kathy K. you are the the winner of

'always take the time to just Breathe'

yeah!!! for you!!!

you can pay via paypal or cash!!!

(I'll be in touch with you !!!)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


OK!! here is auction number 2!!!!
The rules- You MUST leave your email address with every comment you leave with your bid.
I will leave this one open until January 27 12:00 noon PST (tomorrow)

here it is!!!


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!starting bid is $4.75!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(payment via paypal or cash)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Auction Winner!!!

Only 4 short bids later we have a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!! TRISH!!!! 
at $8 :) good buy!!!
yeah for you! (I will shoot you an email yet.)
thanks to those of you who played along!!!

Do you want another turn to bid on something??!! 
Let me know!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Ok here is my very first  item up for auction!!!
I will tell you when I am done what the starting price is!!!

To place a bid. simply leave a comment. with your name and email address!!!!!
If there is no email address your bid will not be counted.
I will close this auction tomorrow January 25 around 9 in the morning...
(If you do not win, trust me, there is more where this came from;))

very true in my home;) lol.

this one is approx. 24 inches long and the letters are about 2 inches tall.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the starting bid is $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fire away folks:) and remember. the shipping is on me!(in USA and Canada) so what you bid is what you pay!!! the highest bidder will win!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

auction sale???

Hey folks! I am thinking of doing a funky sorta online auction sale right here on this blog of mine... with a few of my wally word/art things...

Give me a shout out if you are interested... PLEASE. leave a comment. if you can not do that than at least hit a check mark with either YES! or NO!. 

I will give the starting bid- (cheap;)) and you guys  could take it from there. for maybe a day or two...
one item at a time...  (ps. the shipping will be on me!) 

You game?!!??

pss. if there is certain ones (check out my Etsy store) you would like posted for this include that in your comment, or tell me what you would like...

Sunday, January 16, 2011


can it really be -40 in Alberta and +18 ( 65) in California? Talk about a very abrupt change in weather! wow!
Snow covered roads and trees sparkling like diamonds in the sun compared to green grass and powerfully blooming pansies! A big change. 
What else is life about than change? Everything changes- dress size, shoe size, friends, houses, countries,  languages, vehicles. Our hearts change too. They toughen, soften, and harden. and hopefully soften again.
We want to grow up fast. and than when we have 'grown up' (to a point) we wish to to be small. We change our hairstyles, the way we clip our finger nails change, we shave more often, shower less. Change is all around us...
  The trees are budding now. I am told I am about to experience the most beautiful time of year here in California- the time when all the almond orchards are in full, bounteous,explosive white blooms! Right now I must admit the only beauty I see in these orchards is the very straight rows in which they are planted! But I shall see- I just may be sleeping in an almond orchard in the next couple of weeks if I find that the blooms of these nuts is so entrancing!!!
  Change is all around us... but how does one adapt to the changes in life that strike us unawares? how do we slowly slug ourselves into changing into something/someone we never thought we would have to become?
  Some change is good. some I must admit I hate. It hurts the soul... It also hurts my feet (if I don't change out of those shoes that kill my feet) The good change is when you change the sheets on your bed to clean ones, are able to buy SMALLER clothes, and when we change into the person we have been  struggling to become, (kinder, more loving, better wife, etc.)
 I am in the roaring, scary midst of change... as are many of you... lets be strong and tough it out. shall we? Lets see what just might become of us... are you scared? I am!! :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

traveling can be so glum.
all I do is sit on my ***.
and stare outside at the road.
and be thankful I am not a toad.
but soon i will see my man
and grins will be in high demand.
the end.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


aaah. nothing like being snowed in. nothing at all. forced to sit in front of the fire and blog:) ha.
nothing like plowing through 1 - 2 foot drifts. nothing like sliding around on the ice in the 4x4.nothing like- 'neighbourly love' helping each other out of the ditch,or the drifts, the beauty of the 'hand carved' snow drifts looking like frosting, teased and curled into luscious whisps of smoothness.    nothing like stinging cheeks from the howling  - 40 degree (Celsius) wind nothing like warmth in the house, nothing like getting to spend the night in the city (we didn't but lots of friends did) nothing  like driving 10 miles of road to get town and it taking us 40 min instead of 10 because visibility is ZERO!!! nothing like seeing lights in the distance when you can't even see the road in front of you...My friend had her hand on the driving wheel and I did too. I watched my side of the road. when we got to far to middle of road I would steer the car back to 'my side. yep. it was freaky, my heart even pounded a few times (from being claustrophobic.) but we made it!!! and now it is a memory we will never forget. aaah. yes, nothing like a good ole prairie blizzard- WHEN- you have lots of food, a 4x4 truck, and good friends to hang with!!!

Go Here for pictures of the storm... They were taken in Calgary and Strathmore  which is about an hour from me, but it looks the same as the storm does here !!!

****** stay warm******

and do not leave the house with out warm warm clothes on!!!!!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

obedient dogs.

I have to tell you this story. It's real. It's true. I know. because it happened to me.
Some people might say it was luck, coincidence, happenstance or maybe even my imagination.
But. I KNOW what happened.
God answered a small little piddly request of mine. and I still can not get over it and decided to share-

  I went along with my husband to work, (he cleans/services swimming pools) one day... It was a bad day, the pools were full of leaves, it had rained so water levels were high. cold. Not any fun.
  and than to top it off- THE DOGS GOT OUT. yes. out of a customers back yard out the gate and through the orchard and GONE. To say the very very least my husband ( and me too) was devastated. We did not know the dogs names (they are usually in a 'pen') it was in the country (they could go for miles) James was already feeling behind in work, we did not have time to herd dogs.
  He told me to drive out to the road and see if some how with enough bones I could coax them back in to the yard. As I walked out of the gated yard I thought to my self- How cool would that be if I would pray and God would just turn those dogs around and they would BEE LINE it in to the yard? I thought pretty cool.
 I got in the pick up and I did sigh some sort of a plee for help... I drove down the drive way on to the road a little ways and there were those dogs. K now honestly I did NOTHING. I simply looked at them. and  when I looked they... you will never guess.

Those two big labs RAN STRAIGHT. ( I mean straight. no hesitating. no turning back.) a quarter mile RIGHT INTO THAT OPEN GATE INTO THEIR BACK YARD.

I sat and stared. I did. I cold not believe my eye balls. and than I remembered my lil 'thought' and I knew God had 'heard' it loud and clear.

Once again, I now know. GOD DOES CARE. He cares about every little bitty thing that happens in our lives. and I am SOOO thankful for that!!!

Happy day to you!!!

ps. I am in San Francisco Airport. waiting to board my flight for HOME!!!!!!
James and I woke up at 1:30 am. to get here by 4. eek. I will now sleep!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


... sometimes in life it seems everybody else gets ahead sooner, faster, better. and we are the slow ones.
but! sometimes we have to remind ourselves that not everybody in this big world has to wait on CR-1 visas from the USA for 1 year and 10 months ... Some girls marry the 'boy next door'... some of us don't :) some of us go for adventure,as to how hard the adventure can be, we are completely and totally naive about until we are slapped in the face with a healthy dose of reality when .... ya. you get the picture.

I got my loooooooooong awaited for appointment date to go to Montreal, Quebec, CANADA to get my looooong awaited for Visa! February 11, 2011. I am excited, nervous, scared, and worried, and happy and biting my nails, and grinning... and ya. you get this picture too!!!

...and if you noticed I got my lil Etsy store a little bit more on the way! Stop in and check it out!!! (the link is on my side bar) and just so you know any purchases made between now and Feb. of 2026, the funds will be donated to my Tim Horton's tin-can to pay off my debt of flying across the country and into another to get my visa. and by the way- I very willingly do custom orders... Shoot me an email -   if you have something you want that I do not have on my store. I will be posting more pictures on there soon!!!!!

Cheers to you all!!! and a super duper happy clappy new year to you my friends!!!